Monday, March 26, 2007

My Pencil

When I was 3 years old, I used my big pencil to draw rainbows, clouds, flowers and animals on my paper. Sweet. Pencil is my all-time favorite medium. Why? In my opinion, it really makes me feel good. It's easier to draw and sketch. I also really enjoy doing more cross hatchings, lines, dots, tones and other details. It's so great to bring an useful sketchpad, pencils (pens, etc.) and kneaded eraser (and rubber eraser) when travelling, visiting a park, farm, etc. It's like an art diary. It's so fun.

My favorite pencil is made by Mongol since my childhood. It's soft and cheap. I use this for sketching studies/drafts and drawing (my personal works) only. For a professional commissioned artwork, I can use Staedler and Faber-Castell pencils. But I desire to find more different pencils so I really want to try, experiment and test them. Regarding the surfaces, I draw with my pencil on papers, notebooks, woods, newspapers, etc... and private/public walls? (I know it's prohibited, hahaha).

Where do I draw? Mostly I sit on the floor when I draw (and listen to my iPod!). I must admit that my neck is sometimes hurt. I know, I got a bad posture, hehehe. What do I draw? I love to draw characters, monsters, caricatures + portraits, people, children, animals, more.

This is my old drawing of my character Babu. I think Babu says, "I WANT YOU TO DRAW NOW!" Hee hee! If you desire to draw, don't be afraid! Get your favorite pencil, eraser and sketchpad, then enjoy making doodles/sketches and drawings while listening to music, travelling, etc. Have fun, guys!

P.S. Err, I think my English seems bad. I hope you guys understand my horrible grammars! Ciao!


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Mongol din ang gamit ko. After using technical pencils, cluth pencils, faber castells, etc... I realized that the pencil I love using the most is the Mongol. Ang ginagamit ko yung Kiddie Mongol kasi malaki sya. :)

Maciek said...

very interesting lecture :D *high five*
ps. my favourite drawing tool is graphite pen :) like this :D the softer the better!

Susana and Patricia said...

What a fantastic post!! Reading this makes one feel really inspired to doodle something in a sketch book, hehehe... Thanks for sharing this story with all of us :)
I(Susana) am so lazy in what regards that nowadays *sigh* but I used 2H and 2B Faber Castells once.
Anyway, we loved to read your thoughts about Mongol pencils and see what you draw with them. You use private/public walls as surfaces? hahahaha, that's so cool! Artists should be free to use every surface that help them create their art, so *high five* ;)

We loved that picture of you sitting in the floor making your art! You look beautiful!


Mall said...

gerry: Kuya! Long time no talk! Kumusta ka na? How did you know my new blog? I'm so surprised that you commented on here. Yeah right, Mongol is the best pencil! Hee hee oo nga no, dapat bibili me ung Kiddie Mongol.

maciek: *high five* oh wow, thank you very much for sharing your link with me about graphite pen! I never used that. I should find a graphite pen here in Philippines.

susana&patricia: You're more than welcome. Glad you enjoyed my post. Hee hee, you're lazy again! *giggles* That's okay, I think resting is better than drawing. :-P Hehehe, I must admit that sometimes I draw something on the wall at the toilet and shopping malls.

Ohhh, hehehe... *blushes* I'm pleased that you loved my photo of me. *MWAH*

Jennifer said...

I love hearing how other artists work and from where they draw their inspiration.

You have lovely artwork!

You're correct when you say not to be afraid of drawing, just draw. It's true--the only way to learn how to draw is by drawing.

Mall said...

jennifer: Thank you very much! I think I really enjoy doing my blog here about my art life. Thankies for visiting! Right, they shouldn't be afraid of drawing. It's so good and fun whatever you draw, scribble and sketch. *winks*

Sandrine Mercier said...

Just to say, that I love so much your works..... wonderful colors ^_^
It's make me happy!!