Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dans La Peau exhibition show

My original paintings for the first Curiosites exhibition show, "Dans la peau" in L'Atelier du Chapeau Rouge, Nantes, France. Thank  you for inviting me to participate this awesome show, Marie! Enjoy viewing my images.

"Life After Death"
8" x 12" inches
Graphite and Gouache on Paper

"Red Thread"
8" x 12" inches
Graphite, Gouache, Tea and Coffee on Paper

See more awesome artworks from talented artists on Curiosites Facebook fanpage. For the availabilty / pricing quote, kindly contact Marie at

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pixie and Monty

I am feeling much better nowadays, glad I am able to create custom toys again. Hooray, I finished sculpting and painting my two custom small toys (Trikky and Raffy) for my sweet lovely client Andi. She requested me to portray her adorable dogs, Pixie (female yorkie) and Monty (male maltese). They love each other and they're bestfriends.

Andi said to me, " Dogs are the best - I learn so much from them everyday. They are truly just bundles of unconditional love. They are big responsibility, but in my opinion, they are well worth it. They give back so much more. Even when I am upset or sad, I can't help, but smile when I'm with them - they are like miracle workers, my little fairies. " She requested me to paint spring theme - ranunculus, tulips, lilies of the valley, fairies, pink/brown and blue/brown/green. Click to view these large images.

And also I created small wood portrait paintings, too. 3" x 4" inches each wood panel.

Okay finally, glad I made my toy video again. *woot woot* Take note, this is my stop-motion short film. I recommend you to use HD. Enjoy viewing! Sorry, I don't talk too much because I got colds and sore throat so the weather isn't good here. Let me take more rest. Good evening everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


June Leeloo, thank you for inviting me to participate the group show, "A Few Small Nips - A Tribute to Frida Kahlo" on November 8th at Distinction Gallery, Escondido, California.

I was inspired by Frida Kahlo's self-portrait painting, "Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird"

So I started making my painting "  Frida  " after my solo show. It's acrylic and colored pencil on hand-textured paper, 11" x 14" inches. This was already sold before opening (Thanks for letting me know, Melissa!) Enjoy viewing!

And also I would like to thank my wonderful awesome artist friend Kelly Vivanco for the wonderful great help about framing / bringing my piece to the Distinction Gallery. She showed me the image of the testing framing. I love the baroque-style framing! 

For the preview list for this Frida Kahlo show, kindly email Melissa directly: 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Solo Show at Swoon Gallery

Yep, I'm back! I really miss blogging here. Sorry, I keep updating my posts on Flickr, Tumblr and Facebook fanpage regularly.

I really want to thank Ally, who is an owner of Swoon Gallery, worked with me on this. Opening of my first solo show at Swoon Gallery! Enjoy viewing my latest artworks!

8.75" x 14.5" inches
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

6" x 6.25" inches
Acrylic on Wood

5.75" x 6.75" inches
Acrylic on Wood

Time Lapse
11" x 14" inches
Graphite and Acrylic on Hand-textured paper

Live Free
11" x 14" inches
Graphite and Acrylic on Hand-textured paper

Dreams Apart Fall
11" x 14" inches
Graphite on Hand-textured paper

11" x 14" inches
Graphite on Hand-textured paper

11" x14" inches
Acrylic on Hand-textured paper

Ask Me
9" x 12" inches
Watercolor on Hand-textured paper

After Dark
9" x 12" inches
Graphite on Hand-textured paper

About my health, I want to share my good news with you all. Last year (October 2013 year), I had underwent myomectomy around 3 months ago and developed adhesions and had undergone 2 other surgeries for adhesiolysis with some intestinal resection and anastomosis on the last operation. Then I lived on liquid diet for 5-6 months... I rarely ate boiled eggs and other tiny solid foods but they didn't work for me... and I kept vomiting everyday so my weak intestines with adhesions were totally blocked. Then I have been having on and off partial gut obstruction every week. Then I had protein deficiency... so the expensive medicine - Kabiven was given by infusion through a central vein catheter only (*in my neck*, ouch). 

I also had iron deficiency (I got blood donations from wonderful supportive people). Then Nasogastric Tube (NGT) which I have used was the most horrible experience for me... so my throat became very painful and I didn't speak for more than one month. I cried everyday. Sometimes I kept screaming everyone, "DOCTOR! NURSE! MAMA! DAD! HELP ME! OH GOD, WHY DO I SUFFER FROM BAD LUCK? GOD, ARE YOU PUNISHING ME? I WANNA KILL MYSELF!!!" Quite depressing and traumatic. 

Actually I had total 6 abdominal surgeries:
2 surgeries - 2007 year (May)
3 surgeries - 2013 year (September-October)
1 surgery - 2014 year (February)

Last February 2014 (my birthday), my trusted colorectal surgeons finally removed intestines with horrible adhesions again, I always prayed to God for my last hope, I didn't want to have another future surgery.... Now my life is normal again. Glad I'm able to eat real foods again (oh God, why is pizza so good?) All I can do is to keep exercising, stretching, doing aerobics and taking medicines / injections to prevent adhesions, luteum corpus cysts and a few ones. 

I got curves again, haha. Now my weight is 97-98 lbs. I want to thank you all of you for cheering me up, supporting and encouraging me a lot. Love you guys!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Memento Mori

Moshi moshi! How are you all doing? Hope all is well. Wow, I was so quiet and inactive here in my blogspot past few months ago. Because I am so busy in taking care of my health, taking rest, exercising, recovering, visiting my doctors for my check-up, doing little errands and of course, drawing / painting. My belly scar is nearly healed. My immunity is still weak so I keep taking medicines and eating healthy foods. At least I am happily okay nowadays, yey!

Anyway, I would like to thank Marie who invited me to participate in the group show, " Memento Mori " in Curiosites. So exciting and thrilling! In fact, I rarely draw skulls, hihi!

Glad I was able to create my two artworks during my long recovery. Enjoy viewing!
Loved to Death
8" x 9.5" inches, unframed
Graphite on Paper

Blood Never Lies
5.75" x 7.25" inches, ready to hang
Mixed Media Sculpture

If you're interested in buying these, please contact
There's an awesome lineup of artists, check out their artworks! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello guys! I'm finally back! I'm still recovering and trying to gain more weight this time. No worries, I feel quite okay and hope my belly will be completely healed soon. Thank you very much for your support, encouragement, love and prayers thru my troubles, challenges, pain and trials. I love you guys! Oh thanks God, thanks God for giving me strength and patience for long. Now, I'm so happy to eat real foods again. Of course, take it easy first. 

Anyway, here's my final announcement about my shop update. Be sure to check your time zone converter correctly. I recommend you to use your super duper internet connection so you can grab one of my pieces before soldout. NO RESERVATIONS, sorry. If you have questions, just email / message me. Before buying, kindly read my shop polices. GOOD LUCK GUYS!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Mall is finally home after she was staying at the hospital for more than one month. She got three abdominal surgeries (severe small intestines adhesions or intestinal obstruction and complications from previous surgeries) was very rare and mysterious, so doctors still don't know the reason. God gave Mall a big trial in her life that she passed with great strength, courage and patience. Currently, she is still recovering for two or three months or until February/March 2014 year... Well, let's see and wait until Mall will be completely better.

For fans and art collectors, please be patient, when she will be much better, she'll continue working on commissions, artworks for future exhibits and she will be ready to switch "Coming" to "Add Cart" her BigCartel shop for selling her original Innocent Girls III... So she will keep you guys about shop update next year. Thank you for your understanding. GO MALL GO! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shop updated is postponed.

I'm Mall's sister, Erica. Her shop update will be postponed due to an emergency. She undergone an operation due to a severe abdominal pain. It was found out that she has 2 myoma (7.5cm & 1cm) whis is now removed. The pain was caused by a ruptured corpus luteum that became a blessing in disguise since it was the pain that made her get an ultrasound. She will update her shop as soon as she gets better.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Innocent Girls III

Hello, how are you all doing? I would like to thank fans and art collectors who bought my personal project Innocent Girls I and II pieces past few years ago, they were easily sold out. Thank you for supporting my art.
Innocent Girls from year 2010

Innocent Girls from year 2011

I have good news, Innocent Girls III pieces are back! As a matter of fact, I planned to create 50 pieces... but I did 30 pieces because I have to do other important things and heavy art commissions this year. Anyway, I'm quite pleased that my drawing skills got improved! Funnily, my Innocent Girls drawings looked more mature. I drew my girls' different emotions based on my past bad experiences and stories from real people and movies. It measures 7" x 7" inches.

Here are more heavy images!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cat Summoner & White Fox

Sorry, I was quite inactive here in my blogspot because I was way too busy with many art projects and running errands. At least, glad I have free time to write this blog entry again now. Last 2010 year, my client, cat + toy lover Edward from Singapore contacted me that he was interested to commission me so I added him to my future list. 

Currently, he intended to make his 2 years' wait worth it! Edward requested me to create one sculptural piece and one custom toy. He saw my previous work " Rabbit Mask " and loved it so he wanted me to make a commissioned sculptural piece. He cancelled my big cat sketches so he preferred a handsome white fox and a lot of kitties. Click to view my wip photos below...

WARNING: many heavy photos!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Finally, glad I did my 4th toy again. My talented sweet lovely client Denise Baldwin a.k.a. ODDimagination sent me 6" inches Munny toy. She said, 
" As far as what to do with the Munny, I truly meant what I said and you may create WHAT EVER your heart desires. If that is Babu and Abu that is great! If it is something else, that will be great too! If you want to experiment - go for it! Even if you need to cut holes in that munny or cut open his head (ha ha!). My truest joy will be in having a creation that is totally from you!
Awww, I was happily pleased that she respects my own imagination.

Before I started customizing Munny toy, I tried to search Denise's wonderful artworks on her Etsy shop and found her work, " Baby Fennec Fox ". This gave me a good idea and thought of myself, " I adore Fennec fox, I must create him for Denise! " I got inspired by Yakuza, which those beautiful detailed tattoos amazed me. Please see my wip photos in my previous blog entry. Honestly, I was so slow to customize Fennec toy. Because I was also busy in doing running errands, attending my friends' two wedding events and other busybee stuff.

After more weeks, it's done! " Fennec " is not my title so once he will be arrived, my client Denise will have a new name for him soon. Red ribbon from the local craft store and cruelty-free angora furs from Etsy shop are perfect for customizing Munny toy. I love it!

I think he's really good at posing / modeling. 
Love him so much, he's really quiet, positive, humble and brave.

I was also videotaping while working on Fennec toy! I filmed it with my trusty Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera, Voigtlander Cosina Nokton 50mm f/1.1, Lumix 20mm pancake, SLR Magic 26mm toy lens and my dad's old tall tripod. Unfortunately, I still haven't received Pico Flex Dolly from online store for more than 2months. Super disappointing... that's why I used my dad's old tripod asap. 

TAKE NOTE: my video might make you dizzy 'coz mostly I did " pan right " camera technique movement. There are few errors in two programs, iMovie and Garageband about audio / clips so my video is slow, wobbly and not smooth, it makes me disappointed. 

When I have time, I need to re-edit a new movie project for smoothening my Fennec video and learn how to use Adobe Premiere / Final Cut Pro. Anyway, SHOW TIME! Get popcorn and enjoy watching! DON'T FORGET TO USE HD (720p).

UPDATED: My friend Jean-Sébastien Monzani helped me to re-edit my wobbly video, which it looks clearer, smoother and much better! I have replaced my video with this revised one. Merci!

He already shipped yesterday. He can't wait to become a new family member of her owner Denise soon. Next time, I'll make one for myself so I won't be sad, hihi. Miss you so much, Fennec.

For my next commissioned Trikky toy, I don't think I'll videotape it because of my current busy art projects... maybe better next time. I'll post my Trikky toy and sculptural piece (fox + tiny kittens) for my client Edward once they will be done. See you guys next time!