Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pixie and Monty

I am feeling much better nowadays, glad I am able to create custom toys again. Hooray, I finished sculpting and painting my two custom small toys (Trikky and Raffy) for my sweet lovely client Andi. She requested me to portray her adorable dogs, Pixie (female yorkie) and Monty (male maltese). They love each other and they're bestfriends.

Andi said to me, " Dogs are the best - I learn so much from them everyday. They are truly just bundles of unconditional love. They are big responsibility, but in my opinion, they are well worth it. They give back so much more. Even when I am upset or sad, I can't help, but smile when I'm with them - they are like miracle workers, my little fairies. " She requested me to paint spring theme - ranunculus, tulips, lilies of the valley, fairies, pink/brown and blue/brown/green. Click to view these large images.

And also I created small wood portrait paintings, too. 3" x 4" inches each wood panel.

Okay finally, glad I made my toy video again. *woot woot* Take note, this is my stop-motion short film. I recommend you to use HD. Enjoy viewing! Sorry, I don't talk too much because I got colds and sore throat so the weather isn't good here. Let me take more rest. Good evening everyone!

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L Y Y said...

I really enjoyed your short film :) Was it hard taking the photos and thinking of how you would like the film to turn out? Also, love the sculptures! I can't sculpt to save my life, so I'll stick to painting, haha. :)