Friday, May 25, 2007

A Day in My Life

I thank you guys for encouraging me last time. No worries, I'm trying to be still and have faith so I really hope I will be okay. Sorry, I didn't reply to all of you who emailed me and left your nice comments in my blog last time because of my quiet busy days. I'll try to have time to reply to you guys, wait patiently. My tummy seems okay. Past few days, I was working on my unfinished personal drawing when I thought about my personal problems. I sighed deeply. Then my mama visited me and spent time with me. Of course, I was very happy to see her again. We talked to each other, shared simple jokes with each other and took newest webcam photos of us. Hehehe yes, my mama asked me to take more pics, we were so funny and silly. At least, she cheered me up. Awwwwww.. meow.

Here's my submission, "A Day in my Life" for the Paper Quilt Project by Dawn. I must admit that I rarely do art collages but I was way too excited to participate this. I personally chose five paper scraps and started creating it. Ta-da, I finished it for one day. Dawn, thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this marvelous project, it was so fun, enjoyable and pleasure. Next time, I should keep and save any papers for making more art collages. (*Mall grins.*) Hope you guys like it.

It's 3.5" X 5", Acrylics + Coloured Pencils + Pen + Collage on Bristol canvas paper. I explain to you guys this simple description of this art collage: "I seek out my cats... Looking for them, checking on them, wanting to play with them... Every hour, every minute, every second of the day... Never ending fun and excitement." That girl character is me (I know, she looks like a boy... 'coz of my short hair, you know...)

This dedication is for my sister's female persian cat Abu. It was her May birthday. Err, I can't remember her exact birthday date. However, she passed away past few years ago. I can describe Abu that she was playful, naughty, intelligent, cheerful and sometimes lazy. You know, sometimes I paint, sketch and draw artworks of what I dream about Abu. As a matter of fact, I created my cat character Abu to be Babu's male partner in 2005. Why male? Because my sister and I thought Abu looked like a 100% male cat, aye? I took this old photo of Abu in the garden... Eeep, Abu stared at me seriously but she looked wonderfully beautiful. I never forget Abu.

Okay, I have to go to the town now.


earljohn said...


Patricia and Susana said...

You do well in trying to be still and having faith dear May Ann... by doing that you are taking your time and regaining energies. *hugs Your mama is so beautiful. You two look like sisters in that picture ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ we are both happy that you felt happier with her visit :)

Abu is certainly smilling with such a beautiful dedication. It is a wonderful, gorgeous collage!! With a happy compostion... all those yellow stars, bright red colour and Abu on the right side, aaawww...

many kisses to you!! XXX

annax said...

Wonderful and beautiful! You have a great vision. Love your work!
Hugs, annax

*thank you for your email.... will email you back!*

jsmonzani said...

^__^ aww your cat is too cute, give her an hug for me, OK?

Love the pics with your mom ;)
Hope you feel OK now...

And love your latest images too.

Take care my dear *hug*

Anonymous said...

Awwww dear, hope you will be okay soon. I really love your wonderful collage, colors and textures! I really love your cat Abu, she was so beautiful! Why was she passed away? What happened to her? :(

Your photos with your mom are soooo lovely! I agree with susana and patricia, you both look like sisters! I'm asking you something, how many do you have brother/sister?

I give you more hugs, dear Mall! :D


Ruki said...

Ey lovely Mall, your cat looks great too, prrr prrr!

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Wheee~! It's pretty, ate! Galing naman! <3

Awww... so that's the real Abu? She looks so fluffy. I'm so sorry she passed away...

jake said...

Ahhh, i want to hug your cute cute cute Abu! Seriously! *_______* sorry for your loss. But atleast Abu is happy to have this beautiful dedication from you. Did Abu have kittens?

By the way, you and your mom look very lovely! :)

Mall said...

earl: thank you dearest. *hugs hugs hugs* Kumusta ka na? Hope everything will be okay there... I hope to hear more from you.

pat&susana: Sigh, it's so hard to control myself from bad feelings, dear. I really want to be okay. :( Yeah, I should be still. Yeah, I can sense that Abu is happy to see this dedicated work. Glad you liked it, dearest twins. *kisses and hugs*

jmonzani: ^___^ Glad you liked the pictures, merci! Oh sure, I'll give my hugs to Abu for you. No worries, I'm still trying to be okay, I hope. Thank you dear. *hugs*

joyce: I'm so pleased that you loved my work. Thank you! Hmm, my neighbor found Abu in the dirty canal... so she passed away. We didn't know how she was dead. Sigh, it's so awful, right? Yes, I have one brother (Jeremy) and one sister (Erica). Thank you for hugging me. *hugs back*

raquel: Gracias, dear! meeeeoooorrrrrwwwww! ;)

witch: salamat dear! Yep yep, it was a *real* Abu. Look at these old photos of Abu. That's my sister Erica who cleaned Abu's wet clean furs with blue towel. hehehe, ang kapal talaga ung buhok ni Abu, it was so hard to comb her fluffy furs!

jake: Yes, Abu got 5 cats: Puti (means white), Itim (black), Takot (afraid), Orangeh (orange) and Duling (errr... crossed eyes?). However, Puti and Duling were dead already 'coz of their accidents... Itim was lost (or stolen by someone), we didn't know where he was. But of course, Takot and Orangeh are still alive here. Luckily, Orangeh got 3 new kittens. I should take care of them. Thank you for asking me, Jake. :)

catso said...

Hi May Ann ! :)

I just want to say hello and wish you a nice day ;)

Your work is really really beautifful !
I wish i will see you a day ;)
See you soon !

Cathy Delanssay :)

Mall said...

Hello cathy!

I was surprised that you visited my blog! hehehe! Thank you for saying "hello" to me. I'll link your blog in my lists. ;)

Of course, I love your work, you're very talented and amazing. Keep it up! See you soon then.


catso said...

Hi :)
I discovered your blog on your portfolio since few days ! and i was happy because i'm in Blogger too ! I think Blogger is cool ;)
It is very interesting to see your sketch etc...I like that !

very great work :)
Have a nice day very creative :)

sincerly yours

(please, excuse me for my english.. it is poor... LOL)

Mall said...

hee hee, cathy, your english is very good! Honestly, I really understand your English. ;) But hehehe, I don't understand your language too! It's okay, I'm so lucky that there's a translation website so I could understand your language dear. Hee hee, yeah, glad that we got blogger so we can communicate with each other. ;)I'll look forward to seeing your updated magical illustrations!