Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Babu's Ride

Please click this photo collage to full view. The medium is ink, acrylics and coloured pencils on wood. The size is 7.8" x 27.8". It is for sale! It's US$500 plus shipping fees. It is good for your wall, bedroom, dining room, entertainment room, cafe or anywhere! If you are interested with this, please email me. My beloved character Babu enjoys riding on my male Siberian tiger Shardul with his kitten Abu and other creatures. It's adventurous, playful and whimsical, just like the art of my favorite artist Winsor McCay!

Hope you like it! Hurry up, buy it now! If you want to commission me to make wooden paintings, send me an email. For those who emailed me, please wait patiently for my response. I'm being flooded with emails! Ciao!

Sorry guys, Babu's Ride is sold already. But don't worry, when I have time I can make more wooden paintings for selling. Art buyers, don't forget to save money for buying my future wooden paintings! Cheers! God bless you all!