Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh Happy Day...

I made this new quick sketch today. I was very inspired by Winsor McCay, one of my biggest influences. Ahh, I feel good when I enjoy doing rough sketches.

Anyway, I didn't know why I got many unique visitors today, so look at this screenshot. Then someone emailed me, I felt shocked. I am one of the 5 finalists for the Best Asian Weblog in
Eighth Annual Weblog Awards. I was like, "Oh really... is this true? Susmaryosep!!!" Honestly, I must confess that I thought my blog was just ordinary, hehehe. Really, I'm serious. Ahhh, this made my big day... Unbelievably, I keep smiling through the whole day.

I would be completely pleased if you vote for me for the
Best Asian Weblog then I give you my big hug, hehehe. *winks* Thank you very much for your support! I also give my big thanks to Annie-Kate and other unknown voters, who nominated me.

See you guys!


Pat and Susana said...

*gets in line for hugs* :D

This is soooo awesome!! Annie-Kate blog is really sweet. We will certainly keep visiting it. :) Oh, and congrats also in having so many unique visitors, its amazing to think about different people in opposite sides of the world, checking your blog. ♥ ♥

GOOD LUCK for the awards!!!

nonobadkitty said...

I absolutely love your work, I found your blog by following a link from the Bloggies voting page, I never would have discovered it otherwise. Good luck I hope you win!

francesbean said...

just saying hello to a fellow person from la union. :) got here from the weblog awards link. Kudos! your artwork's just lovely.

Aneesah said...

I voted! ;) Congrats for being nominated, hope you win!

(I love your sketches the best, too. There's just something about the "blunt" pencil style that shows the paper texture... It's awesome. 8D )

Shawn Escott said...

Beautiful artwork Mall! Cool blog too :)

ryan said...

whoooaaa... c'mon, your blog is so extraordinary and magical, mall! I found your link from bloggies, I voted for you! Hope you win, good luck!

Your pencil style is beautifully breathtaking! Please do more pencil works! :) You are a true artist!

pupu said...

Waaahh.. really? Congrats to you Mall! *hugs* Everyone knows that you have a magical blog and it inspired anyone to keep us /them drawing/painting and i think you deserves it Mall.:) Really.. and I do hope you win it. ;)Good luck.

joyce said...

awwww... you're so humble, mall. :) don't say that, your blog is so special. Ur art never cease to amaze us. I voted 4 u. hope you win! congratz, sweetie! I like your pencil style, very spontaneous!

Know that my family, friends and I greatly thank you that your ART makes us happier. We salute you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Mally my sista!!!
i bet u'll win, coz you already win in my heart... ^^

Nez said...

Hi Mall,

I just found your blog through the bloggies site. Wonderful artwork -- and yes, very Winsor McCay-ish.

And I voted for you, just love the style.

Keep up the great work!

Blanca Bk Gimeno said...

Fantastic Mall!!
I love it a lot!!
Me gusta mucho!! ;)

cata said...

You have my vote!!!
I love your art.

AK said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you Mall. Thanks for the link, very much appreciated :)

Dianne said...

uy pinoy at last! found your blog thru bloggies. i'll vote for you ganda ng works mo pati blog :)

TJ said...

your pencil strokes are quite impressive! i wish I could have your own style, hehehe...

mall, can you make one full comic like Nemo in Slumberland? what do you think? :)
(you have my vote! you should deserve it! congratz!)

Eric Orchard said...

I love love love Babu! He's so awesome! Your sketches look great. Good luck on blog awards, I just voted for you!

Mall said...

pat&susana: thank you dearest twins!!! yeah, I enjoy reading those articles of AK about baby names, it's very interesting. if I could have my own kid, I would ask AK what's the best name for her or him... heheheh! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

nonobadkitty: thank you so much, im so honored!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

frances: yey, fellow pinay! asan ka na ba ngayon? Ang ganda ung mga photos mo ah! :)

aneesah: thank you for voting me, sweetie!!!! aww, glad you loved my sketches. I should make more pencil works! :D

shawn: hello! thank you so much! i enjoyed looking at your great illustrations, i love them! :D nice to meet you!

ryan: thank you, thank you! If i don't win, it's okay! at least I got a finalist in unexpected way! ;)

pupu: hey you're back! how you doin dear? :) aww thank you very much! *hugs*

joyce: awww thanks alot! i'm so touched deeply. say hi to your family and friends from me. :)

anonymous: (A-HA SHANDY!) hehehe, it's you, Shandy... ^___^ thanks for voting me, brother!!!

nez: hey thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! :D

blanca: gracias dear!

cata: *smooch* thank you so much, sweetie cata!

ak: hugs hugs hugs! :D

dianne: yey! another fellow pinoy! Musta ka na? aww thanks for voting me, i'm so pleased! San ka nag-aaral? Sa UP Los Banos? Nice to meet you!

tj: thank you so much! thanks for asking me. Yes of course, I'll do one full comic in time. you'll wait for it patiently, tj. *winks*

Mall said...

eric: Eric! :D aww thanks for voting me, I'm super pleased! thank you for supporting me! *hugs*

Cathy Delanssay said...

Hi My friend :D

How do youy do ? i'm worried, ypour package is not arrived here
I wish it is not lost :(

kiss kiss

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi, My english is not perfect, I just want to say that your work is wonderful, I love your paintings and illustrations, you're a wonderful person... God bless you.

Lindsay said...

I love your work. Your pencil drawing reminds me of E.H. Shepard's work (Wind in the Willows). Congratulations on being a finalist!

pupu said...

Of course I'm back!!!:D I love your site! hahah *huggles* I'm doin fine dear. :)a great vacation from Perth Australia.hehe. Maybe teh next time i would visit Philippines ;)oh yah.. i vote for you!! *cross fingers*

pupu said...

Oh btw mall.. i have a surprise for you.. =)

Do visit me here aites?

Mall said...

cathy: yey! i'm so happy that you got my package, sweetie! glad you liked them! mwah mwah mwah!

laura: can I call you your beautiful name, "Laura"? :-) Hey your English is very good, don't worry! thank you very much!!! glad you loved my art. God bless you too!

lindsay: awww thank you very much! I really love E.H. Shepard's works very much! :D thanks for congratulating me!

pupu: if I could be rich, I'd love to visit Australia. Maybe your country... ;) thank you very much for supporting me, dear!

awww, you make me smile. <3 yes, I already visited your sweet site ;) thank you so much!

najcore said...

why are you so talented? :] haha jealous!

Laura said...

I voted for you as well!

(You're one of my dA faves)

Best wishes,

(yet another) Laura

Mall said...

najcore: hehehe thank you! *winks*

laura: aww thank you so much for voting me, I'm so pleased! *hugs* :D

Anonymous said...


I found your blog from the Weblog Awards. Your work is wonderful. I bought some from the deviantArt site.