Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tribute to Winsor McCay

This tribute to Winsor McCay.

P.S. Whoa... thank you very much for giving me these blog awards. You guys made me my big day.

Pupu awarded me "I love you this much award". Thank you very much, darling!
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1. If you get tagged (and want to play along), write a post with links to blogs that you love,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Gisele gave me "You Make my Day Award". Thanks a lot, sweetie!
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Anyway, I'm giving these two awards to:
Yacin, Allison Sommers, Gisele Jaquenod, Majeak Ann, Dawbis, Cathy Delanssay, etc.... Wahhh, I have many wonderful bloggers... well, just take a look at my blogroll, tee hee! *winks*

My dearest trusted twin friends, Susana and Pat gave me "Beautiful Blogger".

I thank you all!
(okay, I'm going to sleep soon! goodnight and sweetdreams! I wish I could go to Slumberland tonight.... zzzzz....)


Gerry Alanguilan said...

I love Winsor McCay's work! I saw a large hardbound collection of his work a couple of years ago at the Book Fair. I wanted it really bad, but I had to let it go because it was a bit too expensive.

Meagan said...

I've got the complete collection of Little Nemo. When I first found your blog last week (through the weblog awards) I was thinking that your work reminded me of Little Nemo. Keep up the good work, I love your creations.

Eric Orchard said...

Such a beautiful picture! I do have a cat, her name is Esther.

Pat & Susana said...

Aww, so cute XD Salamat for always pointing out the work of great artists! Thanks to you, we are now aware of the brilliant works of Winsor McCay ^^ We are both sure that he'd be delighted to see your great tribute to him, and how talented you are!! The details are fantastic. And all the characters sitting on the bed are just great... I(Pat) would love to have that hat ;) hee hee

As far as the blog award, walang anuman, dear *blows kiss* Your blog is like a ray of light, bringing out not only a gifted talent, but also a wonderful, and sweet personality of a beautiful artist like you ♥ ♥

Hope you managed to go to Slumberland tonight... we both wish we could be there too XD

Gis said...

Thank you dear so so much, ouch i cant stop sneezing and let me say is hard while you type :D I am a bit sick I guess...
I heard birdie was preparing something for you for valentine's but i can't say anything i have it forbbiden :o

ryan said...

your impressive sketch reminds me of Nemo in Slumberland... INTERESTING! when i saw this, i really missed the work of mccay.. sigh... but im so happy that you're a fan of mccay! so can you continue to make more mccay-ish comics? :3 I really love your pencil strokes! go for it, mally!

ryan said...

p.s. your world of babu and abu rocks! :)

Morpheus said...

Great Tribute! Love it!

delaverobum said...

Great Blog! I love your illo´s and drawings!

pupu said...

Hey Mall! How's ur day? =) Your most welcome. Everyone deserves LOVE and that includes you Mall. =)) *huggs*

Eric Orchard said...

Wow! You're exactly 12 hours ahead of me....

Mall said...

gerry: hello kuya gerry! oo nga eh, sobrang mahal ung libro ni Winsor, grabeh... San po ung bookfair, kuya?

meagan: nice, you're so blessed to have Nemo collection. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Glad you loved my art, I'm so pleased. :) nice to meet you!

eric: awwww, your cat's name sounds beautiful. How old is she? oh hehehe yes, I'm exactly 12 hours ahead of you... it's so odd. I think my time is older than yours, hehehe... :P

pat&susana: thank you my dearest twins! yes, Winsor is one of my biggest influences dear. I love his bizarre world. :) Hope you both get to know more about Winsor McCay. :D aww, thanks for giving me an award, im so pleased! Oh sure, let's go to Slumberland tonight. *winks*

gis: awwww hope you will get better soon dear. :D your adorable birdie is preparing something for me? seriously? my gosh, you surprise me again, sweetie... *Mall grins happily*

ryan: hey thanks, i really appreciate it! Well, I'll try to make comics when I have time. :) Glad that you're also a fan of McCay. Yey!

morpheus: thank you so much! I'm in awe with Winsor's world... I visited your blog about McCay, it's very interesting! Hope all people will get to know more about Winsor. :)

delaverobum: :) thank you so much! Your paintings for IF are nice! :D

pupu: I'm pretty good, how you doin, sweetie? :)

Mauricio said...

Good stuff!!!!

cata said...

Great tribute, Mall!
Buon San Valentino.

Mall said...

mauricio: thank you!!! your graphic works are interesting! :)

cata: gracias, sweetie Cata! *kiss*