Saturday, June 7, 2008

June Again

Ahhh... It's June again. Yep, yep, I'm still alive, hehehe. Sorry, I wasn't active past few days ago because I was spending time with my lovely relatives who visited us from Guam, USA for visiting my grandpa. We are very happy that he seems okay. However, he doesn't speak and walk. He always lays down on his bed. We keep taking care of him like we feed him some osterized foods with powdered medicines, talk to him about anything, change his clothes, wash his whole body, make him happy and comfortable, etc. Hope he will be able to talk and walk again.

I'm still waiting for Lin's response (Nuclear Gallery staff) about buyers' requests. Soon, I'll paint my next two commissions (two acrylics paintings, 24" X 36" each) for my wonderful intelligent lovely friend and client
Cristina. Take a look below.

And I also started painting my unfinished mixed media piece, "Big Gossip" for sale.

Apart from this, remember what I told you about Merimask before? Weee, I bought a Red Fox Mask for my collection. It's quite awesome, isn't it? Merimask is awesomely talented!

I love love love love wearing this fox mask!!! Thanks Merimask!

By they way, I will be away for a few days. We will go to Manila for visiting my brother Jeremy. See you guys and hugs hugs hugs!


Pat & Susana said...

*waives happily* aww, indeed it is always good when our relatives visit us and we are able to catch with with their lives and everything. :) your grandpa was also surely happy to see all his loved ones there to visit him and spending time with him. We are sending our warmest thoughts hoping that he will talk and walk again very soon!

Your commission for your friend Cristina is looking great so far. It has a very summer vibe... happy, relaxed! Can't wait to see it finished!! As for "Big Gossip" we are falling in love with it ♥ ♥ ♥

You look so foxy with the Fox mask :D hehhe... we both also love masks. This one is just awesome!

Have a safe journey to Manila and a brilliant time with your brother Jeremy! We will miss you!! *huggles*

bjornik said...

Ei Mall! How are you? We haven't talked since the last time we chat. Yan tuloy, you're en route manila. Di ko man lang nabigay contact details ko so that you could treat me with isaw sana.:P Anyway, I'm glad you're still productive.haha Ingat!

Meagan said...

That fox mask is great. I can picture you climbing into one of your own pictures while you're wearing it. :)

Banggi said...

Cool mask!
Hey, your shoutbox isn't working at the moment so I'm writing it here.
You've been tagged!!!! Check out my blog to see what I mean. :)

Safe travels!


Nicolas Gouny said...

Have a wonderful trip my sweety fox :)

pupu said...

Hey Mall!

How are you? :) Havin a great time dear? *Huggles* Can't wait to see the outcomes of your commission paintings. *teehee*

Brilliant Fox mask. Its really nice artwork. :)

Have fun, Mall. :D

Mall said...

susana&pat: thanks my sweeties! Indeed, my relatives are quite sweet and kind. I'm sure my grandpa is so happy with us. Awwwww... We continue to support him (and of course my brother's plans, you know..)

I might start painting two big work s for Cristina on Friday or Saturday. I haven't heard from other clients yet, still waiting.

Yeah, Merimask is incredibly talented! And awwww, I know you both really love a dragonfly mask! tee hee! Hey, did you get a real tattoo? :D

bjornik: Ayos naman, may bad news at may good news. Hehehe, tinext ni Pambz sa akin that you wanted to meet me! pag may time ako, text nalang kita para kakain tayo sa streetfood, hehehe! Musta ka na?

meagan: :) Really? You must draw me wearing a fox mask!

veejay: tapos na ung tag! It's so funny kung bakit pareho tayo ung plano natin tungkol sa hacienda ah! May hacienda ka na ba? Kung meron, gusto ko punta!!!!

nicolas: *glomps* merci!!!

pupu: I'm pretty good but exhausted about something bad news. Tee hee, me too, can't wait to start painting commissions but still waiting for my clients' response! I know they are so busy. Yeah, I love Fox Mask. Try to visit Merimask's etsy shop