Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WARNING, Art buyers

Art buyers, I warn you about their weird crazy site. I discovered their site during Google. It made me surprised that they're selling some artworks. I don't think they're selling my sold original work (or print) on their site. My sold work still belongs to my Filipino art buyer. Take a look, they wrote their information about the details of my artwork's size and price. It's grossly crazy, isn't it? According to Ted Kim whom I contacted, who has shown his work by their site. He said he definitely did not give this site permission to sell his artwork. Argh, their site is called art theft. Warn you, if you buy artworks there, probably they couldn't deliver them to you...they might want to have only money from you. Their site is

I contacted them, but they didn't reply. My former art classmate and intelligent talented friend Shackie also contacted them too. (Thank you, Shackie for helping me!) Let's see and wait what happens to them.... Okay, let me continue working on my Mellow toy custom, yey.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who emailed me about my last speech. They said my speech wanted my peeps and friends to keep working harder, awww thank you! :) Go For It!


Sara said...

That is terrible! I hope it all gets sorted out for you, soon...

Also, your speech was beautiful. I had no idea that you had gone through so much! I'm so proud of you for overcoming all of that. Even though I've only known you over the internet, you have been a huge inspiration to me!

Khylov said...

This sort of thing is becoming more and more of a problem nowadays, since laws against copyright infringement (not to mention credit fraud) don't apply equally to all countries. Is frustrating.

But, you could always send them a peace offering. Maybe a sandwich. By sea mail, 4th class delivery. Which should take, hmmm, about two months' time - which by then will give it a healthy dose of penicillin. (Is good for the digestion.) Make sure to add plenty of sardines and battery acid.

(*high fives and hugs*)

Kacey said...

wow thats craziness! Thanks for the warning.

Suzanne said...

oh how awful !!! .... I hope you get it sorted soon ! x

pupu said...

ohhh this is crazy,Mall! How can they dare to do that?! Hmmm just for the money sake! Aigoo. I hope it will turns out ok.

In Korea, the weather is reaally cold. Brrr.. It is Spring but raining and cold. I dunno why. hahaa. And i cant stop go shopping here. It is a paradise place to shop. haha.

Btw, :D I like your speech, Mall. It was so great. I wish i can be there to see you do the official speech! ;)

Keep it up girl! *hugglesh*

lgeorgia said...

Cuz this is very very annoying - bunch of thieves! You should sue whoever put up this site! Grr :( I hope this will get sorted out soon.

And cuz, I just finished reading your speech. Very very inspirational. I don't consider you a "disabled" at all. You are very talented. A genius in what you do. Hey you are even more accomplished (way more, million times more) than me even if I have a 100% ability. Duh, shame on me (teehee). I am very proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars :)

Cathy said...

Hi my sweetie ! I can't beleive it ! they are peoples so bad on this Earth !!! grrrr !
Thank you for the warning... incredible !

kiss kiss kiss !

stephanie said...

Oh my!!! How aweful!!!!!
Thanks for the warning!
The Mellow toy is looking good!!!!!! :) How big is the toy?

Khylov said...

Pssst.... Update, hon.