Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Midnight Garden of Great Owl

Last year I closed my art commissions, a vivid toy collector named Nick waited for me patiently. I already wrote his name down in my commission list. In In February 2009, I was free and I posted my personal birthday comic on my blog, he asked me "don't think you'll be opened for commissions anytime soon? *fingers crossed*" I thought, "OHHH I REMEMBER! He's my next client!"

Nick and I started discussing about art commission. He gave me two different options which I wanted: Custom toy OR Painting. I knew that he's a toy addict plus this is my first custom toy. So I said "Ok! Custom toy! I'm interested with that!" Regarding the idea and theme, Nick liked the "mystical, dreamy and full of surprises" thing and he didn't have concrete ones. But he shared his thought with me about the "all-around painting", just like The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. So, I was super impressed.

I made rough sketches and Nick already liked it. I was priming, sculpting, sanding, texturing elements, painting... The Mellow toy is about 8" inches. My materials were acrylics, colored pencils, clay, resin and other few secret weapons, hehe. Here is my art progress.

The title is The Midnight Garden of Great Owl. Let me share my little story with you guys. At the midnight time, Great Owl wakes up and transforms his feathery chest into his mysterious garden. He allows any innocent creatures to live in his garden. He always watches over his own garden and good friends from evils and demons. When the sunrise starts, Great Owl goes back to his feathery look and falls asleep for regaining his strength. Please click to full view the full photo collage below.

I also made an original drawing.

Sigh, I still miss my Great Owl. He reminds me of Wilson, who is a bloodied quiet volleyball, bestfriend and companion of Chuck Noland (Tom Hawks) from the movie Castaway. I kept singing for him, talking to him and looking at his big eyes while working on him. If Great Owl misses me, hopefully he could fly to me, hehehe!

It's Nick's fault, I'm now digging on vinyl toys / custom toys, haha! Nick, I really enjoyed working it with you. Thank you for everything! Please take care of my owl!

Regarding my reserved seven art commissions, I hold on this time. Because I need to work on my new pieces for the upcoming art show in USA first. Don't worry, I'll definitely continue working on my commissions for another time. Thank you for your understanding and patience, my fellow clients.

And sneak peek, I'll post my few new works for the art group show, "If I were a monster... " in Manila this month.

I continue working on my new pieces for the upcoming art show in Nucleus Gallery, I'm so excited!

Okay, bedtime for me! Miss you guys! I'll reply to all of you in my previous blog entries!


rene said...

mall!!! sobrang galing mo talaga!

Aneesah said...

Wow. I am amazed. It's so awesome to see such a new fresh medium done by you, and to see the amazing results. Please do paint on 3D things some more, they're really really beautiful. Love how you added the owl "ears" and textures of the fur... <33

And I also love the drawing. ;D

Keep it up!

Maciek said...

one word: incre-really-awesome-owl-dible!

Christina Conway said...

This is amazing! I found out about your work too late to include you in my next custom Kokeshi show, but I KNOW I want to have you create a doll in the future. Your paintings are beautiful, charming and very very precious. I could get lost in them for days :)

I first came across your work on the Gallery Nucleus website. I can't wait to see what you are creating for your upcoming shows.

Best Wishes!

stephanie said...

The vinyl toy is so OWLSOME!!!!
Love the drawing you did!! Did the drawing go with the custom toy?
Love your work!!!!!!!

lin said...

OMIGOOODNESSS! THIS IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! We were just thinking that your Mellow is by far the most prettiest vinyl toy I've ever seen :)

Sara said...

You never stop amazing me, Mall! Your owl is absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you created such a wonderful, dynamic and colorful composition! Everything flows so beautifully, and the detail is amazing for something so small!

pupu said...

ohhhh!! You are so wonderfull! Ur art is great Mall!! I love love love and love itt!!! Especially the litle owl. The owl is so detailed. *hugglesh* Mall, take care yah. :) Oh btw, i bought the mail me art book already. and now planning to make a new one. hehee

*hugs and kisses*

Patricia and Susana said...

afykwqxlm!!! THIS IS SOOOO AMAZING MALL!!! We are both in love with your owl now!!! *draws hearts* those were some incredible "secret weapons" like you wrote in the post that you used to do this toy XD the colours are so vivid. ♥ It is such an enchanting piece and it's wonderful how all flows so well. The moon next to the fox is so GORGEOUS!! And the textures are just mind-blowing. As usual you managed to outstand yourself and make another incredible piece. Nick is a lucky guy :D also, the package is SO sweet!! And the drawing in recycled paper!! Babu loves Mellow toooo :) Oh, and we can see in that pic that you are wearing your friendship bracelets ♥

The sneak peeks for the art shows are making us curious for moreee!!! *grins*

Miss you too and love you! MWAH!!

Lilla Jizo said...

I can see that you miss your Great Owl, he is so lovely!

mangosteenskin said...


you are very talented. well done!!

Kat said...

*worship* Ang lupit! I love it! I like Mellow toys and have thought about getting one to paint over. But this... grabe. I love it! If it's possible to duplicate it as is, I'd love one. :D Great job!

Meagan said...

Mall, this is, as always, beautiful. (I love the eyes!) You inspire me. Now I can't decide whether I want to go sketch something, or play with a third dimension.

mika said...

WWWWOOOWWWWLLSSSOOMMMEEEEE! O____O Can you tell Nick to ship your Owl to me? XD I LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTT!!!! FREAAAKKKKINNNNNNNN' OWLLSOMEEE!!!!! what did you talk to owl? what did you sing for him? :D I'm so jealous of Nick!!!! He is so lucky, freckle-chan! :3

Blanca Bk said...

AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! I really love it!! What amazing toy!!!!!!! You are the best Mall!!! You are a very truth artist!!!!!!!! ;)

<3 said...

Wow, is there anything you CANNOT do?!?! You're way too talented. :( I love this piece Nick ordered, bet it cost fortune.

Looking forward to seeing more!

george said...

girl where and how did you get your own brilliance and talent??? bad ass toy, im lovin it!

nick + said...

Not too sure about the 'toy addict' bit... haha!

You are incredible, Mall! Thank you for everything! The Custom, the sketch, the freebies! They make one completely perfect combination.


And I wish you all the best and I pray that you would bounce hard and high into wherever you are aiming towards!

cata said...

Incredible, extraordinary, original, cool, sweet, cute.
I have no words to express my admiration for your work.
Bellissimo, Mall!

Mall said...

rene: :D salamat po!!!

aneesah: aww thanks dear. :) Yeah, I was enjoyed doing with my medium. But this is not my first time about 3D works. I have past experiences that I made my terra cotta sculptures, carved my soft rocks / wood blocks, plushies, carved my etchings. But I'm so happy that I finally made it this time. I really miss my scuplturing / carving skills. :) Yeah, hopefully I could do more paint on 3D stuff. :) MWAH!

maciek: teee heeee! I love your new word! :flowerpot:

christina: WOW... You made me speechless. Believe it or not, I was daydreaming that I wish I could join your Kokeshi show last year. So now, I can't expect what you said to me, wow, I'm super pleased and grateful! Thank you soooo muchhh christina! :) Glad you found my work at Nucleus Gallery this time. :) yeah, I'm super excited to make new pieces for the next show in Nucleus Gallery with few amazing artists. :D Once again, thank you so much christina!

stephanie: thankies sweetie! yes, my drawing was with the custom toy. :) I know that you also love vinyl toys too! :D

lin: :D :D :D YEYEYEYYEYEYEYEYEYEY! my mission accomplished! thankies dear!

sara: awww *blushes* thank you sara, glad you enjoy my owl. :) I enjoyed adding more details / colors because I don't know, maybe I was super thrilled with my first custom toy. :)

pupu: mwaaaahhhhh! yes, i visited your blog last week, that you bought mail me art book, hooray! :D Hopefully I may have time to make another new painting for Mail Me Art Part two. huggglessss and kiissseeesss!

pat&susana: adlfj;nOWEFI;HEOIDFADKFNADSKFNDK *heheheh yeah, happy CAPS letter!* me too, I'm fallin in love with my owl. tee heee, I already knew that you both were jawdropping. :D Thank you!!!!! I also adore fox and frog prince (he's waiting for my kiss, hehehe!) Indeed, Nick is super lucky to have my owl and other amazing artists' too. :) Miss you both! MWAH! love you both!

lilla: :D yeah, i still miss him. I let him to watch over Nick, tee hee!

mangosteenkin: thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Hey, I love your blog especially your adorable stamps and crafts! You're so talented! I'll visit your blog too. :)

kat: heheheheheh salamat! oo nga eh, ako din, sana may duplicating thing para sa sariling collection ko hehe! :)

meagan: :D tee hee, you can decide *both* sketching and playing with 3D dear!

mika: MIKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... :) i miss you!!! where have you been done???? How are you there in Japan? :D But you have many owls there! :3

blanca: :D awwww thankkkkksss! *blushes*

karolina: teee heeee, if i can't do something, I better try and try until my mission should accomplish. :) I love to experiment anything, sweetie. :)

george: hehehe, thanks dude! =)

nick: hehehehehe! better say "happy toy collector" :D thanks too, I really enjoyed working with you. I'm so happy that you adore my art especially freebies. :) thank you, hopefully i could get more art projects. :) keep in touch again! ;)

cata: tee hee many words, you make me smile! :) thank you darling! <2

ManuPela said...

Awesome art!
I love what you do! :)

Anonymous said...

I want it! Do you seel?
I´m from Brazil and a I have a bad english!


Tofusquirrel said...

I LOVE YOUR WORK! I found you on little chimp society and I'm officially a fan of yours! ;-)

:: Uh lá lá :: said...

Hi, I think your work is beautiful and deserve to be showed, so, i post your owl on my blog with a link for your blog, ok?
Congrats, you're amazing!

Khylov said...

I remember once, a long time ago, someone told me that they predicted that the art or stories or whatever I was doing at the time would be used someday to champion the innocence of childhood.... I honestly think it was you and your artwork that they saw, not mine.

Looking through these again, I can't help but feel that what you do has that special something that Miyazaki touches on occasion in his own works - alot of color, alot of greenage; alot of heart and alot of warmth.

And yes, Owlboy misses you too. He flies over your house on occasion (so the Red Guard spies stationed in La Union tell me), and perches outside on the papaya trees or the balcony to see what you're up to. Shar's even seen him a few times when he's delivering your messages to me. (They fly by eachother outside your window.)

jepoykalboh said...


Tom Scholes said...

OHHHHHHHHOOHOHOHOHOHO! I want it so bad. I love it I love love love it! <3

pupu said...

Hey darl.. busy with your work nowadays? :) Dont work so hard ok.. remember to take a rest. Now i am sound like a mother. hahaha. Just wanna ssee how are you at the moment. Take care dearr!! *hugglesh far from South Koreaa!!*

Carito said...

I read your story and saw other posts, i´ve got to say that you're inspirational!
Such a lovely work to delight the eyes and imagination!

Great work!
(sorry for my bad english) ;P

TheSwankStyle said...

Hi May Anne, this is wonderful work. May I post some of the photographs and borrow some quotes for my webzine? Its called Its all about the creative stuff and the life behind it. Hope you could visit, and email me your response: Thanks.

Ryan said...

May Ann!.. napapasyal lang ako sito sa blog mo.. what outstanding works! :) before sa DA kasi I only appreciated their 2D-ness pero there's a 3D element pala with everything you do.. especially this one which I really loved. such detail with everything.

It's nice you are really doing good now.. cheers!

kwento ka naman next time :D


Mall said...

manupela: thankssss! :D

anonymous: :) thankies! :D

tofusquirrel: hey i love your works, elizabeth! :D nice to meet you! *hugs*

uh la la: sure please you can! :) (eepp sorry for my late response)

khylov: *blushes* your messages are so touched for me, tsar. :) hopefully Owlboy will fly to my house so I could hug him badllllyyyyyy.... :D

jepoy: salamat! :D

tom: HIHIHIHHihihihihihihihi! :D

pupu: yes mama I will. :3 hehehehehhe!

carito: hey thank you so much, much appreciated! :D

swankstyle: thank you! lemme think first about your webzine. :)

ryan: HEEEYYYY! dapat may blog ka! tagal na di tayo usap ahhhhh. :D pasensya ah di ako active dun sa deviantART. heheheh tagal na, ginawa ko ung sculptures noong 1999 year na. :) sige kwento kita pag may time ako. :)

Eugenia Gina said...

this is just breathtaking, really! Your stuff always inspiring and beautiful! Thank you mall for inspiring all of us..! Salam!

Mall said...

hello eugenia! Thank you soooo much! :)