Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mall on Rogue Magazine

Self-Portrait Drawing
Graphite on Paper
(psstt, yes I have a real scar above my eyebrow and brown freckles)

Featuring "The ART ISSUE" 16 Top Illustrators and their Self-Portraits on Rogue Magazine, November 2009

Anjo Bolarda, Dexter Fernandez, Kristina Collantes, Brian Vallesteros, Bjorn Ending, Kristy Anne Ligones, May Ann Licudine, Juan Solon, Apol Sta.Maria, Joshua Agerstrand, Ivan Despi, Niel Quisaba, Kneil Melicano, Luis Lorenzana, Dan Matutina and Rommel Joson

Too curious to see their self-portraits and interviews? It would be better and greater to BUY COPIES on Rogue Magazine! And also they will be posting their UNEDITED INTERVIEWS online at ! NOW NOW NA!

Anyway, hmm I'm like a talkative celebrity reporter here, hehe. I'm sorry for not being active on my art blog because of my crazy busy art schedule. I'm so surprised that I got more hundreds of visits in my blog statistic everyday. Thank you very much for supporting me and my art! Don't worry, I'm still alive, hehe! I have finished creating my new pieces for the upcoming art show, "Paper Pushers" in Gallery1988, San Francisco, California in December.

And I have my new photography blog, please visit it! This is about I use my new camera toy LX3 Lumix and I love doing my documentary photography! ( Don't get mad at me, my dearest Nikon d90! )

That's all folks. I need to finish my crazy art projects, so I might not active on internet this month up to December. I miss you guys and see you!