Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway + UPDATED (winners)

Hello hello guys! How are you doing all? Hooray, my birthday (Feb 24) is near! Sorry guys, I didn't have time to make my 2nd personal comic this year, just like the last time I did my old piece. But let's see, maybe I'll make my full colored McCay-style comic when I'll be 30 years old in 2011. *Mall smiles widely*

Argh, I felt bad today. Timon from deviantART told me that an art ripper stole a few of my recent Whispers pieces. Then he removed my name "Mall" and claimed his name on works. Ugh. I asked the deviantART admin to remove his works... He hides the angry comments of mine and my friends on his site. Now he hasn't said sorry to me yet. Oh well, shame on him. His site is Grrrr, I need to calm down... *Mall massages her migraine*

Today, this is my first birthday giveaway! Past few weeks ago, I was thinking about my plans for my upcoming birthday... My mama asked me "Why don't you give someone your goodies for your birthday? So your fans will be blessed and lucky to have Mall stuff." She's right and sweet. Are you all ready? here you go guys!

Original Graphite on Paper, 5" x 5" inches
This tribute is for Stella Im Hultberg, Yoko Tanji & "Ghost in the Shell" movie whom I feel inspired by.

"The Notorious Ornated Horned Frog"
8.5" x 11" PRINT, signed
(This is the last print. My 25 limited prints are out of stock in Gallery Nucleus.)

Pocket Mirror (just choose one what you like)

Here are my contest rules:
- Just leave your comment with your email address and/or link on this blog entry. ONLY ONE ENTRY. NO ANONYMOUS. AND NO ART RIPPERS... *Mall sharpens her crow bar*
- Tell me why you love Mall's art (eeeee, I really love to hear from you all so my birthday heart would be gigglingly happier).

I will close the comments on Feb 23. I'll use for picking up the three winners. The winners will be announced on my birthday (Feb 24). Good luck guys! See you guys! hugs hugs hugs!


UPDATED, Feb.24: Thank you very much for greeting me on my birthday! I read all comments, seriously I cried. :) I felt like, I was reading the novel book about me and my art, haha! I want to thank you all for participating and commenting, much appreciated! Thank you so much for making me big smile and happy! My heart still purrs happily! meeeoowww... Gosh I can't believe that I'm now 29 years old. Time goes fast. Tomorrow, we will celebrate my dad's birthday too, hee hee!

Okay, I'm announcing the winners after picking up the numbers from *DRUMROLLS*




Congratulations winners! Next time, I'll create my future 2nd giveaway again. Anyway, I'll post my 4 Alice pieces this Saturday or Sunday, yey! I wish I could have a magic door so I'd love to attend the Alice exhibit show and meet great artists / friends there, hu hu!

Once again, I thank you all for everything! Much much love to all of you! :)


zeus bascon said...

may ann!xmepre naman, ikaw pa! you're very successful in the international art scene! patunay lang na iba tlga ang galing mo, pangsabay ng pilipinas sa ibang bansa!oha!hehe
-Zeus Bascon

patrick astilla said...

what's not to love?

Aneesah said...

Mall! Happy happy (slightly early) birthday! :D I hope you have a great one this year, you've been working so hard lately, and I'm proud of you. :) I like seeing full-time artists dedicating their lives to their passion. ^__^

Why do I love your artworks? Because they're aesthetically so beautiful, eventhough some at first seem simple. I love your details, colour choice, media, and subjects. You taught me that fantastic art doesn't have to be realistic or "perfect", that a lot of work (research, experimenting) goes along in the process, besides the first inspiration or idea. Basically you taught me a lot of things! ;D

All the best Mall, and may you have many more great years ahead of you, if God wills. C=


Joel Chua said...

I love Mall's art because it tickles.

Her colorful and enduring spirit just bubbles off her work.

Happy Birthday! God bless.

mene said...

First of all, congratulations with your birthday!
I love your art because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the way you use colours or shades of gray/black and white. The worlds you draw are so imaginative, you can look at the same image again and again and see new things everytime! I also love that you don't just draw on square or rectangular pieces of paper, but also on wood, for example.
I hope you'll continue with art and that we will see many more of your arts in the future (^-^)~!

Best wishes,

Chelsea said...

HI! I just randomly stumbled across your blog one day and I fell in love with your art. It's so different than everything I've seen! Love it. =D
Have a happy birthday!
a.k.a. Chelsea ^.^

Meagan said...

Happy birthday Mall! I've been loving your contemporari-fied little Nemo, faerieland art since I found your blog a couple years ago. I'll never understand how acrylics glow like that!

berniii said...

Mally~ your art makes my heart leap for joy ever since I was 16.
Your works are adorable. I think they have a life of their own; each work has a character.
Phenomenal and magical. ♥ ♥ ♥


Asaryn said...

Oh dear, art thieves. At least it looks like the deviation have been taken down now. -shakes head-

How I love Mall's art...well let's see. I found Mall on deviantART when I was in 8th grade (I'm now in 12th) and it was very different from all the other art I had been exposed to. Exploding with color and so much texture in each piece. I saw that so much could be achieved with simple, softer characters. But it has also been very interesting to watch Mall grow over the years, just as I have grown over the years. I'm really enjoying your current graphite pieces exploring expression. It's delightful. I see your art and it reminds me why I can never be only a digital artist. I will always want to also dabble in traditional, because it has been made so beautiful to me.

Anonymous said...

It's not everyday that I see an art that's as emotion-evoking as yours. I've been a lurker here (actually a religious RSS subscriber) since you posted your URL in one of the Philmug forums. I've been a fan eversince.

Keep your one of a kind artwork coming Mall. I wish you a happy birthday =)

powil said...
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Kym Hunter Designs said...

I love Mall's art work because it makes me happy!

I makes me angry that someone would try to steal it as their own:-( What a lazy person!

Early birthday blessings for you on the 24th!

Aaron Cooke said...

Hi. I first saw your art about a year ago at bear and bird gallery in florida and have been following you since then. I really like the bright colors in your color pieces. Thanks for the giveaway contest and happy birthday! My email is lastheathen at gmail dot com

staralfur said...

Happy Birthday!

Your art is absolutely gorgeous. Ever since I saw a piece in the Bear & Bird Gallery, I've been hooked. It's so unique, beautiful and magical. There's nothing like it! You're amazing!

staralfura AT gmail DOT com

dl said...

I love Malls art because it takes me into a different world. It's like wonderland. It is so original and has a very personal style. It can be beautiful, fun, gloomy or sad but it is always original.

Mall is a special person.

Anyone would be an idiot to copy your work because you have built up such a loyal fan base.

Happy Bday!

Mejingjard said...

I am amazed how your work bring a feeling of childhood and wonders.
Containing traditionnal elements as well as fantastics characters and atmospheres, your work is like a sweet breeze blowing the hairs and making us remembering of our earlier ages.
I like the "wonderland" side, but the darker works are also beatifull!

I send you my congratulation for this work, as well as an happy birthday^^

Ariane said...

I love your art because he take me into a wonderful world, filled with dreams and innocence. A sweet world where I want to hide in the dark days. I also like it because you have your own style that is unlike any other.

Happy Birthday! said...

Ohh, heck, I'll give it a whirl!
Mall, I discovered your art just a few weeks ago, while looking for things about Little Nemo. What I found was pure magic.

Your use of color is so bright and cheerful, it brings me in awe... its so eye popping beautiful. I could stare at a lot of your art all day because of the tiny details.

Plus you're just so cute. I love reading your blogs cause they make me smile (or frown sometimes). Its like reading a story... of some girl so far away, and yet I feel like I know you so well... (that sounds kinda strange haha).

Happy birthday! I hope many are to come, and you grow stronger with the your art. <3

Kim said...

I didn't know your birthday was coming up! *hugs* Happy Birthday! ^0^

as for why I love your work... I think the style is absolutely lovely, very detailed and colorful! ^^ It has a magical quality to it that makes you feel so cheerful when you see it! And any art that makes me feel happy in some way is the best art there is! ;)

I could go on, but then I'd take up a whole page! |D

Love ya, Mall! Happy Birthday! <3

VisionWise said...

MALL - your art speaks volumes... The way art reflects the artist is so interesting to me, and when the artist can manage to make beautiful pieces that glow with light, color, textures, expressions, feelings... It's more than a reflection- it is truly a glimpse inside your imagination, and a ticket to ride in with ours... Such a magical and enchanted feeling I get looking at your works... I love exploring your art world, and appreciate all of the time and effort you put into your productions, your blog, your connections, and your family... You are an overall beautiful person May Ann... I wish you a wonderful journey through life for always, and for much love, health, and happiness to sorround you... May your birthday wishes come true :) xoxoxo

Lauren Luquin


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fist, happy birthday!

Second, why I like your artwork...becuase reminds me childhood, colourfull dreams, the posibility of living doing what you love to do!!

An inspiration for life, a present for mind´s eyes.

The third prize, I like the red-yellow one,in case I´m the lucky one;)

Ana Aurora

coyotter said...

Because they're so gorgeous! I love the expressive faces on the black and white girls, but even more I love the brilliant colors on the animal pieces.

mushroommeadows said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) I hope you have a beautiful one!

I LOVE your art because it's magical. Your pieces REALLY are all beautiful. I love the detail in the more intricate pieces...and your graphite pencil ones are brilliant. Plus, your characters are cute...and I love cute things!

Love your work!

mushroommeadows [at] gmail [dot] com

elize said...,

i love your art because it's so magical... sometimes i have dreams that my cat is a giant magical creature that goes on nighttime adventures like the ones in your art. its very inspirational and makes me want to make my own fantasy scenes.

Becks said...

Happy Birthday!

I've been a fan of your artwork for years now, and I'm so excited I get to see some of it in person at your show here in San Francisco! You're a big inspiration for me as an animator.

Crossing my fingers!
- Becky

celly said...

Hi, i came across your art when you got the DD on deviantart. I love it because its so beautiful, majical and creative.You also have a good variety with soft and bold works ^^

Blanca Bk said...

Hello Mall, fantastic idea and fantastic contest!!:D

I would be charmed with taking part in it. I like very much your work.

Already you know that I follow your artwork for a lot of for time

I think that your illustrations are full of glamour, sensitivity and elegance. A big kiss from Spain!!!

Bec said...

Happy Birthday!

I love your work because it is magical - it takes me down the rabbit hole into wonderland every time.


kitsune and neko said...

Happy birthday! I wish for many years of magical Mall art :)

I bumped onto your work first time ,when I was doing a little 'research' on the artists' names of an exhibition. When I wandered into your site, I immediately fell in love with your art. Your techique is unique, creating a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The different materials you use and create a 'bumpy' surface, the warm colours, the variety of colours create a magical result. It makes me want to become a child again! And let's not forget your girls. They are very expessive. Their eyes tell all their feelings. The black colour that strengthens and fades out creates a wonderful illusion of merging with the mysterious environment. Keep up the good work :D

my email:

Sevasti Nikitari

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mall!

Your work is so amazing to me. I love the fantastical imagery you put together with such softness but with an edge. The color pallet is so great too.

billboardboz [at] gmail [dot] com

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful time^^

I came across your artwork a few months ago on deviantart. Your works are imaginative and magical. I especially love how detailed your works are. and the colors are so pretty!

<3 Stephanie

Dee said...
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Dee said...

WOW how nice of you to give gifts on your birthday! ...
I love your art because it doesn't matter what you create it has the essence of a child's innocence... something that is very difficult to portray in 2D mediums.
Your illustrations are amazingly magical.

I hope to someday be able to see some of you work in person...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you seem like a great person therefore you deserve it.

Keep on drawing!



Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mall! I hope you have a wonderful day, even though I know you must be very busy. You deserve it!

Oh, this is so exciting! You are so generous. <3 Well, you should already know that your art is a huge inspiration to me! Your magical worlds and colors inspire me to create my own worlds, and they are so dream-like that they make me want to visit them! Your characters are so cute and charming, and the poses are always lovely.

Here is my link:

ann C: said...

happy birthday sweetheart :D

i love your black and white work for its elegance and simplicity, the little girls just balance and flow perfectly on the page, also they're extrememly cuuuute XD
your coloured works are breathtaking also :O so quirky and extravagant, they make me think of water and light and fish and rainbows lol
the lines and colours are so clean and the characters are very charming

Vin said...

Kamusta Mall, Happy na birthday pa!! mga pebrero rules!( i should now just celebrated mine last 8th) hehehe

Why i love your art? you paint an escape, a wonderland of dreams and each piece tells a story, be it you, your friends, and loved ones. Every emotion is evident in your work and i feel that... Keep on doing what you do and stay happy. :D

Andrea said...

:D :D
this is great!!
my email address is

and the reason I love your stuff is that you always create amazing worlds of fantasy which I'd want visit...I wish they were real!! You are an awesome artist :)

Suzanne said...

Oh happy birthday for when it comes! I hope you have a special day, sorry to hear about the rippers, they suck, but hopefully DA will remove and ban him! hehehe!

I'd like to mention that I love your art, your use of so many colours in your coloured work is so imaginative, but I have a soft spot for your black and white pieces, the girls eyes always seem to be very deep.. and meaningful.

All your art is so beautiful, you are so talented yes yes! ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mall!! <3

I love your art because you create such beautiful fantasy worlds that I just want to get lost in. And you inspire me to use my own imagination.

Love Claire

(My email is

doney86 said...

happy birthday :)

i am a recent fan and am definitely hooked. i purchased "anika" from your current show at G88 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

i love the expressions of the characters in your b&w pieces ... how each evokes an emotion (sometimes subtle, sometimes much more overt). it was difficult to choose between "yuri" and "anika." yuri's fierce determination is inspiring but it was anika's wide-eyed optimism with a hint of vulnerability that made me choose her in the end.

your colored pieces are soooo exciting and detailed and just down-right adorable & lovely.

you are quite the talent! i'm happy to have become acquainted with your captivating work.


Anonymous said...

happyhappy birthday!

What I love most about your artwork are the lovely little details and the bright vibrant colors. They really put a smile on my face :)

-Jess (

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Love Love ♥ said...


the reason why I love your artwork is because looking at it makes me feel the emotion that the image conveys. Also, your drawings are magical.

amaiasalamanca said...

Happy early bday May Ann!!! Well, I love your art for many reasons. I love how you convey your feelings through your personal works. I also enjoy all the whimsical colors that you use; when I look at your art, I feel happy. God has blessed you with great talent. May He continue to open more doors to bigger and greater things! Luv ya!


Lindsey said...

you've always been inspiring - i love the worlds you create, they look like some place i want to be. and your characters always have the most piercing eyes. you have a great imagination full of vivid vibrant colors - i love make believe :)

my email:

Happy Birthday! (mine is the day after yours!) i hope you have a good one!

Caitlyn said...


Dear Mall,
I have to say that I was first drawn to your art a couple of years ago because of your attention to detail. But I keep coming back and appreciating your work because of your whimsical characters and settings. I also like that you apply your skills to things other than paper.
Your images are very beautiful and I hope that you have a very nice birthday.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! I love Mall's art! I love the whimsy and the mythic elements tied together so effortlessly. There is always a story when you look at one of the breath-taking pieces. :)

Anonymous said...

hello mall! :) happy birthday! i love yooour artworks kasi sobrang nakakainspired sya, it helps me to pursue and finish my fine arts course in UST. tska your artworks really reminds me of my childhood dream, which is still fighting to achieve it. :) i hope that makapaginspired ka pa ng maraming tao especially for those people who are afraid to show and share their talent to others :) take care

-zanti jimenez

MasonMouse said...

I've been following your work on Deviantart for years now. All of your work has a wonderful whimsical quality but it's the more recent simple pieces of girls on graphite that show such expression on such a rough medium that mostly captures my attention.

Mitch said...

Gee whiz, I do indeed like these designs. They're fantastical and quirky!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Mall! Like everyone else here, I love your work! It is so innocent and honest and always makes me feel lighthearted. Your work inspires me to bring the whimsy back into mine. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world!



Pat and Susana said...

Paulo Coelho said: "Sometimes happiness is a blessing, but generally it is a conquest. Each day's magic moment helps.".

Whenever we look at your artwork, Mall, it is a magic moment. ♥ You always manage to create such enthralling worlds and creatures that one cannot help but feel captivated by it. It is like looking at a rainbow. Your bright vivid colours are a feast for our senses.
Also, your paintings and creations are deeply honest since you do them with such passion and dedication that they are a part of you, of your beautiful personality, so we are all blessed to be able to witness that. Your imagination knows no limits and you are continually excelling yourself in everything you do. So, now that your special day is approaching, we wish you the best in life and that you can achieve all of your dreams because you are a remarkable girl and a wonderful friend. ♥ ♥ ♥



Susi said...

Dear Mall!

I wish you a very happy birthday. :D
With lots of presents, candies and laugther.

I really like your art, because it is made with so much love and innocence. It´s so pure and colourfull, filled with friends and dreams, but sometimes sad. It reminds me of the heart of a child.

rodi said...

I love your magical universe! It's full of happiness and joy, but also sadness, just like in life.

I hope you will have a wonderful birthday!

movezerb said...

Huuu I didn't even know you had a blog ! Shame on me !
But ! I'm happy I've finally found you (now you go in my RSS :p)

And well... The prizes are sooo beautiful ! I have to take the challenge :p

So... why do I love your art? Hmm... I don't know, I found you on DA a few years ago and then never left you :D
I love the "childhood" in your art, the innocence painted on the faces of your characters, the magic of colors you use...
And I love Babu ! Oh yeah I love him ^^

More technical, I kinda love the textures in your illustrations... They're amazing O_o

And finally, let me wish you a very very happy birthday full of love, surprises and everything you wish !

Eh, looks like you're pisces just like me ! (I was born on 27th ^^)

Thank you for the giveaway ;-)

azreenChan said...

Your art has been an inspiration for me to move forward! I love the vibrant detailed colours, i even love the penciled version, i love love love all. I keep on coming back for more.

Thanks a lot!

dakie ( said...

nyuuu :) Ate Mall, well, Happy Birthday to you first of all. :)

A few years back, I was this ordinary artist girl who felt somehow lost and didn't know what to do. I really wanted to develop an art style that would immediately tell someone how I felt at a particular moment and was very "me". When I stumbled upon your deviantart page, I was inspired in a number of levels. You truly do inspire me Ate Mall, in a lot of ways. The intricate details of your work tell how you're very much passionate with what you do, and that moves me to do just the same with my craft. :)

To put it simply, I love your art because I can feel that you loved doing them just as much. <3

Sett said...

Happy Birthday to you~!

I have only recently started watching you on dA... and boy did I wish I could have found you sooner. I guess when I look at your art I feel, I dunno, warm/fuzzy? Haha, your paintings are truly beautiful and I guess I'm really drawn to it. Though I'm generally very easily pleased so most things would make me happy, but heh. I don't really know what I'm talking about anymore. I would start describing your art in anyway possible if I could, but I'm never good at that kind of thing. XD

Jinny said...

Your art seems to capture the delicate nature of your subjects with a melancholy undertone. There's something very beautiful about that.

Happy Birthday.

Miss D said...

Happy birthday! The 21st was my birthday :)

I watch you on DeviantArt, I love your style!

PJ said...

happy birthday mall!

i first saw your works on d.a. i was just new at that time but i got so inspired by your stuff. and when i found out you had a blog, it's like i hit the jackpot. super tuwang tuwa ako nun. everything was just so pretty and magical. when you made that wedding invite piece, i was bowled over. i kept going back to your blog just to look at that piece. :) it's so romantic lang. i love it!

happy happy birthday may ann! have a great day and god bless.



Jean-Sebastien Monzani said...

Awww Mall is so sweet!
You know why I love your art: because in a rather depressing world where there isn't much to like, you open the door to a world of fantasy and sweetness where I would love to live.

Sarah Yoshi said...

Like a lot of people, found you on DA and stalked your artwork to over here. Was caught up in the whimsical worlds you create within each piece. They're amazing inspirations to take my imagination on wild fun stories.

Happy early birthday!

stephanie said...

Dear May,
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses!
May all your wishes come true~ And have a splendid birthday!!
I love your artwork so so so much!!
Your art is beautiful and original. I love the colors you use, mediums, and characters! Your works take me into their world.
Thank you for sharing your art and talent with us!
Will always be your fan!!!
Your birthday giveaway is such a cool and awesome idea!!! Good luck to everyone!!
Best wishes to you and your family!!

Gwynne said...

I love your art because it makes me feel like when I was a kid and reading picture books in the dark with a flashlight because I was so infatuated with the fantasyland in the pictures.

Also, because if you can imagine what I can imagine and conjure it up in a drawing, then that means the place we imagine becomes real. Shared imaginations create reality.

Shay said...

I love your work because it makes me feel like a kid again. I feel the magic that used to be in every simple object around me, and the potential for great, wondrous, and sometimes scary secrets around every corner and tree in the woods!

Your colors are like walking into a yarn store, *almost* too much for the senses!

Then you bought a camera and I was blown away again!

Thanks Mall!


Drumgurl said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

I love your art because it makes me happy.

It's whimsical and beautiful, and it reminds me of a simpler time.

(I also love cats...)

Congratulations on all your success, and Happy Birthday!


mallorymiah said...

Hi Mall - just love your stuff. first saw it on deviant art, and i love that i could see your gallery and how you progressed over time. You have given me inspiration to make more art, and work on a career in art too. your stuff is so magical!


JL grillo said...

Mall - I like your artwork because it is so playful. You have a great talent to express a sense of fun into your illustrations.

john(.)lucien@gmail(.)com :)

amaiasalamanca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alubina said...

Happy Birthday, May Ann!!! I've seen how your artwork has grown during these past few years and yet I still am amazed each masterpiece that you create. The way you blend the bright colors and add whimsical characters makes it so magical. I can see all the details and love that you put into each piece. I love how you convey your emotions through your personal works of art. ;) Every time I look at your art makes me feel happy. Gabriel loves your art as well!!! May God continue to bless you with many many birthdays, good health, love, and greatness! Luv ya, ----Anne

Marn said...

Happy early Birthday!

Thanks for the giveaway

alubina said...

I forgot....

Kirumiri said...

I love your art because... everytime you complete something, there's a piece of your soul projected on a surface :).

You could say that your style defines your personality.

It's colourful, bubbly, dreamy, whimsical, gloomy & exotic :).

Basically, it's just you all around!

Your pieces really do radiate positive & could instantly make someone feel good too :).

So, Happy B-day to you 'Miss Hepburn' (^_~) ♥ !

Keep doing what you do, because you're damn good at it! ♥

Khylov said...

So yesterday, I see 23 comments, and I think "Hmm, she's got alot of fans coming here". Only to find today: 75 comments...

Well, "76" now. Go me.

I think I'd have an unfair advantage in singing the praises of May's work, largely because I've been privy to so many of her works while in progress - I've had the privilege of seeing her stuff from the development stage up to the texturing/coloring phase, right up to completion. It's almost like witnessing the beginning of the world during the days of creation - "Ahhh, so that's how it's done, and why it's like that."

I think everyone here's pretty much nailed it when they talk about how she gets the colors to glow, how she makes characters and environments that seem like one's been granted a ticket-of-admittance into McCay's Slumberland. What I like most about her work:

The amount of care and detail that goes into each one, not only with shapes and lines, but color compliments and texture, as well as her researching of styles and subjects each time a new piece calls for different elements (either background or character). You always know that an artist enjoys their work when they include their interests within that work.

Most importantly, her personality shines through every piece - "whimsical and nostalgic", as she likes to describe; as well as warm, loving, and innocent, as I'd like to describe.

So 3 cheers for May Ann. And by cheers, I mean "beers", of course; Red Horse preferably.

(You already know my email. <3 )

Raquel said...

my emailll:

i love mall's art because it's cute, and the style is original and really fun to look at. also, the coloring style is really good. and the whole thing is all really visually pleasing and amazing. ^^
i don't really see anything to not like. c:


Benjamin said...

Happy Un-birthday sweet Mall! :)

And since it's your un-birthday today (the last one before your birthday!), i'll tell you what i do NOT think about your art!

I do NOT think it's common, colorless, unimaginative, unexpressive.
I do NOT think your art doesn't remind me of Miyazaki works, its richness and its poetry.
I do NOT think your art is totally empty of your soul, mind and heart.
And i do NOT, NOT at all think that your art can't move or touch peoples, like the 77 persons above and me.
And i absolutely NOT think that these peoples are wrong about your art, and about you being a wonderful and touching person.

Once again, Happy Un-birthday Mall! :)

(yeah, i do not like not using double negatives :D)

Sarah said...

I wish you a Happy Birthday & (even more) success with your lovely art!
Your work inspires me always. I love the tiny, jewel-like worlds you create, populated with the most magical creatures! I just want to crawl inside them and live there forever. :)

tina said...

your work is so imaginative and bright, that is why i love it, your pictures are windows into amazingly bizzare magical worlds! also, it seems that every time i look at a work that i have seen before i see something that i missed previously.
so shiny, so detailed, so crisp,
always wonderful =^_^+ thankyou for drawing and posting, you make me smile.
have a very happy birthday! <--- me

ps. maybe your art ripper will accidentally stab himself in the hand with a pencil. we can hope =^o^=