Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mall's 2nd art videos: SKETCHING

I must admit that my digicam made me feel uncomfortable when I was working on my acrylic painting, I don't know the reason. But funnily, I felt very comfortable to make my sketch while videotaping. I got two videos. Let me explain how and where I got influences / inspirations before sketching:

- Paprika and Nausicaa girl characters from Japanese animated films
- Looks of Natalie Portman and Marilyn Monroe
- Joao Ruas and Audrey Kawasaki
- Cathy Johnson's pencil strokes. I learned from her art book about pencil shades / tones / strokes when I was a high school girl.
- drawing speed / face drawing. I learned from my art professors Darnay Demetillo, Robert Acosta & Nolet Soliven in UP Fine Arts College Baguio in 1998-2000 year.
- "Bushes" & "The Way You Dream" by 1 Giant Leap. Long songs make me concentrated to sketch it directly. Their songs make me feel something intensed, dreamy & passionate when I draw and paint. I'm a huge fan of 1 Giant Leap since 2002.

I observed them. Then I started sketching a girl character what I imagined from those references. Here you guys, enjoy viewing.

PART ONE. Rough Sketch.

PART TWO. Add Tones.


UPDATE: Thank you so much, I'm so surprised that my blog on Statcounter has more hits by people! And also my sketching piece got 1,+++ favorites on my deviantART account! Thank you so much for supporting my art & enjoying my videos! Much appreciated! I love you all!


pupu said...

That is a great video Mall! Thanks for sharing! ^^*

partofmydreams said...

Love the videos and the drawing of the girl. I'm glad you overcame your shyness of the webcam for this sketch.

mika said...

freckle-chan mall, I fall in love with your girl character, she looks super cool. *____* teach me how to draw, hu hu...

Sabbio said...

May Ann this is great to share this and to see this portrait appearing! An d I totally see Nausicaa and Nathalie Portman in her :)

Blanca Bk said...

I really watch your 3 lovely videos, Mall. They are amazing!!! :D I enjoy them a lot..!! So, I have a little question.

What type of pencilholder do you use to draw? Is ithard, soft? I would like to know it.

What type of rubber do you use? I would like to know these artist's small tricks.:D

Thank you very much!!! :D

kitsu said...

simply fantastic, Mall! love watching you work to see how you create the finished product! <3

Sara said...

So inspiring! I'm so glad you posted these. Also, it was very relaxing to watch you draw! Maybe part of that was the dreamy music you played. :) Lovely drawing! Her face is amazing.

Pat and Susana said...

These videos were both so amazing to watch!! It is mesmerizing to see how you create your artwork and how step by step you made that fantastic sketch. We were blowned away by the girl expression. She does have a lot of Natalie Portman :D The pencil work is brilliant and the shadding... marvellous. ♥

Thank you for sharing these! We felt that we were sitting closed to you, watching you work :D :D


Michael Capili said...

Awesome! It made me inspired!

Ravenari said...

Great sketch videos, and great music as well! It's awesome watching you work. :)

Mall said...

Thank you very much, guys! Glad you all enjoyed watching my videos, much appreciated! :) mwah mwah!

@blanca: it's 6B, soft and kneaded eraser ( I don't like dusty eraser, hehe!) thanks for the sweet questions! <3

Rena Marie said...

ok so i think you're absolutely amazing ♥ and i just wanted to let you know i featured you on my art blog

Alice said...

I was only able to watch the first video for some reason :( But it was wonderful to see :D

I fell in love with your Cheshire piece at the Alice show and can't wait to see more of your work! ^_^

Kaislea said...

Great, inspiring and beautiful! Also the music was amazing, very similar with the music i listen to while drawing. And your bracelet is nice! :---D

Im gonna add you to my bloglist for following, if you don't mind. <3

Thank you!

Khushy Mittal said...

Hello MALL,
i am a 15 year old artist or i say aspiring artist right now.i just simply wanted to ask you whatt material of paper do you use to make mix media and all....i would like try some of your artwork if you don't mind.i would love to listen from you.
thank you
khushbu (desire)