Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Limited Edition Giclee Prints + Commissioned Piece for Anne

"Black Whisper" limited edition giclee prints on Gallery1988 are now available!

$40, signed and numbered, 11" x 14" inches,
giclee print on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art paper
25 limited edition giclee prints

10" x 13"
Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Paper
(Sorry, I was so lazy to scan it, hehe... so the full image looks a lil' bit blurry, sorry.)

Okay, I'll work on art commissions this April month. Wee, I was happy to finish my two dark paintings for the Twilight Zone show in Gallery1988 so I'll post them in May. And also, I really can't wait to create my new piece about Edward Scissorhands for the Crazy4Cult group show in July. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

i like ur artwork very much!!
all of them..
super kewl!

kelincieskrim said...

a love ur artwork mall!!
superb kewl!
ol of them

busma said...

wow....these are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Minette Rivera said...

Hi Mall!

So gifted ka talaga, ganda ng bagong artworks mo. Havent been able to visit your website so im surprised na ang dami mo ng update.

Galing galing, keep it up!


shawq said...

your artwork are awesome.. all of them

bytheway, what kinda paper did you use?

Mall said...

@kelincieskrim: :) thank you so much!

@busma: glad you loved it! :D

@minette: naks, maraming salamat! lagi i-updated ko dito sa blog ko kaysa website ko :D

@shawg: thank you! strathmore paper. :)

NIni said...

Mall, i cannot wait to see your artwork for EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.. my daughter and me are a big fan of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS , too.. How can i be the first to know that you have the artwork ready? I would like to purchase that too... thanks!

Mall said...

Hey nini! I sent you my email messages many times but you don't seem to receive them. :( just let me know if you got them.