Thursday, August 26, 2010

My sculpting skills are back again

Hooray, my sculpting skills are back again.

I really miss doing my sculpture stuff. I love sculpting more than painting & drawing.
My custom Yoka toy is not a bear, but Panda. :)


Anonymous said...

how many talents do you have!? ;D

DillyFae said...

Aw! Adorable already! One day I will try this!

Pao said...

So cool. So cute. So adorable. Yikes!

ged said...

Aww~ Mr. Panda's expression is so heart-melt sweet. The leaf is also such a charming touch. Love it! <333

Looking forward to see the finished version. Enjoy and good luck. ^^

Anonymous said...

you are amazing artist... I'm a big fun of your work.

peet said...

I love the progress pictures, and I really love your work. It's so colourfull and sweet. It makes me happy. Bye, and please let us follow the progress.

aintshakespeare said...

This is really fabulous. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

Christina Conway said...

this is already so amazing... your talents are truly incredible! Love the cut out belly! Can't wait to see the final piece.

ODD imagination said...

This is going to be so wonderful when you are finished! You make me want to cusomize a toy! I adore sculpting too but it has been a while since I made something... :o)

Mall said...

@motsinutiles: Uhmm… I can't count how many! :P

@dillyfae: you should try!

@pao: hehehhe! :P

@ged: thank you so much!!! Wish Panda could be mine forever, hehe.

@anonymous: :) thanks!

@peet: thank you, glad you love it! Don't worry, I have videotaped my toy progress. I'll post my video soon. :)

@aintshakespeare: thank you! :D

@christina: thank you darling! Much appreciated! I was worried if I could get wounds when I was cutting out belly… whew, I felt relieved! Me too, cant wait to finish it. :)

@ODDimagination: Sculpting is so fun! :D I love your sculptures! You should try to customize a DIY / blank toys. :)

ODD imagination said...

May Ann - would you mind telling me the material you use to create the fur on this panda? I thought it might be some kind of material to build up on paintings? You can email me if you like and thank you!
p.s. I have a glow in the dark munny just waiting to happen. ha ha