Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Creative Dork's Interview with May Ann Licudine

My super talented creative Filipino friend Robx ( a.k.a The Creative Dork ) got interesting interview with me!

" Tell us more about your character Babu. What is his story? "

- Robx, thanks for asking this question. I am more than delighted to tell you that story. I wanted to create my own story after I discovered the fantastic artwork of one of my favorite comic artists, Winsor McCay - I was in awe with his drawings.

In 2004, I created Babu, but I didn't had more ideas of how to develop the story or if he was going to have friends, etc. Then, my Persian cat, Abu, died. I was extremely sad and thought about my homage to him by creating an illustrated character. That is how Abu was born and became Babu's bestfriend and partner in crime. Let me sum up the story for you..."

Click the site of The Creative Dork to continue reading the interview, don't forget to leave comments on his blog:

Robx, thank you so much for everything! Guys, please check his artworks out, I really adore his art! Maybe in time, I'll commission him to make a new website lay-out for renewing my old site, hehe! He's so cute, isn't he? His art is perfect for illustration, shirts, posters, website lay-outs, everything! If you want to commission him, contact him!


Pat and Susana said...

aww, this was such a lovely and inspiring interview darling ♥ and it was great to read how you created your characters - Abu and Babu :D

Oh, and Robbie art is so cute! :)


Pao said...

Yikes. Kuya Rob is really great. It's funny that the two of you are in one interview and I admire both of you as artists. This is truly inspirational.

aintshakespeare said...

Cool character. I love the vests and bow ties.