Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hidden Symphonies

My wonderful client / singer Marco Joachim from New York discovered my art & contacted me in 2007 year (wow, so long!) I was way too busy in doing other art projects. He understood me so he waited for me patiently and he continued working on his music for few years.

In July 2010 year, we started discussing about his new music album cover. Marco got influenced by the Beatles band, musical instruments, hippie color scheme, Liverpudlian cityscapes, Humpty Dumpty, melting guitars, etc. He also sent me his beautiful songs so I listened to them before I got fresh ideas. Regarding his songs, my favorites are "Nameless", "Hidden Symphonies", "Dream Away" & "Those Days". His songs are beautifully soothing & lovely.

Awww, my dearest weird plushie Kalbo stared at me working on my progress piece.


Maybe it's 12" x 12" inches.
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Paper. Don't forget to listen to his playlists & order Marco Joachim's CD, " Hidden Symphonies " ! Marco just releases his new music album this time!

Currently, I work on my three commissioned mixed media paintings for my client Nini. Thanks to my trusted canvas stretcher, my hands weren't hurt. For my 3rd custom toy, I can't wait to receive a 10" inches Teddy Troops from Nini. Exciting, exciting, exciting.

Another sneak peek.


pupu said...

ooohhh.... candy candy colors. :D :D *keep looking at Mall's new artwork* ;)

Olgi said...

Hello Mall! This artwork is more than beautiful for me!!!!

Robbie said...

Splendid! <3

and kalbo is so cute. Hihihi.

ged carpizo said...

Salvador Dali's clock on the dome roof, Humpty Dumpty on Superman's telephone booth and dancing violins like the ones in Nodame Cantabile! A very beautiful colorful make-me-smile-and-feel-happy painting! I love it! It's interesting to look at the details you put in and discover loads of cute curiosities. Congratulations on another wonderful piece of art, Mall. <333

LuisaPizza said...

Hello Mall, your artwork is very inspiring! :D What kind/brand of pencil do you use in the last picture? I can't seem to find one that's very black but not messy like charcoal pencils.

Tammie said...

your art is fantastic! So many wonderful details and you work magic with color.

TJ Lubrano said...

I'm just amazed here! The intensity! The colors you've chose, the details! It's truly awesome!

I'm your new fan ^_^!

Jaz said...

Wow, I've just stumbled into your blog and love love love this piece :D

Vina Puspita said...

oh my Lord... those colors and imaginations are just so fantastic! Really! :D