Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

Happy New Year! I enjoyed spending time with my family, my cousin & her friends during New Year. So yeah, I was a bit drunk, which means I felt quite relaxed, euphoric & comfortable! Currently, I got a new wisdom tooth pain so it's so hard to eat foods. I should go to the dentist soonest... but I don't want, haha. Whew, I have finished 4 artworks for two upcoming group shows & one commissioned painting for my client Mike from November-December.

I think 2011 was my favorite year. Because I concentrated on more commissions & personal works (for selling) than art galleries, which means, I earned a lot & developed more hardworking, positive and productive skills / attitude. No worries, I always love art galleries, so I got three invitations by galleries to participate group shows in 2011 year. I also declined to participate *other* three group shows in States because it wasn't the right time for me. Glad some gallery curators understood me so they'll look forward to inviting me in the future. 2011 was amazingly great.

Anyway, I got inspired by Winsor McCay's editorial cartoon drawings so I drew Babu & Abu on my hand. Babu looks drunk, hehe! Maybe he drank sake. *Mall tries to take pictures when she keeps her fingers crossed* It looks a gangsta style.
I really hope 2012 year will be good for me. Now my commissions are on hold. I am ready to create new artworks for my upcoming 2-person show. I'm really nervous yet excited. Stay tuned, I'll post my finished commissioned painting this January! I have to take rest now, hope my wisdom tooth must be removed & I'll throw it to the tooth fairy soon, haha! Goodnight everyone!


Lesley Vamos said...

Hey MayAnn, what camera do you use?

Kay said...

Happy 2012..I love your art..especially the whimsical animals

Lauren said...

This is my favorite hand drawing for the New Year yet... So intricate the layers and dimensions... Love the photos of your amazing hands! Sending you love my friend- glad you felt high and blissed out :) Most infinite Blessings!!

mots said...

happy new year mall. thank you for the wonderful artworks of 2011. :)

Nicolas Gouny said...

Très belle année à toi May Ann ♥

Efa said...

Hope this year will bring you happiness and health and lots of inspirations^^

Mall said...

@lesley: hello! I use my trusted camera GF1 + 20mm lens. :)

@kay: thank you dear! happy happy new year too!

@lauren: aww thanks darling! Happy happy new year to you and your blessed wonderful family! I just visit your renewed blog, the lay-out looks beautifully clean and beautiful! Yes, I should register Instgram account soon, I'll let you know. :)

@al (mots): salamat! so happy you enjoy my art <3 keep creative and stay inspired! :)

@nicolas: you too, my dear friend! happy happy new year! Know that i'm quite proud of you because you stay productive, hardworking and creative to do more amazing adorable whimsical colorful illustrations so I enjoy viewing your works thru dA. ♥ Regards to your beautiful family from me. :)

@efa: thank you! I love your photography, I just visit your blog ♥

Dani said...

have a great year, Mall!

ODD imagination said...

You will do great in the two person show so no worries!

I am so happy to see my name moving up on the custom order list - I am #12 but REALLY I am #7!
What an exciting day that will be.

Happy New Year!


Wiji Lacsamana said...

Happy new year! :) You are sooo talented! I hope to see you around, I'm from La Union too! :)

Fifi Q said...

Happy 2012 MALL! I'm really looking forward to your new artworks. Hopefully, I'll be able to commission a toy this year when your queue frees up a bit ha ha!