Monday, November 5, 2012

Audrey and Hal

I would like to thank you for purchasing my 101 ACEO pieces. They were all sold out... so wow, I never expect it. In the future, I'll definitely make more ACEO pieces again. And of course, next year I'll plan to make original graphite pieces for my next project, Innocent Girls III. Thank you so much for supporting!

By the way, I was excited to start working on my commissioned pieces for my client Audrey & her new hubby Hal (pilot and adventurer) in August 2012. She needed me to create new paintings for their new wedding. Awwww... She showed me some photo references of them, their adorable pets two girls Miskit (dog) and Midna (cat), beautiful horse Dakota, nature, adventure experiences & airplane. When Audrey contacted me about a commission, she was really drawn to my piece, Babu at the Torii. She is really into nature and green is definitely her favorite color. Since then, She has met Hal, and they have begun a family together. They are definite adventurers and she would really like a piece that reflects that and their little family.

She requested me to make 3 commissioned paintings. So I made my rough sketches.

5" x 7" inches. She requested: " On the first one do a camping scene with the two of us and Miskit and Midna with a plane parked behind us. Kind of like if we had landed on a grass field with some trees in the background. And we have some sleeping bags and a fire set up kind of slightly in front of the plane. Maybe roasting some marshmallows while our dog--Miskit--searches for squirrels, and maybe have Midna either chasing some bugs or sitting on one of the wings of the plane. " 

5" x 7" inches. She explained: " On the second one, maybe do a scene of Hal and I riding horses up the side of a mountain with the horses packed with our camping gear, holding hands, maybe going towards and alpine lake for some fishing and swimming. "

10" x 10" inches. She said: " The second way would could do it is with one piece of wood no larger than a 10"x10" and somehow throw everything above together. Hal loves flying, hiking, sailing, and dogs. I love riding horses, hiking, snowshoeing, dogs and cats. "  But she told me to save this for another time so I added her to my future commission list again.

So I started cutting & sanding wood boards, coating with layers of gesso, drawing and painting.

Done, yey! Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Wood

So happy that Audrey & Hal really love them, they smiled, yey! Hal is building a shadow box for them to mount the paintings and their rock. Audrey attached a photo of their rock. 
Awww heart-shaped rock! Beautiful! They're going to have a professional personal mount everything in the frame they made and put in that really good UV glass. Thanks for everything, Audrey! Congratulations on your new wedding!

By the way, good news! My newest prints on Society6 are now available!

taken photos by Esther, who was the first one to purchase my Society6 print.

Okay, that's all folks! I'll be ready to work on commissions currently. Ciao! ;)


Jesh said...

pretty~ <3
I hope it's my turn already for the commish. Can't wait. >_<

Marrakech tours said...

nice blog !!!

Kristin Fleming said...

I love looking at your sketches and comparing them to the final product. The cat on the airplane is such a cute touch : 3.

esther said...

yay~ my photos! \ (^ o ^) /