Tuesday, March 12, 2013

QUESTIONS about customizing toy

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Hope all is well. I received many repeating same questions from my lovely fans. Here are my answers: 

 1. Where did you buy a Magic Sculpt clay? 
- I ordered MS clay from Ebay online shop but they delivered my orders to my relatives' location in States. Then my relatives went back to Philippines so they brought MS clays to me. Unfortunately, I think they don't have MS clay here in Philippines. They have Apoxie Sculpt, you can purchase it on The Sculpeyman Trading multiply store. Here's a link: http://thesculpeyman.multiply.com/ Remember, MS / Apoxie is a self-hardening clay, it doesn't need to bake. 

 2. Which one is better: MS or Apoxie? 
- MS and Apoxie are almost same. I used Apoxie for my first toy (Owl) in the beginning, it was really nice. For my personal opinion, I prefer MS because I love to smoothen the MS clay with water only. I don't like the way that Apoxie clay needs to smoothen with rubbing alcohol. MS is more sandable than Apoxie. Try to use Milliput. I heard that Milliput is just like MS. I never tried Sculpey, Fimo, Premo, polymer clay, wax clay and paper clay... maybe in time, I'll try these different clays. 

 3. Why don't you try Sculpey?
- Errr, I haven't tried Sculpey yet... Maybe in time. I must admit that I'm sometimes impatient, I don't want to wait for baking Sculpey in an oven... or boiling Sculpey clay in a pot longer. :) 

 4. How do you smooth the MS clay? 
- Sometimes I use water MS for smoothening. Or for avoiding rough surfaces or dimple-like in the toy surface, I use a sandpaper to scuff it. For thick rough unperfect clay, use 80 - 100 grit sandpaper. After this, change the grit then hit it with some 150.... then 220 or 250....and the last satin/silky feel, use 400/1000. You keep rubbing it with different grit sandpapers from roughness to smoothness. 

 5. What are your tools for customizing toy? 
- sculpting / carving tools, hairdryer, MS clay, aluminum foil, recycled things (for instance, wood, metal, paper, old pencils/sticks, etc.), sandpapers, Dremel rotary tool, Xacto knife, acrylics, colored pencils, gesso, wool or felt or fabric, glass, varnish spray (matte or gloss), more. 

 6. Can you share your techniques, tricks, tips and ideas about DIY custom toy? 
- Wish I could have free to answer these. But there are a list of complete FAQ stuff on Kidrobot forum, which I learned a lot. Here's a link, hope this helps you. http://forums.kidrobot.com/viewtopic.php?t=56606 Also, there are a *lot* of DIY custom toy tutorials on blogs, you can google them. Thanks to Internet, hehe! :)

 7. Did you already videotape your 4th custom toy? 
- Yes of course! You all will wait for my new toy video soon... I think my video might be short like 5 or 6 minutes. I'm currently filming while working on toy. See y'all soon! It's bedtime for me, goodnight!


Khylov said...

A model making models. Wonders never cease.

aintshakespeare said...

Thanks! That's very helpful.

LuisaPizza said...

Thank you Mall! Your custom toys are such an inspiration :)

Glenda Maye said...

I will certainly keep these in mind when I start. :D Thankyou for the tips!