Monday, September 21, 2009

Bewilderknits commissioned work

My lovely client Gwynne has been staring at my blog for months so she enthralled with my work. She waited for me longer because I closed my art commissions. But she gently asked me to make digital illustrations for their Bewilderknits knitted products: website lay-out, price tags, business cards and any small prints. She needed my art commission before October. So I chose digital medium because they can easily use separated Photoshop layers / elements on website lay-out, price tags and business cards, it's up to themselves like fixing elements, editing, go on. We discussed a lot about the art requests, colors, textures and retakes. Before I started working, I observed their knitted products, pictures, shops and faces on their sites. The medium I use was Adobe Photoshop CS3. I just scanned my rough sketches and purely colored them with two default brushes on Photoshop... honestly, without any photo manipulations / effects. It was like, I used crayons on coloring book, ahaha... so fun, anyway.

This is a work for Cora. Gwynne asked me to re-create my past digital work, Babu's Happiness. I adore her red freckles and hair!

This is a work for Gwynne. Hehehe, of course, I changed the boy character into mini - adorable Gwynne. I loved communicating with her thru Gmail emails. She's quite cool!

This is a work for Karen. Sweet smile and innocent eyes! 

And the last one, a snail pulling a cart of yarn balls. 

Whew, I thank you very much for everything, dearest Gwynne. I'm sure you guys will enjoy using elements on Photoshop. I can't wait to see their business cards and stuff!

I enjoyed booksigning with my great friend Zeus and of course meeting great people and adorable kids in MIBF, Mall of Asia. And hooray, I have done my latest piece for the October art group show, Ghosts and Other Transparencies, in Snowmonkey's House of Monsters (yep, his new gallery is baby fresh. So I'll support owner Curt and his new gallery!) in Seattle. I really hope people will like my new graphite + pastels artwork, I'll post it on my next blog entry in October. 

Good night to all of you. I'll reply to many emails later plus my net is so slow, sometimes I can't log in on Gmail and other few sites! Nowadays, I'm feeling sick. A fresh flu. ACHOOO! *Mall sniffs and jumps into a warm gray cloud and flies to Slumberland...* ZZZZZZzzzzz