Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Alice pieces

Last year, I saw that Gallery Nucleus announced the upcoming show "Curiouser and Curiouser: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland". It made me wanted to join but I didn't get invited by them. I must admit that I never draw any girl characters like Alice, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. During my childhood years, I always drew Betty & Veronica from Archie comics, Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Ranma 1/2, Dragonballz, Felix the Cat and mostly cartoon characters.

In the beginning of January 2010, I was super stressed in preparing & making artworks for Whispers show and Outerspace Gallery show, I got unexpectedly invited by Lin from Gallery Nucleus for the Alice theme show. I didn't confirm because I was so busy in doing other art projects... but I thought of myself, "Aww come on, Mall! Go for it! Just do one piece!" So I said to Lin, "Ok, I'm in!"

In the end week of January, I have finished all pieces for the shows... I was so worried and stressed about the Alice show deadline, framing progress and of course, FedEx shipping progress. I decided to create 3 graphite pieces and one colored one (all paperworks). Paperworks are easier for me than wood boards so I could draw / paint it fast. I wish I could color them but I couldn't, it was too late for me. Whew, Gallery Nucleus received my package before the near deadline so they brought my pieces to the framing shop, my worried heart went calm down. Okay, it's time to enjoy my Alice inspired pieces.

5" x 7"
Framing size: 9" x 11"
Graphite on Paper

5" x 7"
Framing size: 9" x 11"
Graphite on Paper
Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's character Princess Kushana + Audrey Hepburn's looks

11" x 14"
Framing size: 18.5" x 21"
Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Paper
Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki + Winsor McCay + Mary Blair + Paprika / Tekkon Kinkreet movies and my favorite fruit: watermelon

20" x 24"
Framing size: 26" x 30"
Graphite on Paper
Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki + Winsor McCay + Edward Corey + Paprika movie & M.C. Escher

"The Hole in Alice's World" is my fave one, it was a little bit difficult for me because I was so confused to imagine objects before I drew. When my sister Erica saw me drawing big graphite piece, she said to me "Hmmm, it looks like... a movie poster of Hayao Miyazaki. Take pic and try to photoshop it, just for fun and testing, Big sis Mally." I was trying to do it on Photoshop.... HAHAHAHAHAHA! *Bloggers see silly weird Mall laughing and doing...*

Ahh... hehehe, don't get serious, just for fun. no rumors, ok? Honestly, I seriously wish Hayao Miyazaki could make a new animated movie! *Mall daydreams* I also can't wait to watch Tim Burton's upcoming movie, yey! Anyway, I really hope you guys like my Alice pieces. If you're interested in buying my pieces, please visit my Nucleus shop. I greatly thank to Lin & Gallery Nucleus staff for the wonderful invitation and support. Check high-profile artists' amazing Alice pieces out! And my last webcam pic of stressed me and my graphite piece.

See more more more curious great pictures of Curiouser & Curiouser:


Banggi said...

That just blows me away! I love your Alice series. They are at present my favorite of your works. You keep getting better and better, MayAnn!

Keep being inspired!


Holly said...

Wow, these are wonderful! Congrats on being part of the Alice and Wonderland show! My former Illustration teacher, Bill Carman, also got invited to do work for that show! What a small world. :)

Keep up the great work and good luck with the show! ^_^

Rene said...

Mall, excuse me while I pick up my jaw off the floor again. Hahaha!

movezerb said...

Amazing works !
Shame on me I can't see the show :(
Do you know if there will be prints of your Alice art sold by Gallery Nucleus?
I'd love to get one !

pupu said...

This is very inspiring Mall. :))))

Blanca Bk said...

Oh my God!! What a big and great works!! :D I love them a lot!!! You should to do a childbook illustrated about Alice..!!! WONDERFUL!!! ;)

Christina Conway said...

Gorgeous work!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the progress of your incredible art. It will be a lovely show I am sure, and your work is at the top of my favorites list already! Congrats on all your hard work!

SaraLynnArt said...

Oh my goodness, Mall! I think you've made me forget how to breathe.

These are just... amazing. I am completely mind-blown by your compositions, and the way you are able to create such a lovely flow with so many different textures and objects. The hair in these pictures is so lovely! I want to reach out and touch it!

Oh, I am also surprised to see how BIG that pencil drawing is in person! For some reason, I imagined it as being much smaller. You much run through pencils like crazy!

Sunny said...

I went to nucleus and saw these pieces in person yesterday. All of them are so beautiful. My fav. is "The Hole in Alice's World" :D

mika said...

O___________O freckle-chan.... I see why you were too busy and stressed, don't forget to take care of your health..... but please keep busier that makes your skills gettin' better! haha XD

Dakie said...

wow ate mall! Everything looks really pretty. :) I specially loved The Hole in Alice's World.

Huraah Hayao Miyazaki! :) Heehee. I wish I could see this is person. This series is totally awesome. I am, yet again, lovestruck. :D

Nicolas Gouny said...

Somptuous, my friend :)

Mall said...

@VJ: naks, maraming salamat sweetie! stressed ako kasi nun, hehe! mwah mwah!

@holly: Whoaaa, was Bill your former teacher? amazing! :D You were so lucky! indeed, small world! <3 <3 <3

@rene: hahaha, ingatz ka ah, baka mahulog ung drooling mo hehehe! :P salamat kuya rene! :D

@movezerb! mwaahhh! I'll keep you posted if they could be interested in making prints from one of my alice pieces :D mwahhhh!

@pupu: mwah! <3 <3 <3

@blanca: :d thank you darling! oh I let you know, I have shipped my parcel to you. maybe you'll receive it after 10days - 2weeks. please let me know when you receive it. :D

@christina: hugs hugs hugs! glad you enjoyed my thoughts and art, much appreciated! :) mwahhhh!

@sara: hehehehehehe, your comment made me happy, tee eh! yeah, it was so hard about confusing curious objects! @_@ I wish my hair could grow long like alice's :P hehehe, I wanted my big graphite piece to make everyone happy. :D I guess my graphite was 1 inch after finishing my big piece! :P

@sunny: wow, thank you so much! I wish I could attend there, hu hu! :D

@mika: XD you're so funny, hehehe! yes don't worry, I'll take care of myself, sweetie! <3333333333

@dakie: glimpse!!!!! hehehe, don't worry, you'll see my upcoming pieces in manila! ayan an! :D uu nga idol ko kasi si miyazaki! :D

@nicolas: :D merrrrciiii! *highfives*

Regina Mako said...

Awww, these are really beautiful, I'm really looking forward to the Nucleus show and seeing what everyone else does. I especially love the colored one (your colors are wonderful), but the black and white ones are just full of detail and are amazing. I also love Alice's full dress and how her ribbon looks like bunny ears, super cute!

Khylov said...

Surprised, and yet not surprised. Surprised at the wonderful work that continues to surprise and amaze as they flow from her paints and pens... Not surprised, since she's amazing as is - it's only natural that she'd be cranking out amazing work as well.


the one in the back said...

I heart your work. Loved it since I saw it in deviantart!

lgeorgia said...

Hi cuz!

Your Alice pieces are beautiful! You never cease to amaze me with your talent. Congratulations!

Ate Georgia

annezca said...

i just stumbled upon your work via tumblr.
wow! angaling~

I love the cheshire cat! <3
anong ginamit mo dun?

Reg said...

Grabe Mall YOU ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! This has got to be my favorite work of yours evvvveeerrrrrrr.... yung last graphite piece and the colored one. YOU ROCK!!!! I love your work so much! :D

Blanca Bk said...

Hello Mall!! :D
Amazing illustrations as always!! I really love the strange world of Alice in Wonderland. Your illos are sooo great!!!

Last day I received your fantastic original prize!!! I got your little b/w illustration!! It´s sooo fantastic!! Thank you very very much for it!! I love it a lot!!! And I will put it in a little table for my wall. THANK YOU!!!! You are really kind.

Have a nice day!!!!!!!! :D

barbara said...

hey may ann... wow, i discovered your art from nucleus! damn amazing! you know, you should make a Alice movie, i really love your own style. excuse me, I'm offending about something... i dont like Tim Burton's movie, well, it was not good.... i wish you could make 2D animated film. :( congratz on your show by the way! look forward to seeing more pieces from you :)


TrüSka said...

I cant believe how fast you work! So many detail and so little time! Great Work Mall! Kisses kisses :*

kelincieskrim said...

love ur artworks!!
heeeebaaaaaat bangeeeeeeeett


Unknown said...

Saw your work at Nucleus, THEY ROCK!! Love the The Hole in Alice's World piece!

Mall said...

@regina: aww thank you so much, i'm so happy that you enjoyed my pieces. ;)

@khylov: your sweet comments made me so kekekekkekeekekkekekekek <3 ... =^@ v @^=

@the one in the back: thank you so much! ;)

@ate georgia: thank you po ate! :)

@annezca: maraming salamat! ginamit ko ung acrylics at colored pencil. ;)

@reg: hehehe baliw ako dahil sa deadline ng alice show kaya stressed ako kasi sa mga details, hehee! :D sana di makabenta ung the hole in alice's world para sa akin, hehe! :P

@blanca: yey! so relieved that you got my package, hooray! so happy that you loved it! :) mwah mwah!

@barbara: aww thank you! :D I haven't watched Alice in Wonderland movie yet! I can't wait to watch it. I wish I could get to learn more about animation. ;)

@truska: thank you dearest! Yes, I was so fast to do pieces 'coz of the deadline. :P

@kelincieskrim: :D thank youuuuuu!

@alina: thank you! yours are adorably beautiful! I wish I could buy yours, tee heee! :D

Faith Lambert said...

Your art is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors =)

lillalotta said...

May Ann, my most favourite artist on the planet! What a joy to see you!!
I have a new blog by the way. It took me so long to get it together
I am more online again :) Missed you so much x annaxx

busma said...

beautiful drawings, amazing techniques... i love both the colourful and black & white drawings!!

elletee said...

You should do a Snow White series :)

your alice one is fantastic!

nanditha said...

wonderful creation!

dnugroho said...

I'm enthralled by your sketches and paintings. You're a wonderful artist. Keep up the good work! :)

Grafifruska said...

:) Hello, from Hungary.
I'm impressed! This ertwork's are masterpieces'
I'm really enjoyd to see your paintings, graphics.
And the videos are good idea, now maybe I will made some too :)
Hope, once, I will be graphic as good as You are!!!!
Now, I wish You to: have a nice day to drow :))
(If you want to, we can meet on facebook.)

eRin said...

May Ann, may I feature your "I See You Cheshire" piece on my blog? I wanted to email you but could not find your contact information anywhere!

I've been following your blog and work since I saw your piece included in the "Curiouser and Curiouser" exhibition at the Nucleus Gallery.

My daughter's name is Alice and I am beginning to think about what her room should feel like when she outgrows her nursery in a few years. I would love to collect some "Alice in Wonderland" inspired art to decorate her space and intend to purchase a print of your piece through the Nucleus Gallery website.

I am going to write a post on my blog about my ideas for her room and for the art that is inspiring me, and I would like to include an images of your piece along with images of three other pieces from the exhibition (by Alina Chau, and Lorelay Bove). If you like, I can send you the image I would like to use in my blog post, showing all four pieces together. I created it using images I got from the Nucleus Gallery website.

I would, of course, credit you and the other artists by name and link to your blogs. I will also include a link to the Nucleus Gallery exhibition to promote their business and the other artists they showcase.

Thank you for considering, and for sharing your talent and gorgeous artwork on your blog!