Friday, April 6, 2007

Thanks to Drawn!

Past few days, I went away from the internet 'coz of my busy schedule and short vacation. I'm pretty tired and weak (arrgh, I got my horrible eyebags and sometimes my tummy feels a little bit hurt). But someone made me surprised and happy today. I found this link. So I made this quick sketch for Drawn! I thank you for featuring me, Johnny! For those nice people from around the world, who also featured me, oh man, I give you more hugs and kisses (and...hmmm... free pizzas, you want? *giggles*) Anyway, thank you very much for visiting, guys. I'm very pleased and grateful.

I'm so sorry for this quick short letter, I have to go now. Yeah, I'm very busy in running errands, spending time with my family, friends and relatives in my farm, beach, etc. For my good friends and others who emailed me, please wait for my response patiently. When I'll be back after a few days, I'll reply to all of you for sure. I'll post my art progress (pencil drawing) soon.

Bye now! Oh, Happy Easter's Day!


kerstin said...

ahh i think thats one of my favourite illustrations from you sweetheart! it's so beautiful!!!! ^_^
i love her shawl, i had one just like that but then i shrunk it in the wash. :/
i hope you have fun with your family and at the farm and beach and i hope you have a lovely rest sometime too and dream sweet!~


love you


Maciek said...

wow :thumbsup: congrats May :D

ps. err, me want pizza!

Patricia and Susana said...

Sooo happy for you May Ann!!!
It is great that you were featured in Drawn :D We added Johnny's syndicated journal to our watch list in Live Journal to keep an eye on his work. Sad to hear that you are feeling tired and weak :( please do take good care of you on your vacations. We both hope that you have a lovely time with your friends and family and get a lot of rest. Have a sweet Happy Easter day dear friend! *hugs*

Earljohn said...


sweetviolet said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! I just ADORE your work. It may become my next tattoo, since there are certain pieces that remind me so much of my children.

Liz said...

I love your website and I really enjoy your art! I found you through Drawn! and I'm glad I did! :)

Kuggy said...

Ahh-your drawings and your words are like fresh, clean air blowing away sadness and fear. Thank you. You make the world lovelier!

Mall said...

kerstin: hello dearest! Oh yes, I saw your beautiful photo on "Away from the fairies". Oh my, you're so lucky to have one! I wish I could have one furry shawl! Anyway, take care of your baby and your beloved Mars. I love you too!

maciek: ;) thank you! *boogie*
P.S. oohhh, here's one slice of pizza for you: C>

patricia & susana: Thank you dearest twins! Yeah, I was so surprised that they featured me. I jumped many times in my room, hahaha. Yeah, I'm pretty tired and weak now after taking more vacations. It was so fun and enjoyable. Whew! Anyway, I received your sweet long long letter! Thank you again! If I have time, I could reply to you both. Thanks for the nice songs and photos, they made me smile. *hugs and kisses*

earl: >(*.*)<

sweetviolet: hello! it's nice to meet you, thank you! *smiles*
P.S. your baby is totally adorable!

liz: Hey thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed my art. *hugs*

kuggy: Awww, I'm so touched, thanks a lot. *grins widely*