Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Art Diary

Uhm, I think I'm not good at explaining here. I really hope my English grammar will get improved. Last month, I started making my personal black and white drawings (series) for my art diary through my depression. It's all about my life: my feelings, dislikes, favorites, problems, dreams, nightmares, desires, fears, more. I let these pictures tell you a story. It's good to express my feelings and thoughts to all of you.

The medium is Mongol lead pencil on sketchpad (olso paper). Instead of pencil sharpener, I love using my art cutter at all times. Here's my recent work in progress on "Hurt". Before drawing, I got this idea where I walked alone, felt hurt and saw my plants (euphorvia) in my garden. You know what, nature and feelings truly inspire me.

Finally, it's done. I think this drawing looks more different than my previous work on "Loneliness". I really enjoyed doing more elements + details so it was so good to keep improving my drawing skill. Who's that little naked girl character? Well, that's me. Nah, I won't go naked outside in real life, guys. Look at the girl character's tummy, that's my two scars (plus I got 3rd small scar on my right lower tummy), which I got operated two times in May 2006.

*Mall rubs her poor tummy gently and smiles widely.* Hmmm, should I create another blog (online self-published) for my art diary? What do you think? Sigh I wish I could have my future picture book. I think I could continue doing my personal drawings until I die. I'll post my next drawing on "Confusion" soon.


Patricia and Susana said...

Blogger didn't posted our comment :| anyway, please don't worry about the way you express yourself. Your English is great, and this is your little space, where you share your pictures, drawings and words with everyone.

You did well in starting that personal black and white series, that way those pages will be something that later on in your life will remember you of something that you experienced. It is always sad to go through bad times... and when we see the scars on your character Mall's tummy we see how much you have already been through in your life, but with all of that you are still a brave and strong woman. An inspiration for all of us! We love the collage of how you made Hurt. And must confess that we never heard about "euphorvia" plants before :P we had to google for more information, hehe... About the drawing: It is more detailed, in every level (the trees, the scars). A sad piece but a challenge for an artist. We will be looking forward to see your drawing about Confusion. Thanks for sharing this!

About creating another blog... you should do what your heart tell you, because in the end, what matters is that. In our personal opinion we like this one because you combine your words and the art that you make. And because of that we are able to see all the stages behind your artwork...


Mall said...

patricia & susana: Thank you very much for your nice comment, I feel very touched. Yeah I was in a bad mood that's why I made sad drawings past weeks. Maybe my future life could be filled with pure happiness, peace and love so I could do cheerful bw series, let's wait and see dear. *winks and hugs* Don't worry, I should forget and overcome my depression this time. MWAH! Oh, I'll send you my pictures of "euphorvia" thru email soon.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, I decided not to create another blog for my art diary. In fact, I truly love this *one* blog. One way... *grins widely*

*hugs back*

Patricia and Susana said...

As we said before to you, we both sincerely wish you the best and that your life can be filled with all the light and the colours that your artwork and above all, you and your friendship gives to everyone who has the pleasure to meet you :) we wish and keep our fingers crossed for that to happen and that you will overcome your depression. *hugs*

Oh, cool! We will be looking forward to see your pictures from "euphorvia" :)

Very happy to know that you will keep this blog for your art and words. It's such a great way to share and express your feelings... Hhmm, this reminds us that we should stop being lazytwins and update our blog too ;)

Much love and hugs! *MWAH

debOrah said...

what can i say ... ?!? FurthermOre, in english !!!

Hi!!! (well! that's a beginning !!!:-p)

vague recOllectiOn Of my english lessOns
I can't find wOrds... the right wOrds

i like/i dOn't like
i feel/i dOn't feel

i try nOt tO "intellectualize" my emOtiOns
(just sayin' tO myself hOw lucky i am nOt tO a fOrk, fOr example!!! :-p)
i cry i dream
i fly i scream
i fall i speak
i feel i breathe
i share i lOve
i dare i lOOse
i dive i smile
i'm aliiive !!!
wandering, rambling...
i get back tO the subject
i clOse the )

i lOoOooOOOOooO(i get my breath back!!!)Ooo0Oo00°0Oo°0o0ove yOur artwOrk !!! :-)

kindest regards,

Mall said...

patricia & susana: Really? update your blog? ohhh, i'll look forward to seeing your blog! MWAH!
P.S. I got your Flickr message, you both made me smile again. Wait for my email, dearest. *hugs*

deborah: Awwww... Deborah, I really enjoyed reading your sweet words, thank you very much. *winks*
P.S. thank you for featuring me and my artwork! I tried to understand your language "J'adore". I thought to myself, "Hmmm... does this mean adorable?" Right? Hee hee!

Patricia and Susana said...

:) Yes, we don't update very regularly our blog over at Live Journal... when we link it here you don't manage to see any of the older entries because there is a kind of filter. Only those that have an account at Live Journal and we have added to that list that you see in our profile manage to read what we wrote... Hhmm, we can try and create one here at Blogger, that way you can read our thoughts and ramblings. *smiles*

P.S. We also received your Flickr mail. Thank you for making us smile and starting our morning in the best way :) its always great to hear how you are doing! We will try to e-mail you soon *hugs back*

debOrah said...

:-p :-D
i'm sure, i bet that you are !!! :)
j'adore means i like very much, i love, i adore !!! ;)

take care,


Mall said...

patricia & susana: danke for linking my site in your livejournal. Weeee, I'm so happy that you both can try and create new blogger account. *winks*

deborah: Awwww, thank you very much! MEERRRRCCCIIIIII, deborah! ; ]

Patricia and Susana said...

:) you are very welcome dear May Ann. Your website is such a big rainbow full of magic and beauty that totally deserves to be shared with everyone *smiles* as for Blogger we will definitely try to create our own then *giggles*

Majeak Ann said...

May Ann..sweet Mall. Thank you. You are incredible girl, amazing special being. CONGRATS for DRAWN! Sweet hugs! I updated my blog too. kiss kiss*