Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Oh, summertime is near. The weather is very hot here. I know, Philippines is a tropical country. Hmmm, I should eat my favorite snack Halo-halo (Philippine cold dessert) later. Drool, drool, drool... This makes me so hungry. Have you ever eaten halo-halo? I'm sure you'll love it!

Here's my new work in progress on "Confusion" for my art diary again. Confusion is a very mysterious thing. Chaos. Lack of clearness. When I saw the old branches and vines in my garden thru watering the plants, I wondered, "Hmmm, confusion ah? Good, good, good.... idea." Please click this collage to full view.

In a windy day, messy branches and vines shake and a little strong brunette girl holds a wood tightly. Her fragile heart beats very fast and she thinks of herself, "I don't know what to do. I need to get out of my confusion! I'm tired of this!".

I'll be posting my next finished bw drawings on "Fear" and "Unconsciousness" soon. This time, I should be ready to do my few coloured art commissions/projects and my art trade with Annax. No worries, I'll continue drawing my personal bw series when I have time.


Maciek said...

halo-halo :D sounds funny, and yummy :) I have discovered recently in Pizza Hut tidbit called Sen Fana Banana (Dream of Banana Fan) :D funny name. It's a hot banana in tortilla poured with the chocolate and whipped cream. something delicious!

awesome drawing anyway :)

Patricia and Susana said...

Yes, summertime is definitely near. These past days we are having temperatures around 26ºC, which is too much for this time of the year here in our country. Oh, and Halo-halo sounds delicious!! *drool drool* There is a recipe in that link that you provided. We have to try that soon!! At summertime we usually do a very easy ice-cream dessert with chocolate, cream and condensed milk. We will send you the recipe *winks*

Thank you again for sharing the creative stages of your new drawing Confusion. It is again a very powerful image. We can feel the thick air and how the little strong brunette girl is afraid to be caught in the strong wind. Your black and white series keeps amazing us and leaving us dazzled.

Good luck on the art comissions and your art trade with Annax!

Mwah! Mwah! <3

Mall said...

maciek: Halo-halo means "mixed". Yeah, it sounds funny but colorful! hee hee! Sen Fana Banana? I never heard that! We don't have that in Pizza Hut here in Philippines! yeah, it's very funny. *giggles* please give me one sen fana banana... hahaha!

patricia & susana: Don't forget to put crushed ice in your halo-halo bowl or tall glass before putting all the ingredients and milk. *winks* Wow, Ice Cream.... *drool, drool, drool....* I'll look forward to seeing your recipe. I also love sorbet... yummy.

Thank you for commenting on my new work, dearest twins. I really enjoyed doing bw series, it makes me feel good. *smiles*

Patricia and Susana said...

Ooohhh, thank you for letting us know about the crushed ice in our halo-halo bowl *drool, drool* we are so going to try that!! We hope you will like our recipe, its really easy to do and very tasty :)

Yes, your b&w series are very moving and so beautiful. We are happy that they make you feel good. The fact that they are so full of detail shows that it is something that you enjoyed doing. We are the ones that have to say thank you for sharing such wonderful artwork with us all, as we can relate to some of the feelings portrayed there. *hugs hugs*

Maciek said...

haha :D we say halo halo to the phone when someone rings ;D and this words also reminds me an old british sitcom Allo Allo :D do you remember? it was very popular here long time ago ;)

cheers *hug*

cata said...

Hello from Italy!
I love your art.
It is superb.
All of your drawings tell me a story in a simple but strong way!
Thanks for sharing.

pupu said...

I blog hop from one site to one site and finally i come across to your website. And guess what? I LOVE all your artwork. Ecellente! Lovin' all of em.. :)

kerstin said...

mmm halo halo sounds delicioius! especially on a hot day! yummmm, i love fruit and goodness!
I love the branches in your drawing and the moody atmosphere. I know you have a very strong heart, it's big and full of love. if you close your eyes it will know which way to go when you're feeling confusimable. :)



annax said...

so wonderful to see your work in progress.
I have been so inspired by your work, that I want to take up pencil drawing. Which I have never really done. What kind of paper do you use? I am so used to drawing on watercolour paper, but I am pretty sure the effect just would not be the same.

Oooh by the way. I have started your package :) Not the art piece yet though. Want to think about it properly. Do something out of the ordinary for you!

Joy! x

Mall said...

patricia & susana: No problem. If you both could finish eating halo-halo, let me know what you think. You're more than welcome about sharing my bw series with you both. Regarding the details... argh, I must admit that it's sometimes hard. But it's all good. Hehe! Danke, my dearest adorable twin friends. *hugs & kisses*

P.S. I really loved your sweet poem in my Gmail account! It made me feel touched! *smiles* Why are you both so sweet and kind to me? I'll reply to you both soon.

maciek: hahahaha! that's so funny! (yeah dear, I know that popular sitcom, that's what my cousin told me before) ;) *hugs hugs and flowerpot*

cata: Oh wow, you're from Italy? It's nice to meet you! Thank you very much, I'm so pleased. *winks* I visited your website, your illustrations, dolls and homemade things are beautiful and lovely! Keep it up, cata. ;)

pupu: Hey thanks! Oh yeah, I remember that you devwatched me in deviantART past few weeks, right? Thank you again for that, I'm so sorry that I'm inactive there in dA too long... Thank you again for linking my blogger in your site. ;) By the way, your drawings are nice! Glad you keep doing more sketches and comics. Go pupu go! ;)

kerstin: Hey darling sis! Yes, you should eat colorful halo-halo, I think your baby could dance! hee hee! Thank you very much for your nice comment, glad you loved it. I feel so touched deeply. *kisses*

Psst, your belly is bigger! I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl! I wish I could visit you there in Canada so let's watch those colorful adorable birds (and creatures!) XXX

annax: Glad you enjoyed my progress. Oh yes dear, you should try to draw something! For the sketches/doodles/thumbnails, I use olso papers (and sketch pads, of course). For the professional pencil/charcoal drawings, I use strathmore papers, just like your watercolour paper. Hmmm, I should find more different drawing papers for testing.

I got your gmail letter. Like I said, take your time to illustrate your work for the art trade, no worries. No rush. No hurry. *winks* Oh my gosh, you have put something in your package already? That's so fast and sweet! heee heeee! You know what, I haven't prepared my parcel yet. But of course, I already started illustrating my unfinished coloured artwork for you dear. *winks*

Earljohn said...


Mall said...

earljohn: thank you dear!!! >(^o^)< How's everything there in mla?

kamil said...

Ganda ng mga likha mo! saludo ako..

miki said...

You're a bad ass illustrator, Mall!!!
You rock! Aishiteru!!!!

- your new fan, from Japan

Mall said...

kamil: salamat po, tol! *salutes* san ka na ba?

miki: arigato, miki! ^___^

Reno said...

Just got here from Gerry Alanguilan's journal. Your pieces are AMAZING. Very simple in its intricacy. Does that make sense? :)

Do you have a book or portfolio available?

I hope it's okay if I add a link to your blog on mine.

Great work!

Mall said...

reno: hello po! salamat po sa comment mo, yep, it makes sense. It's nice to meet you. :)

About the book, isa lang po eh. I have my first children's book (Adarna House Publishing, Inc.), "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots". The copies are available in bookstores. Honestly, I seriously wished I could have more books.

Oh sure, you can link my blog on yours, salamat po!!! I feel honoured! I visited your site today. Your comics and illustrations look very awesome! You know what, we really don't have Filipino comic books here in Northern Luzon.

P.S. psst kuya, your blogger funny mischievous pic made me smile. Hahaha!

Reno said...

I will look for your book the next time I drop by National Bookstore.

Why did my pic make you laugh? That's my REAL face! :P hehe