Friday, April 27, 2007


I would like to thank you very much for the, Stumbleupon / Livejournal people and others, who featured me and my art again. You guys made my day, thanks a million.

Here's my next drawing on "Fear". I think it was a little bit hard to add more details in the background but I enjoyed doing this. About fear... I am sometimes afraid of failing job, my health problems, betrayal, family problems, losing my loved ones/friends, etc. My greatest fear is death, of course. All I can say is I should face the trials, troubles and problems and my heart should keep strong. Click this photo to full view.

And... Oh, that's my ass... (*Mall pauses and wonders what online readers could think about her ass. Mall turns away and her shy freckled cheeks start blushing... Then she laughs out loud.*) Ohhahahehehehehe.... Oh well, I'm sure those crazy venus flytraps could bite my ass.... Or possibly, I could give my cute fart to them so they go away from me. Nyahahaha... (*Mall sweats and grins sarcastically.*)

Okay, I have to work now. I'll be posting my finished bw drawings and coloured illustration for my art trade with Annax next month. Ingats po lagi! (Take care always!)

P.S. For Annax: I haven't prepared my parcel yet, dear. No worries, I'll send you this on May. Hope you like it!


Earljohn said...


Maciek said...

that's evil monkey!!

Patricia and Susana said...

Congratulations in being featured in, Stumbleupon and LiveJournal!! :))

Like we had the chance to tell you before the b&w series are one of the best works that we've seen. All the feelings that it conveys and the details in each one of the previous ones that you posted are always dazzling us. The details in Fear are very good and it has a perfect shading work!!

We all have those kind of fears... as long as we have things that we treasure we will always feel scared to lose them. But like you said, we have to keep strong and something that the both of us usually apply in our lives is to make each day count. To enjoy every moment with the ones that we love and sharing... sadly life always bring us some sad moments, but when we least expect we find people that bring light and hope to our world. With such a great professional and friend like you, everyone that are fortunate to know you will always stand by your side and never leave you. *hugs*

Omg!! There's Rambo!! And he is next to your new drawing eeeeeeee *smiles happily and waves him*

Hope everything goes well with your work and wish you a fantastic weekend!

lots of love!! *Mwah *Mwah

Mall said...

earl: thank you very much, dear! *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs*

maciek: hehehe! but my gorilla soft plushie Congo is a more black evil monkey than Rambo. Look at my recent pic of my two monkeys with my trusted siberian tiger Shar:

pat&susana: Awww, thank you for congratulating me, my dearest twins! About my work on "Fear", I must admit that it made me a little bit frustrated 'coz of many details. hahaha! But of course, it's good to keep improving my drawing skill.

It's natural to feel afraid of anything but yeah right, we should fight those fears. Like my mind said to me, "What Mall? Are you afraid of disgusting cockroaches? Aww come on! You can do it! Get a crowbar and kill them! Keep faith!" *giggles* And aww, thanks dear for your good comment, I'm so touched. I love you both, my twin friends. I never leave you both. *hugs* Tell Patricia that she shouldn't be afraid of those needles especially I.V. :D

Yes, shy Rambo asked me, "Miss Mall, can you take a photo of me with your drawing for Pat and Susana?" ^___^

No problem, I really hope I shouldn't get stressed out again. Take care! Have a wonderful day! Much love to you both!

Maciek said...

awwwww ^^ cute!

I've got one private monkey too :) I'll show you next time :)

Mall said...

maciek: ohhhh, I didn't know that you got one! Yep, I'll look forward to seeing your monkey. *wink*

annejulie said...

owww May Ann, what a fabulous blog you got there! Full of your personality, it's really wonderful :)

Maciek said...

hello annejulie :D

Mall said...

annejulie: merci, merci sweetie! I'm so happy to see you again. *hugs and kisses*

maciek: yey! annejulie has a new blogger! booyah we go, booyah we go! *boogie boogie boogie*

annax said...

:) just emailed you.
I have not been online lately!
Sending love ♥

Mall said...

annax: I already replied to you, dear. ;) mwah!

Majeak Ann said...

Hello May Ann!
So nice! didn't know you have a blog, thanks for letting me know! I know I have been away from blogpshere because of moving, but I am also planning to have a new blog.
BUt no worry my main name will remain the (from there you will be able to visit the blog too).
For instance I will add your link too, I am a BIG fan of your magical world!
But will certainly let you know as soon as I have the new blog...I can't wait to see your collage, I bet will be gorgeous!
much love*

Chantal said...

my wonderful, amazing Mall! I love everything you do because what your hands create is pure magic! I am so proud of you and I love you my lovely friend *HUGS*

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Hi there. Nice art you got there. :D Hope to see more from you. Nga pala, I heard you met Gerry Alinguilan in person. Is that true? XD Well, power to you.

PS: Mind if you check out my dA page and BlogSpot? I'm an amateur artist who draws anime, and I'm planning to become a comic artist someday. XD

Well, ja ne (See ya)!

Mall said...

majeak: no problem dear, I'll look forward to seeing your new blog so I'll link this. *winks* Glad you're back. Me too, I'm your fan, I adore your whimsical art! Hee hee, but your collage is way too adorable! I'm still waiting for Dawn's wonderful papers. :D

chantal: Dear! How are you??? Are you in Sudan now? Aww, thank you very much, I'm so pleased. I love you too my sweet friend. *HUGS and KISSES*

witch girl pilar: Hello. Musta ka na? Oh, I haven't met him in person yet. But we met in deviantART last year. Pumunta ako sa world trade center para sa National Book Award, andun si Kuya Gerry kaya lang, di ko sya nakita kasi di ko alam eh! Sayang! Hahahaha!

Awww sure naman, I'll visit your dA and blogspot, thanks ah. Astig ka, just follow your dreams. Kaya mo yan, tol. Go go go!

kerstin said...

awww, you're so cute and funny.
what an adorable little tush. *giggles*
These drawings are so detailed! WOW
i'm continuosly amazed at you.



Mall said...

kerstin: hee hee, thank you very much, sweetheart! *kisses and hugs* send my hugs to your magical baby child!

*cuddles* :)

Anonymous said...

your illustration is great!!

artclub said...

Such beautiful illustrations!