Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Busy May + Featured Artist: Gerry Alanguilan

Oh hahahaha, my poor dearest characters Babu and his kitten Abu... Nyahahaha... Ok trust me, I'm still a silly funny girl. Wow, the weather is very hot here, it makes me feel dizzy. I keep sweating alot when I'm busy with my art projects, running errands, watering the plants, etc.

I loved doing this personal comic. I was so inspired by my long favorite comic artist Gerry Alanguilan. I'm a long fan of Gerry. As a matter of fact, my brother Jeremy, who loved comics, gave me Gerry's famous comic book, "Wasted" when I was a high school girl. Seriously. His Wasted comics are way too incredible and awesome. When I grew up, it was so hard to find Gerry's comics here in my province. In June 2006, I was surprised that I have found Gerry on deviantART thru browsing. I was super thrilled, like I was a paranoid talkative girl, "NGARRK!!! NGARRKKK!!! Gerry is here??? is he real? Oh oh my gosh! He's my favorite comic artist!! Now I'm going to talk to him! BWAHAHAHAHAHARHARHAR! Oh oh, how many years I didn't see his awesome comics???? It's so long!" Okay. Then, Gerry found my commissioned work on a cover of Wickermoss’s debut CD in the music shop and bought it after my art made him stop and look. Hehehehe! Gerry sent his note to me that he is also a big fan of me! I was super thrilled again and I screamed, "OH MY GOSH! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! NOOO WWAAAYYYY!!!". Luckily, Kuya Gerry became my friend! Nope, I haven't met him in person yet. I was there in National Book Award ceremony where my first book got a trophy, but surprisingly, I didn't know that Gerry was there too! I would like to feature his great artworks here. I'm in awe with his great style.

Please visit Gerry's website, deviantART page and blog. He's a bad ass comic artist + writer and architect. He's a good funny hilarious talented talkative honest cool person. I really enjoy reading his blogs about his life, his blessed wife Iljn, relatives and friends, updated comics, etc. regularly. You know what, I can't believe that he's a old blogger since 1997! I recommend you guys, don't forget to buy the copies of his recent comic, Elmer. It's totally awesome and hilarious, I would say loudly, "Two thumbs up!" Many people/fans love this. Surprisingly, Neil Gaiman wrote his super special postcard to Gerry about Elmer. No joke. Thank you very much for featuring me in your blog, Kuya Gerry. I salute to you! Astig ka!

Today is May. Ah, that's my name! Do you know why my dad named me "May Ann"? Because he idolized Dr. May Ann before. I seriously wanted to become a doctor when I was a kid! Honestly, my mama really wanted my name "Pauline". Hmmm, Pauline Licudine? Err, it sounds funny. Anyway, I think April 2007 is my favorite month. Because... well, it really made me very happy. Good news, the results (look at this screenshot) of Awstats report told me that my online art website was hit by 8,072 unique visitors from around the world last April! This made me speechless. Thank you again, thank you... I can't thank you all enough. Let me send my hugs to all of you! I won't forget this wonderful moment. I'm so proud to be Pinoy. (*Mall smiles widely.*)

Wow, I'm talkative now. Okay, I'm working on my unfinished art commission for Rene Enriquez. Next post: my personal drawing, "Unconsciousness". See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Talaga? ... Da, da.

Danke, Y'shua.

antiheroe said...

Hi Mall!!!!!!!! nice to read you! :) you have a great great work like always!!, thanks for the linkkkk :) now i make oneee in my blog!, bestttt regardsss.


Maciek said...

ohh my :D No artist has bought a CD with my picture on the cover.. (perhaps I didn't publish any yet) :F

And about your name - I love it :D May is a very beautiful month, flowers are waking up from the dream. We don't use names of the months for people names, so May sounds a bit exotically but beautiful for us :)

However Pauline is a very popular name in PL.. I prefer your actual one definitely :D

Witch Girl Pilar said...


I already met Gerry Alinguilan in person last February 2005 when Canossa College had its Family Day. X3 I joined the Komikero last year.

Neh, Elmer? Damn, I like the story, since it's like seeing a chicken's point of view. The only weird thing is that in the 1st issue, he kinda... drew an echii (shirt-less, LITERALLY) woman. I went like, God, he's married, so does his wife finds this okay? O.o; XD But I still like the storyline. :D

And thanks again for the comment in my blog, ate. Really appreciate it. X3 Hope to hear more from ya. ;D

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Maraming salamat, May Ann! :)

Pilar, Ilyn knows how crazy I am but she supports me 100%! That's why I'm crazy for her too! :D

Witch Girl Pilar said...

LOLz, talaga? Nyahaha... AND YOU'RE ONLINE, OMG... XD

Patricia and Susana said...

We also feel dizzy when the weather is hot. To avoid that we tend to drink lots of fluids... and wear cotton clothes (because we also sweat a lot :P).

Your personal comic is SO adorable!!! This page is so funny and with such an original composition :D

Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing the work of Gerry Alanguilan. He has a fantastic style and brilliant ink work.
Our older brother when was a kid had loads of comics books and we both liked to read the stories and enjoy the art in them. My(Susana)favourite comic artist is Frank Miller whereas Pat's really like Edward Gorey's works.

According to Wikipedia Gerry inked titles such as X-Men and Wolverine, wow!!! And it so great that you got to meet one of your biggest inspirations :D We both hope that the two of you can meet soon!!

Pauline Licudine, mmmm... agree with you that it sounds funny. Whenever we think about May we know that summer is approaching and the days are longer than in winter. So, May is a pretty name for a pretty woman as you :)

Congrats on the results of your website!! That is very, very good!! We are both very happy for you. It's well deserved.

Good luck for your comissioned work for Rene Enriquez. We had a look at his website and his pictures are incredible!!

Much love, XXX

debOrah said...

GrrReEEeeAaaAaAAAaAt !
gRrrRREEeeeEEaAAAaaAAAaaAAt !!!


Mall said...

anonymous: Aye comrade, it's you! Hehehe, you speak Tagalog, "Talaga?" that's so cool! ^_____^

antiheroe: Heeyyyyyy!!!! what's up??? Yep yep, I already linked yours in my blog when this launched in March 2007. :D thanks for the link too!!!

maciek: hee, your art should get published for the CD music album! :D Aww, thanks for explaining to me what May means. Many people sometimes call me, "Mary Ann". o____o Really, PL is a popular name? I didn't know that! :P

witch: hee hee, your blog username seems cool... mangkukulam ka na ba? XD Ahh, you met him in 2005? Tagal yun ah. Oo nga eh, I laughed when I read the first issue of Elmer ung umpisa... Kainis, hahaha! I never thought chickens also fall in love with human girls. o___o

Hehehe, ok lang noh. Ate Ilyn truly supports and loves Kuya Gerry. You know what, they are totally madly crazily sweet.

Gerry: Walang anuman, Kuya. Saludo!

patricia&susana: Hee hee, it's better to swim when the weather is hot!

I agree with you, Gerry has a great style and he also got a wonderful writing skill. Really? Your bro loved comics? Wow, it reminds me of my brother! Hee hee hee! Me too, I enjoyed reading my brother's comics (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, more) when I was a teenager. Oh yes, Frank Miller is extremely awesome! I really like his comics, movies, more. Edward Gorey? Hmm, I never heard that, I should read more information about him. :)

Regarding my name, aww, salamat dearest twins. Thank you for congratulating me about webstats. Right, I enjoyed Rene's wonderful memorable pictures, thanks for visiting his site! I'll finish my commission for him soon!

Much love to you both too! *hugs*

Merrrrrrrrrrrr meerrrrrr cciiii! *hugs* ;-)

Witch Girl Pilar said...

XD I just call myself "Witch Girl Pilar", cuz I was a magic fanatic ever since I was a girl. X3

Ows, talaga? Okies. I believe in you and Gerry-sama. At least I've seen his movie sa YouTube niya when he tries to ruin his daughter's doll (NOT ON PURPOSE!). It was hilarious. LMAO.

Ruki said...

ey May ann!! it's great to see you here too!!!
i'll add you to my links and come more yo this magical blog!! : )

Mall said...

witch: Hee hee hee, yes I already watched his hilarious video about doll, I was laughing alot! hahaha! Si kuya gerry talaga kasi eh! dapat maging comedian sya, di ba? Para he can make more money... hehehehe! XD O sige, tapusin ko muna ung commissioned work para kay Rene ngayon... yey, malapit na matapos!!!

P.S. glad you got mp4! ;) watch out those horrible mosquitos... I wonder they love your delicious unique blood, dear. Dalhin mo ung tsinelas mo tas patayin mo sila agad! Kaya mo yan...

ruki: hola dear raquel! weeeee! me too, I'm very happy to see you! oh sure, I'll keep in contact with you dear. Can't wait to see your next incredible illustrations! See you then! *hugs* *glomps* *dances* ;]

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Gerry is really a funny guy, ya. And I think he knows is, LMAO.

Go, go go, ate! You can do it! X3

Nani? Those pesky mosquitoes? Already taken care of that. XD

And I just finished a prize art for one of my members. Grabe, hirap talaga maging mod sa TATALONG clubs! LOL, at least I'm enjoying it. XD

Mall said...

witch: I'm going to visit your blog now. XD