Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I give you the reasons why I fainted many times before:
  • Bullies (I was mocked, attacked and hated by bad kids thru my childhood years 'coz of my hearing deficiency, so I became very hurt before I fainted.)
  • Accidents (falling/slipping into the stairs & grounds, hitting on the hard wood/wall, etc.)
  • Strenuous physical exercise (martial arts, running, basketball, hiking, more.)
  • Health problems (especially my poor belly)
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of sleep
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fear
Hmm, I'm not sure if I can add more reasons because I'm forgetful. Scars? Yep, yep, by fainting, I got few scars on my eyebrow, hands, knees, feet, back, here, here, here, etc. (*Babu and his kitten Abu poke at Mall's ass*.) I know, I'm not flawless but eh so what? Look at this photo of me (Oh that's my real freckles anyway... err, no make-up. I'm a 100% Filipino girl. My grandmother and mama got few freckles too).

Do you see a small scar on my left eyebrow? Because I hit the wooden chair by accident at the all-girls highschool in 1996. After this, my hyperactive talkative classmate Wendell screamed at me, "May Ann! Are you okay??!! Look at your eyebrow!" I said, "Wendell? Hmm? Why........ blood?" I felt dizzy a little bit and I touched my eyebrow with flowing blood. Then I was unconscious. My classmates and teacher brought me to the small clinic and called my parents. They put me in my mama's car and she hurriedly drove me from school to the hospital (wow, she's a fast driver... I mean, racer!). Luckily, my dad stitched it up 'coz he's an ophthalmologist. All I can say is I should be very, very careful. Hmm, I think I'm a clumpsy girl. Here's my work in progress on "Unconsciousness". I loved to listen to the song "Svenfn-G-Englar" (Sleepwalkers) by Sigur Ros when I worked on this drawing.

I would like to explain this short description: a little brunette girl falls into the deep dark water when she gets unconscious. Her pale body becomes very calm but it doesn't move. Those soft seaweeds, tiny fishes and bubbles seem very confused and dangerous, which means, she feels very dizzy. Possibly, sharp seaweeds can sometimes cut her skin gently, just like my scars. About the kind big fishes, they notice and help her quickly, it's like, "Hey let's help her!" (haha, don't think that they eat her!) These fishes remind me of my kind family, relatives and friends in real life who helped and carried me to the hospital, small clinics and others. I thank God and my family and friends for saving me from all dangers.

Whew, I finished my newest art commission for Rene Enriquez yesterday. I really enjoyed doing more glowing elements / details. Hope he like it.
I have to work now... Hmm wait, I need to eat a slice of my favorite fruit: PAKWAN!!! (WATERMELON!!!) Ciao!


Earljohn said...

Awwww... i know...

Maciek said...

don't worry, scars are sexy :D they're saying... :> my dad is also a doctor :) but more of that belly things ;)

wonderful picture!

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Aw... forget about those bastards. They think they're perfect, that all. ;o

And, nice art! It's cool! :D Man, I wish I can shade like you using a pencil, but I guess inking lineart is only my specialty. XD;

Patricia and Susana said...

awww... *hugs* it's sad to read all that makes you faint and that caused you those scars. Wish we could be those koi fishes and help you *sigh* But they(the scars)are symbol of the true warrior that you are... fighting all those difficult battles and winning them, one by one. They are marks of all the challenges that you have been facing and overcoming. You are a role model to all of us XXX

Patricia also has a scar in her left shoulder... from a small surgery that she made. Like your friend maciek she also thinks that is sexy ;)

What a cute picture of your freckles <3 you are beautiful dear May Ann!!

This new work from your personal journal is fantastic and so far our favourite. All the details and the shadding in this composition are just amazing!

Hope you enjoyed eating your pakwan :D and we are both sure that Rene will love your art commission.

Take good care of you sweetie!

Much, much love <3

jake said...

Miss May Ann, your marvelous drawings and words truly inspire me. You're really a brave woman.

Thank you very much for sharing with us. You're one of my favorite great illustrators. I'm in awe with your great details, shades and everything! Your art never cease to amaze me! I totally agree with maciek, scars are really sexy! I can't wait to see more bw series! By the way, you look very cute. :3

Mall said...

earljohn: (*Mall smiles widely*) thank you dear. :) I know... I'm really clumpsy. How are you there? *hugs* >(^.^)<

maciek: Really??? I didn't expect that your dad is also a doctor! It made me surprised. :D Awww, thank you! Alright, I must keep thinking that my scars look sexy. ;)

witch: Ok lang ung mga bullies dahil di sila mature eh... hanggang ngayong, dapat mature sila. Kung di sila mature, i-punch ko sila. BWAHAHAHAHARHARHAR HAR HAR! Di kadi, joke lang. hehehe!

thank you! Awww, kaya mo yan ung shadings/tones. Honestly, I did my inking linearts pero kelangan nagpraktis me ung shadings/tones noon. Kaya mo yan, tol. By the way, I like your cool Naruto fanarts. hee hee! Emo talaga si Sasuke (pero mukhang bakla ata)! Have you watched the latest episode of Naruto? Mukhang malapit na patay si Gaara!

patricia&susana: Dear! I received your parcel yesterday! It made me surprised and happy! Awwww.... I'll email it to you both about whimsical book, marvelous print, etc. I loved them! You both made me smile. Danke, danke! *hugs*

I really enjoyed reading your kind comment about my scars and drawings, I thank you both very much. I didn't know that Patricia got a sexy scar in her shoulder. What happened to her skin? by accident? Yeah, I believe what maciek said. Actually, maciek is not a girl, a Polish funny young guy. hee hee!

P.S. Rene totally loved my final illustration! Yey! I'll post this next time. *winks* Much love to you both!

jake: Awww, I'm so flattered. hehehe! Anyway, thanks alot. *salutes* I hope I may have time to do more bw series. ;)

Earljohn said...

i mean don't worry cos i was and always will be ur koi fish... And some one greater knows all... >(")<

Mall said...

earl: *hugs tightly* awww.... I'll email you.

JJ said...

You are amazing!

Mall said...

jj: oh thanks jj! *salutes*

Patricia and Susana said...

:)) so happy that you received our parcel and that you liked everything! *hugs back*

yes, yes, Patricia had a skin sign and our Dermatologist advise her to remove it. So, she had a small surgery and got a little sexy scar on her right shoulder.

Oh... thanks for correcting me. We follow your link to Maciek blog and he has really cool things. His monkey is just adorable :D

Congrats!! We are both very glad that Rene liked your illustration. We are sure that it's wonderful ♥ ♥

Ingats po lagi! And much, much love to you!!

annax said...

I think you are wonderful. *boo to the bullies*
Popping in to keep in touch.... my two packages are flying to you :) One is registered 'kay.... you'll have to sign on receipt. The other one is full of goodies...
So excited, and hoping you will get it soon soon soon!

Sending lovelove! Annaxx
*who is insanely busy, but would not want to miss your blog for the world....*

Mall said...

patricia&susana: *hugs* yes, you both made me smile, I thank you for the wonderful package, dearest twin sisters. You both made my day. Yes, Maciek's monkey character is totally adorable and cute!

Kayo din, ingats lagi ah? (You both too, always take care ah?)Mwah mwah mwah!

annax: awww, thank you! *hugs* ohhhh my gosh! I'll look forward to seeing your packages, dear! I'm so excited! *winks* I can't wait to send you my next parcel! I'll get your home address when I receive your parcels. I'll let you know! Thanks for telling me. :]

P.S. honestly, I kept visiting your blog, I was worried about you before. hee hee! Glad you're back, sweetie. Much love to you!