Sunday, May 13, 2007


Thank you for everything. You're the best.
I always love you, Mama.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms! Yep yep, that's little chubby girl Mall and my mama. Weee, my sis Erica and I are going to spend time with Mama today. Hmmm, this is not Saturday, but it's Sunday now. Ohhh I can't wait to eat her super delicious meals. Ohhhhh..... (*Mall drools*). Next week, I'll upload my next illustration, Andi's World. See you soon!


Maciek said...

which woman on the picture is your mama?


Patricia and Susana said...

aawwww... this is a very sweet homage to all mothers ♥ ♥

*hugss baby Mall* omg!!! You look just like your mother. The eyes and the smile. :)

This is our mum with our brother more than 20 years ago. We have to find one where she is with us to show you! heheh...

Hope you and Erica have a lovely Sunday with your Mama ♥ Oh, and enjoy her delicious meals :D

We will be looking forward to see your next illustration!


Mall said...

maciek: yep yep, she's my mama. I fixed the old colors of the photo into new look.:D

patricia&susana: hee hee! thank you! Honestly, our eye shapes are really different but yes our smile are exact. At present, people thinks my mama and I are sisters. hahaha!

wow, your old photos of your mom and your brother look so classic and beautiful! Did your dad take these photos? I remember that you both shared your old photo with your brother before. You both were very cute chubby baby twins. *giggles* I'll look forward to seeing your pic. Whew, we enjoyed spending time with mama today. Wow, I'm full. Butter spicy ginger shrimps, fried garlic chicken wings, kamote que (fried sweet yam with sugar), etc. Now my belly is big! hee hee hee! Mama keeps hitting my head gently when I share my simple jokes with her. Honestly, mama is a funny talkative curious cheerful person. Glad she is happy with us.

Say happy mother's day to your mom from me. ♥ ♥ ♥

hugs hugs hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy mama's day to your... mama. <___< ... (Of course). Da, da.

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Nice. You look cute ate. X3

Patricia & Susana said...

Hahaha! It's funny you've mentioned that people say that you, and your mama look like sister... when we first saw this picture of you, and your mama that was the 1st thing Susana said: "Eh, they look like sisters!!" :D

Aaaww Thank you sooo much for your nice compliment on our mum's picture with our brother *smiles widely* we both like these old photos a lot... and yes, it was taken by our dad :) oh, and we were just talking to our mum, and there's this picture of us with her that we both love a lot. Hope you'll like it! ♥ ♥ ♥ ^___^

Oohh, soooo glad that you had a great day with your mam *smiles widely* and all those marvellous food... yum! yum! We just had lunch, but we're drooling already hahah! Kamote que sounded delicious!! :D Your mama sounds like a wonderful person ♥ and she is surely proud to have such wonderful such kind daughters with blessed hearts and souls :)

Mom said thank you so much to you, and sends much love!!

Love you lots *much much kisses and hugs*

P.S. So sorry that we are taking so long to e-mail... we promise that we'll try to do that as soon as possible *MWAH *MWAH

annax said...

Mama's are heroes. I wish I could go home and sit with her all the time....

Sending you hugs!

annax said...

My new blog address :P

Mall said...

anonymous: aye, I'll tell her, danke danke. :] tell your mama happy mother's day too.

witch: X3 hehehehe, salamat dear! tumaba me noon! Hay salamat, payat na ako ngayon... :P

patricia & susana : hee hee! look at this recent photo of my mom. See? She and I look like real sisters... And nope, I don't want my hair to grow long. hee hee hee! If my hair is long, I look like my mom EXACTLY! hahahaha!

Oh my gosh, why were you both so cute and adorable??? (*Mall pinches twins' cheeks gently*) ♥ ♥ ♥ Awww, your mum is very beautiful, just like an actress!!! I loved your old classic photo of you both and your mum! I wonder who tried to get a cookie in the big cookie jar? ;] was it Susana, right???

Look at this photo and here of kamote que, it's so sweet and yummy. It's a Philippine dessert. Please read this information about kamote que and banana que. ;]

P.S. nah, it's okay. Like I said, take your time to write to me. Me too, I'll try to have time to email you both. Hmmm, this May is a busy month, right? (*Rambo nods seriously*) Take care of yourselves and say hi to your parents from me. ;]

annax: dear, belated happy mother's day to you! *hugs and kisses* Awww, if you have time, you can spend time with your mom. ;]

Yey, I'm going to visit your new blog! *excited* I already changed your old blog into new one in my link lists. *hugs*

patrícia and susana said...

Wow! You do look like real sisters hee hee! *smiles widely* Your mom is beautiful and has a really sweet smile, just like you ;) hahah Yes, if you did had your hair longer you'd be like twins :D Salamat for sharing this photo with us... please give your mom kisses from us ♥ ♥

*blushes* danke danke for your nice comments about our picture! You always make us smile hee hee mom says: "Thank you, kind May Ann!!" :) She was very happy with your sweet sweet comment ♥ she said that you're so nice!! Actually we were just talking to our mom, and she said that I(Patrícia) was the one trying to get the cookie on the big jar hahahah :D To let you know a little secret... our mom said that she only knows which of us is which due to the sleeves that we had under the dress... Susana is wearing a lighter colour, and I am wearing the darker one. Oh, and that gesture that Susana is doing with her finger, like she is thinking about something... she still does it today :D

Ooooh... danke danke for sharing that link with the information about kamote que! *twins drool over the computer keyboard* We'll definitely try it soooonn!! hee hee

P.S. Thank you so much for understanding our lateness... we just feel worried about taking so long because you mean so much to us *hugs* Yes, you and Rambo are right... May is a very busy month so far, but hopefully we will soon sit down and write long letter to you telling all the news from here *smile*

Ingats po lagi! *many many hugs and kisses* Our parents say "thank you, Mall!!" and send their love back.

*MWAH *MWAH ♥ ♥ ♥