Sunday, June 3, 2007

Art Trade with Annax + other gifts

I forgot to tell you guys something about gifts. When my UK friend Annax saw my commissioned work, she left her comment on my blog, "I wish I had lots of money to commission you!! I love your work!" I thought for a moment and asked Annax, "Can we trade artworks?" She was very thrilled and told me, "Mall! Oooo yes, would love to trade some art with you!". I asked her for the art trade because I really liked her whimsical art. I must admit that I rarely do art trades. Annax and I talked to each other thru emails about art trade and Goodness Packages.

Annax sent me her two separated packages last month. Weee, first, I was very thrilled to receive and open a delicious yummy magical parcel. It tasted like fresh berries... And I was in awe with Annax's wrapping skills and extraordinary classic writings! Adorable CD package with beautiful songs of CDs, yummy sweets, plushies, teas, etc. That's why it's called Goodness Packages.

After few days, I got another package and screamed, "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! FINALLY! I GOT A PAINTING FROM ANNAX!!! YEHAW!" I closed my tired eyes and inhaled and exhaled deeply then I opened it carefully..... Oh, my eyes grew wider and it made me speechless. I was falling in love with her beautiful watercolour painting. I really loved her incredible details, colors, dots, stripes, checkers, mushrooms, everything. I really looovveeddd iiit! It reminds me of Alice's Wonderland. But it looks way too classic, unique, whimsical, dreamy and bizarre. The painting is even more beautiful in person! She used her watercolour and ink. This is entitled "Your Paradise", A4 size (but her painting is larger than mine, it made me surprised!).

Annax is my extraordinary special creature and friend. I'm so lucky to have met her in Flickr. Please visit her website, blog and Flickr. Anyway, I sent my original painting and other goodies to her last month. I can't post it here unless Annax will receive them first. Hope she will get them soon. Thank you very much for everything, Annax!

I also thank my good friends Leficia and Jennifer for sending me some books. Leficia bought two books, Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones. Jen sent me her wonderful books, Pirate School: The Curse of Snake Island and Ahoy, Ghost Ship Ahead!. Her illustrations are so lovely and adorable. These books are adventurous and fun! Thanks alot! I must admit that I'm not a bookworm. But I should read these books if I have time, of course.

Oh yeah, I have another art exhibition, look at the poster below. My friend Dehann wanted my old oil paintings to display them in his place for the exhibit, so I accepted. I think I will not attend an opening exhibit on Wednesday because my relatives, who are from California and Guam, will visit us. Oh man, I'm sure I will be very, very exhausted because of my running errands, buying more foods, spending time with relatives, playing with my cousins, controlling myself from bad moods, more this busy month.

I'm very tired and weak now. Wow, I slept the whole day at my mama's apartment. Mama told me, "Sweetheart, please you need to take more rest. You got violet eyebags. I want you to get healthier and stronger, please. I'm worried about you. If you keep sick, do you want me to bring you to the hospital again and again? " Sigh. Yeah, I didn't sleep very well past few days because of my worse feelings. I need to sleep now... I should go to Baguio City and Dagupan City for bringing my fellow artists' works, setting up, etc. tomorrow. Goodnight and sweetdreams.... zzzz....


earl said...


Witch Girl Pilar said...


Wow! They look so beautiful! :D

Patricia & Susana said...

Everything looks soooo lovely, cute and sweet!! ^___^ ♥

It's so nice that you're doing this art trade with Annax... her style is indeed very special, and the painting that she sent you is really, really wonderful. The girls, the mushrooms, and those trees... it's indeed very whimsical, like you said :) We both will definitely keep an eye on her work at flickr!

Also one of the best things from this art trade is the fact that you met each other, and became friends ^___^ friendship is indeed one of the best gifts that we can get in life, and when we are fortunate to meet nice people that make us smile, and feel all warm inside is even better :)

Congratulations on your books!! Eeee that's so nice!!! We both love those kind of books... and Howl's Moving Castle was such a brilliant film! Everytime we see it we fall in love with Howl *twins giggle and cover face*

We're both very, very excited about your art exhibition! ^____^ Congrats!!! We both wish you, and your friend Dehann all the best *MWAH

That's so funny that you have relatives coming over this week to visit you :D We will also have. This cousin of ours will come here this next Thursday. Hope you have a fantastic time with your family and that you have lots of fun :)

Hope that you've managed to rest well, darling Mall... and that the angels blessed your sleep with sweet dreams.
We were both very sad after seeing your last entry *sigh* Though we are a bit far, please know that we are always here for you, sending all of our love *hugs Mall tightly*

Much love and lots of hugs *MWAH *MWAH

Identity Seven said...

anna banana packages are the best aren't they!!!

right now I'm in the process of putting together a big box of love to send her :) I ment annax on line almost 6 years ago (yikes!) and I have been so lucky to have her as a friend through good times and bad! She's one of those true blue friends that you can't believe you had the privelege of meeting!

I'm so happy I found YOU through her Mall ... your artwork is amazing!!! I'll be stalking your work from now on!

jen osborn

Anonymous said...

Art trade is so so fun and interesting! Annax's painting is way too incredible and whimsical!!! You're so lucky to have her own master piece! :) I can't wait to see your illustration for her! I hope you will be okay, honey. Take care of yourself! XhugsX


mika said...

Kawaiii!!! X3 they are so cute and magical!!!!!!

Awww... are you okay, Mall? ;__; Hope you will be okay.

jsmonzani said...

Nice gifts! I really hope that I'll take some time to send you some presents too! ^_^;

Mall said...

earl: thankies, sweetie. *hugs*

witch: salamat dear. Kelan ka papasok dun sa UST? anong kurso mo dear? Hope you can do it.

patricia&susana: I received your email today. I'll write to you both when I have time. Thanks for the silly mugshots and lovely song! Congratulations on your driving exam! Thanks for the comments on my friend Annax's whimsical work, glad you both liked it. How's your cousin?

identity: Wow, you have met her online for 6 years? amazing, amazing. :) Ohhh, I'll look forward to seeing your parcel for annax, hee hee! I'm sure she will love your things! It's nice to meet you. Cheers. Thanks for visiting my site, glad you enjoyed my art.

joyce: thanks! :)

mika: arigato! hmm, I'm not okay but don't worry about me. *nods*

jmonzani: hee hee, don't worry, take your time. Time is endless, right? ^__^

Patricia and Susana said...

Glad that you liked the song... and as for the mugshots :P as soon as I can take some others to replace those in the papers I will definitely take some new ones. And please dont worry about replying to our email. Please take your time and above all, rest and take good care of you sweetie XXX

Our cousin still hasn't arrived. She called saying that it wont be just her husband and son that is going to visit us but also our aunt (her mother). She said that they want to bring some goodies to give to our parents :) Oh, and hope that your relatives from California and Guam had a safe journey and are having a good time :)