Friday, June 8, 2007

Art Trade with Annax II

I'm so sorry for not replying to all of you. I was very, very exhausted by running errands, spending time with my family and relatives, going to the market, travelling, more. Well, I didn't draw and paint this week because I'm not okay and exhausted. Mostly I removed those crazy weeds in my garden, walked alone, thought alot, drank strong beers ( sorry forgive me, but I'm greatly depressed about my personal life, not art. My life sucks...), kept quiet myself, played with my real kittens and my Shardul, cried alot everynight, etc. Like I said before, no worries about me, I don't like you guys to see me sad again. Hmmm, regarding my art exhibit, I'm sorry, my friend Dehann told me that it's postponed. Maybe it will launched on July, thank you for understanding me.

About my art trade, I am very relieved that my friend Annax received my parcels, read her blog. I'm super pleased that she and her family enjoyed my things. Here's my work in progress, Parade. It's a A4 size and I used acrylics and coloured pencils. I was very inspired by my favorite song, Goodbye Milky Way by Enigma before creating my art trade. The Enigma video is unofficial so please listen to the song for a few minutes.

I would like to share my little description with you guys. These two characters (kids) are Annax's lovely twin babies (boy and girl). These curious kids hold those friendly creatured alive balloons gently and float away into the night sky. They enjoy exploring the whole universe, wonderful planets, stars, discovering new things, more. They look for the hope, happiness, love, peace and prosperity. If you feel down, close your eyes, listen to this song and imagine those innocent beautiful things... without hate.

Plus, of course I also made an extra small artwork (lead pencil + ink + scrap paper on brown paper), Oh my darling, oh... for the cover of CD case for Annax. I burnt a CD with my selected songs which I was very inspired by. I was surprised that Annax's own playlists are many songs I recorded.

Annax, thank you for everything, it was super enjoyable and pleasure. Glad you simply loved it all, dear. You're a such sweetheart, Annax.

Forgive me that I'm not good in writing here. I might not be online for a few days, I'll reply to all of you when I have time. Take care of yourselves and love you all.
I wish I could be completely calm...


earl said...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! MAGNIFICENT ILLUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!! Annax is sooo lucky to have your masterpiece!!!! I LOVE ITTT!!!! You're super talent! :D

I also love your work "oh my darling, oh", it's totally adorable and sweet! thank you very much for sharing your incredible artworks with us, really made me smile!

Oh no! You drank beers? :( oh dear... please take care of yourself, okay? But I'm worried about you! :(

Mall said...

earl: thanks dearest. *hugs*

joyce: glad you loved it, I'm super pleased.

hmmm, sorry about the strong beers. my depression convinces/tempts me to drink beers... It's hard to control myself from temptation and other bad things... I know, it's soooo bad. All I can say is I need to take care of myself (beers hurt my fragile tummy, I need to stop drinking...) and grow maturity... don't worry about me, it's my own problem, sweetie. thanks for your deep concern. *hugs*

catso said...

oh what a very beautifful illustration ! i love it !
have a nice week end !

sowhimsical said...

hello sweetheart! Guess who...shhhh!
LOL its me Chantal ;)
I got an account on blogger and will probably also make mine an art blog :D
Miss you and love you sis *hug*

Majeak Ann said...

May Ann, LOVE this post. You and Annax made a MARVELOUS trade, you both deserve to have it.
I have the new blog yey! :)
Here is the link:

See you later, BIG HUG! xxx

m.b said...

May Ann, this is an extraordinary piece (something about it reminds me of Spirited Away - not the style so much, but the visualy lyric) and that is a beautiful song! I'm so sorry you are going through a tough time and I wish you well all the way through.
I am in the midst of a rough spell myself, prone to depression and crying fits. I keep trying to believe that each day takes me farther away from the pain, each day it's a little less and less. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. All we can do is work through it and see what happens. I wish you the best - and keep up with this stunning work - so many things are possible!

rene said...

hey mall! you have shardul!!! would you believe that shardul is the first stuff toy i gave my wife when i was still courting her?! and then i gave her chandani afterwards to keep shardul company. hehe. we still have both!

jake said...

I agree with M.B., your illustration is totally extraordinary! It's very very Hayao-ish! Do you know Hayao Miyazaki? You should work with Hayao! :D

I think you got a great taste... because you're very good in choosing those wonderful songs for your illustrations! Thanks for sharing the video link of Enigma song with us, it made me feel comfortable!

You and your art inspire us greatly, we thank you very much! Please keep it up!

Hope you will be okay, Mall.

annax said...

Sending you hugs and love.
I have not really been "here" either. Not calm enough. Too much going on.
Just know that I am "here" if you need me to be. And don't forget that you are VERY VERY special.
your friend, Annaxxxx (((hugs)))

Shaima said...

aww Annax is so lucky to have this lovely paiting <3

i adore the way u paint,, ur so dedicated to every piece of detail..

oh boy,, wouldnt it be great jst to stay behind u and stare at u while u paint *giggles*

my Dear May Ann :) i believe in the power of thinking,, if u think that things will get better and that you are stronger .. then things will for sure get better and u'l face everything with a strong will..

its all about wat u think.. and how u think :)

there's no problem with no solution right (: think of every problem as a challenge and then it will be easier to win them,,

O_o.. beer? *hits u but not that hard* think again my dear,, i'l bore u with my theory of the power of thinking ^^ but i'l jst give u an example,,

there's a product that i really liked,, and i didnt like their advertisment,, so i stopped buying it.. i thought to myself,, its true i like them, but their princibles are not acceptable to me,, so im stronger that they are,, and i'l jst stop using their product (:

=$ sorry for writing too much (:

now im tired becoz i wrote alot =P my lovely reward will be a smile on ur face... come on......... say CHEEEESE *giggles*

take care my dear <3 :)

Mall said...

catso: thank you sweetie! Glad you loved it!

chantal: Honey! I was surprised that you got a new blogger! You should make more posts about your art. ;) Love you and miss you too! *hugs*

majeak ann: Thank you darling! Yeah, I'm so happy that I enjoyed doing my art trade with wonderful Annax. Yey, I already put your new blog in my link lists. It looks so delicious and lovely! I'll keep visiting your site, sweetie. Mwah! big big big hug!

m.b.: Awww, thank you very much, I'm so touched. I need to keep away from the pain. It's so funny that I'm depressed for 6 months already. You're right, my pain should be less each day, I thank you sweetie. *hugs* Your artworks look very nice, keep it up! :)

rene: TALAGA??? It made me so surprised! My sister Erica got Chandani too! Hahaha, it's so amazing and strange how we connected with adorable tigers??? It's quite sweet and romantic that you gave Shardul to your beautiful wife! Hmm, sana may baby tiger para kay Andi. But of course, Shardul and Chandani surely hug her alot! Awwww! :)

jake: Hey thanks! I really enjoy listening to music while doing artworks and before sketching. I can't live without music. :P If I don't listen to music, I can listen to the nature voices. ;) Oh yes, I know Hayao Miyazaki. He's my favorite artist. He inspires me greatly, his art makes me wanted to do more artworks. :) Hee hee, I wish I could work with Hayao. If he could work with me, I could definitely faint! hahaha! Glad I inspire you, thank you!

annax: I will, I will. If I have problems, I will email you, sweetie. Thank you very much, my dear. You're such a sweetheart. *hugs* You're also very, very special.

shaima: SHAIMA! *glomps* I didn't know that you got a blogger! hee hee! Hmm, I should do something for you but I can't tell you. Bwahahahaha! I love to surprise you. ^____^

Hee hee, come over here, you can see me when I work on my painting, hee hee! I can teach you how to paint too! hee hee! :) Ohhh, power of thinking? it sounds very cool, interesting and nice. Hmm I'll try to think, sweetie. Thank you for sharing it with me. Err, beer? o___o well, my depression convinces me to drink beers... hehehe, you're so sweet that you hit my dumb head gently. :P Okay, I'll try to do my power of thinking if it's effective. hee hee!

Aww, okay, I'm smiling now. :) Sigh, but my broken heart is unhappy. Thank you again and please wait for my next letter, aye? Take care dear. *hugs*