Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day + other news

Happy Father's Day to all of dads!
I love you very much, Dad!
Thank you for everything!

This old photo was taken in Baguio City, Philippines. That's my big brother Jeremy, Dad (oh yeah, I love his groovy cool afro hair, hahaha) and me. Dad is the best, of course. Last night (1 a.m.), I put a surprised gift (family picture with frame) on the floor near my dad's room. Today, he woke up very early, saw a gift and opened it. Awww, he's deeply touched and loved it. I'm very pleased. I am always with him, say "hello" to him when he arrives home, hug him, prepare a cold green tea and little snack for him, etc. Glad that he keeps smiling at me but I really don't know what he feels something inside. Sigh, I wish my broken family could be completely happy and healed.

Anyway, wow, I received some emails and comments from my kind online friends and others. Please wait for my response patiently and I'll visit my friends' bloggers, galleries, etc. when I have time. Sorry, I wasn't active here because my relatives are still here. At least I'm so happy and glad to see them and spend time with them. Well, I don't draw and paint and use my own computer for two weeks now. I'm using my sister's computer now. When my relatives will be going back to Guam, I'll be ready to do my artworks and surf the net again.

Oh! I forgot to post my artwork last week. Here is my submission for the MailmeART by Darren Di Lieto. This project is so fun and interesting. I used my ink medium (pen and ink brush) on brown envelop because I really missed my ink drawing skill. I enjoyed doing this.

Back of my brown envelop.

Go, read and join MailmeART if you're interested, guys. See their amazing submissions when you have time. Thanks again to my wonderful lovely magical friend Annax for the wonderful art trade last time, it really made me big smile and happy. I also thank my great friend Kit, who made a wonderful oekaki portait of me. It's so lovely, isn't it?

I also would like to share something with you. My lovely sweet adorable talented friend
Raquel got a wonderful documentary film about Wendy, watch her video (Quicktime), seriously, it really made me smile again. Enjoy watching.

Oh my gosh, I got 100,000 pageviews in my deviantART. Congratulations to
Xinlin from Singapore, who got my 100k pageviews, look at her screenshot. I'll surely give my free two prints to her soon! However, sadly, I won't upload my artworks in my deviantART account anymore, at least I got good reasons and I moved out. It's better to keep uploading my works here in my blog, website and Flickr, they make me feel comfortable. Anyway, congratulations, Xinlin!

See you soon,
argh, my tummy is painful today. I'm exhausted, tired and weak, I need to take more rest at my mama's apartment.

Next post: Mall's Art Diary: Exhaustion, personal pencil drawing


furpy said...

I love your brother's afro. It's adorable.

Oooh... MMA sounds like a site I'd be interested in. Have you heard of Threadless? It's similar to MMA, where you design stuff and stand a chance to get your designs printed on T-shirts for sale.

And of course, thank you x infinity for the plug. You're so sweet. <3


Anonymous said...

Your papa looks like a young Stevie Wonder here. Which is a good thing; Stevie had alot of soul (and alot of afro puffs).


earl said...


mika said...

AWESOME!!!!!! I love your ink drawing, MALL!!!!! it looks very classic and detailed! I can't stop staring at it.... *_________* You inspire me strongly!!!! I never thought you could also make ink drawings, it just made me surprised! You're a master of all different traditional mediums! O_________O I wanna draw right now.... wahhh, I want to touch your extraordinary hands!!! ^_____^

Mall said...

xinlin: oh, it's my dad's afro hair, hee hee! Cool, you should join MMA if you're interested, it's so fun and enjoyable. Yep, I heard of Threadless last year, it's quite interesting. Hmm, I need to know more about Threadless when I have time. I wish I could order their amazing t-shirts! hee hee! Anyway, congratz again. Let me know if you got my prints. See you. <3

kyle: hehehe, my dad looked like Stevie Wonders? yeah you're right. :D My dad loves singing alot. Glad that I never get a fuzzy choco puff (nyet, nyet, nyet, it's not a floater.)

earl: salamat, dearest. Hope everything will be okay there. Sigh... forgive me, makulit ako kasi. I know, everything has been forgiven but I can't stop saying negative things about me (except my art). I know, I need to stop thinking of it but it doesn't work. May God comfort our bad feelings. *hugs* Please take care of yourself.

mika: Hehehe, arigato! Glad you loved it. I rarely do ink drawings. Aw come on, I'm not a master of all traditional mediums. But I love to enjoy experimenting those different mediums. It's so fun. Hee hee, if you want to draw, do it! Don't be afraid, you can draw anything. :) Hehehe, come over here, here are my ugly hands. XD

Majeak Ann said...

So much sentiment in this post. What a sweet detail of you: a picture of family, nice touch.
May Ann, you are so honest, so kind, you are an incredible friend, and you were such a cutie when little!!!
Love the pic, rellay enjoy looking at photos, specially old ones.
About your submission, is STUNNING, you always impress me. :D :D

Patricia and Susana said...

So sorry for the late reply to your post, dearest Mall *sigh* we meant to do it for so long now, but these past weeks were really busy :( But luckily we don't have any translation projects right now which means that we can do anything we want eeeeeeee!!!! ^__^

This was indeed a very, very sweet post (as always!) ♥ A wonderful tribute to all dads, but most importantly to your dad! ^___^ He has a really friendly face, and his afro was indeed really cool! Our dad, for instance, used to wear a long beard before we were born :D We found this picture of him that we've always loved, hope you'll like it *hugs*

It is really, really sweet of you what you do for him when he gets home... we are both sure that it is the best part of the day for him ^___^ getting home after a busy day at work, and being so warmly greeted by his loving daughter ♥ ♥

Though it feels like your family is broken right now, you'll see that the bonds that you all share will never be broken... and you'll always have each other. Your parents will always be there for you, and wanting you to be happy and supporting you in everything.*hugs*

Your friend Raquel looks really nice *smiles* That video she sent you also made us happy ^___^ her studio was soo cool! And she looked a lot like "Amelie"... oh, and when we saw that she also has a twin we thought how cool!!*twins have a broad smile on their face* and Wendy is so cute ♥

Hope that your tummy is feeling less painful *twins give Mall a really tight hug* and that you've managed to relax... thinking of you, and sending lots of happy thoughts your way!

Take good care of you, darling.

Love you lots *kisses and much hugs* *MWAH *MWAH

Banggi said...

my goodness may ann! that is so beautiful!! i'd love to have that kind of envelope sent to me (drawing and address and all).

I love it! Maybe you'd like to send me something like that in the future? hahahaha!!! Just kidding.

Excellent job!

jake said...

Oh wowowowow..... you're way too talented, May Ann! Why do you and your extraordinary art never cease to amaze us? I really enjoyed staring at your incredible ink drawing! Love the details and elements, super stunning! it looks like an old print or a circus poster. You should do more ink drawings, girl. I agree with banggi, if I could receive your drawing on your envelope, I could easily faint for sure.... it's like a heaven, hahaha. It's sooo precious, you know? :)

MMA seems very interesting! I wish I could know how to draw so I can join MMA, hehe! Hope you will be okay soon. Please take more rest. BTW, you're very amazing and incredible. :)

Ruki said...

I want afro hair too, is that your father?
Those envelopes are great, I wish you luck on the contest!

Mall said...

majeak ann: thank you sweetheart, glad you enjoyed my pictures. :D *more more hugs and kisses*

patricia&susana: it's okay, I was very busy too so I didn't reply to you both yet. July is a busy month, right? *Rambo nods seriously* Hehehe, yeah, my dad was very proud of his afro before. :P Oh my gosh, your dad is sooo handsome, just like a Hollywood actor. O___O Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at his classic photo, I liked it. :) tell your papa from me belated happy father's day.

Regarding my broken family, oh well, you're right, I never share happy and sweet moments with them. However, I can't stop thinking of these family problems, it's sometimes frustrating, annoying and confusing. more unhappy moments, less cheerful moments. I'm always a "middle point", who runs errands, get troubles what my family happens (again and again), take care of my family's problems, receives/forwards from my separated parents' messages (I'm their busy messenger, they hate to talk to each other...), keeps aware of this, etc... I know, my broken family is already ruined. My relatives said to me that I should take care of myself first, well, I'll try. Truly, my parents always support and love me. *smiles widely*

Hee hee, indeed, Raquel is really nice. :) yeah, it made me surprised that she has a twin sister, just like you both, hee hee!

Love you both too! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

banggi: Kumusta ka na? thank you veejay! Hmmm, maybe in time, maybe... let's see..... pag walang magawa. *grins* I got your email, wait for my response patiently. Subukan mo ung MailmeART, sali ka naman! :)

jake: Oh, hehe, thank you very much, I'm so pleased and grateful. Glad you enjoyed looking at my ink drawing. *salutes and smiles*

raquel: yes dear, that's my dad. Now his curly hair is shorter! :D Hmmm, you should try to wear an afro wig, it's so fun! ;-)*hugs*

Patricia and Susana said...

Oh, hehehe... our dad says "thank you very much" for your compliments :) it's funny that you mention that he looks like an actor. After dinner he and our mum always enjoy to watch brazilian soap operas and he jokes saying that he should have been an actor :D

Family separation is a confusing moment for everyone that is involved... mostly because we don't understand what lead to that situation :'( that's why one tends to remember more about the bad moments rather than the good ones. But in the end, although they are not speaking with each other one thing that it is unquestionable is their love for you and your brothers. You and your brother's are their gift to the world <3 <3 <3
We hope and wish from the bottom of our hearts that someday they can solve their problems and talk with each other again...