Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here's my photo collage of my work in progress (pencil drawing), Exhaustion. I was very exhausted by... well sorry guys, I can't tell, I'm in a bad mood. No need to tell my boring dramatic unhappy bad news. Thank you for understanding me.

Before creating this drawing, I was very inspired by my garden and the wonderful song (I don't know the title) by Sevara Nazarkhan, one of my favorite unique inspiring female singers. I don't understand her language/lyrics but I'm falling in love with her stunning extraordinary voice. If you want to know more about Sevara, please visit her site. Enjoy watching her video.

You know, music always gives me ideas for creating my artworks. I can't live without music. If I don't have any iPod, music CDs, radio and others, I could listen to the sounds of nature, of course. If I can't wear my tiny hearing aid 'coz of empty batteries or damaged something, I love to hear nothing. Why? Silence is my inspiration. Yeah, I was born in silence. I never spoken nor heard from my birth to 6 years old (I started wearing my hearing aid in Grade 1, my hearing/speaking life became very, very difficult and troubled for past years...) You know what, I enjoyed drawing/scribbling with my crayons, playing with crazy insects, running and walking alone, climbing trees, eating sweets and hotdogs, etc. without noises and troubles during my quiet toddler years. It's so nostalgic. Sigh... ppooofffftttt.. I miss my childhood memories.

Anyway, I received more emails today. When I have time, I'll reply to all of you. My relatives are going back to Guam on Thursday, I'll miss them. I need to clean my messy room, try to be completely calm first and refreshed my stupid troubled mind into new one (I hope, I hope. Thanks to Earl for urging me strongly. I need to stop my depression and doing foolish things like drinking beers, etc.)

See you in July and send my big hug to all of you. Bye, I have to walk alone.


Aneesah said...

MALL, that is incredible! I recognise that plant too, I love how its leaves are all ripply at the edges.. ^_^ Interesting how you manage to "colour" your drawing section-by-section straight from the light sketch... Aah I'm in envy. ;)

cathy delanssay said...

hi May !
i wish you are better ;)
Think for you and a kiss
friendly !


Anonymous said...

:( Oh! hope you will get better, honey. please take more rest. you're beloved, Mall. hugs hugs hugs hugs and alot of kisses! muah! :*

excellent drawing!!! i love the way you draw soft drawings especially adorable naked girl character! :) wow, music and nature inspire you? they are good inspirations for you. thanks for sharing the music video, her voice is stunning! :D i should buy her albums if I have money!

Keep it up and take care of yourself!

Majeak Ann said...

it's a cockroach, not a lady bittle! don't laugh! I hate them! but this one looks pretty, is doesn't disgust me! hahaha.
Heard the voice of Sevara, beautiful voice, wonder why you get inspired!

Patricia and Susana said...

Sorry to hear that you are in a bad mood *tickles Mall to make her smile*

These series of personal pencil drawings is one of your best works because they reveal so much about you not only as an artist (your skills with the pencil and shadding) but also as the beautiful person that you are. "Exhaustion" is gorgeous as well as for Sevara's Nazarkhan song. We can understand why she inspires you! Thank you for sharing her video. We will check her other videos as well :)

Speaking about sounds that inspire us... apart from music, one of the sounds of nature that has a truly calming effect on us is the sea. Watching the big blue ocean, breath and listening to the waves is just fantastic.

*BIG, BIG hug to you too*

P.S. Speaking about music that are inspirational, today we listened to a great song by A-ha. It's one of our fave tunes. Check out here. Hope you like it :)

mika said...

so stunning..... I love it!!!
I want all of your drawings to put on my wall!!!! ^___^

jsmonzani said...

Looks like your piece is a LOT of work. Have fun completing it :hug:

Mall said...

aneesah: Hey! Hmmm, I forgot what's the name of the plant... Glad you loved it, thank you dear!

cathy: merci, darling cathy! you're so kind to me. *hugs hugs hugs*

joyce: *winks* thankies, i'm very pleased joyce!

majeak: *giggles* Awww, honestly, I don't laugh but I love them! Because your super adorable characters really made me smile, sweetie. *winks* Yeah, it's so strange why her voice inspires me strongly. :D big big hugs!

pat&susana: thank you my dearest twins, I really appreciate it! Indeed, the sounds of nature never cease to amaze us. I enjoy listening to the singing gente birds except super noisy crickets and angry dogs, hahaha!

hugs back! *tightly*

P.S. I LOVE THE SONG!!!! It's so cool, it reminds me of Enigma! :D Thankies sweeties!

mika: ^____^ arigato, mika! If I visit you there in Japan, I could draw on your wall. (bring me to the magical Studio Ghibli, that's my biggest wish/dream! Hahaha!) *winks*

jsmonzani: thankies dear! *hugs back*

The Ginger Darlings said...

Hi lovely
Your pictures are beautiful. I found them via the paper quilt. I love your people and the cats especially and understand so much the ups and downs of painting and drawing.
Take care of your heart.
Keep colouring.

jake said...

stunning drawing, beautiful Mall! Incredible details and tones! :) I enjoyed listening to Sevara's song, it's stunning too!

Bravo, Mall! Hope you'll be okay.

annax said...

You are beautiful Mall.
Not online much. But always coming to see you. Sending you hugs and love!

Anna x

Mall said...

ginger: thank you very much, glad you loved my pictures. I enjoyed reading your stories and looking at your pics of your incredible orange cats. They look fabulous. I wish I could live there, your beautiful place seems very peaceful and calm.

I will, I'll keep coloring and I hope I will take care of myself. thank you very much and I'll keep visiting your blog how you, your people and your cats are doing. Take care!

jake: thank you! *bows*

annax: XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! No worries, honey, I know you're a hardworking wonderful mother. *hugs and kisses*

Ruki said...

Hi mall!! I'm dying to see your 2 new animations things, you looks extracute in that new picture, sweet glasses.

Big hug!

Mall said...

hello sweetie extra extra extra super cute raquel! ;) I already posted my videos, enjoy watching! *very big hugs*

annax said...

Sending love your way!\
My computer crashed, had to start everything brand new again. Here is my new blog


Manymanyhugs xx annaxx

Mall said...

Annax! how are you??? sorry about your crashed computer! thanks for the lovely hugs, you're super sweet! *hugs hugs hugs* miss you very much!

annax said...

Mall, I am going to be abroad with my family until the end of August, and will not have any internet connection. I will be missing you so much, and wanted to send hugs your way. Stay beautiful and amazing!
Your friend, Annaxxxx