Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can we trade?

That's what I got drunk again last month.

Because I was crazily depressed. I can sense my own beloved sweet character Babu was worried about me and my health.
I need to stop suffering from depression and alcoholism. Sorry, my handwriting fonts don't look good because of my shaking nervous hands last time. (*Mall drinks a warm milk gently and stretches her hands*)

I already finished doing my 3 personal drawings for my art diary: Calmness, Maturity and ... hmm, I'll find a right word. I'll post them next time. Ohhh today, I received more good emails again, I thank you all. Please wait patiently for my response, hope you understand me. Next week, I'll see and meet a psychiatrist about Nullity cases (marriage) of my parents and other family problems. See you soon.

Next post: my two old animated films, Pag-Alis and Babu's Dream