Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My interview + old short films

I got an interview from Sayote Republic. Sayote Republic blog is about ex - UP (University of the Philippines) Baguio students. I really miss my university where I graduated in 2001. Oh man, I miss fresh pine cones, wet stairs, volleyball/basketball court, fogs, people, professors, canteens, etc. They are very nostalgic and memorable. For the UP Baguio alumni, please visit and join the great blog! Thanks to Erwin Oliva and Gino Orticio for the interview! Hmmm, I'm on Wikipedia (Scroll down to List of Notable UP Baguio People). I saw this and I thought to myself, "Huh? Am I notable??? NOOOOOOoooo wwwaaaAYYYYY!" I still don't know who put my name on it, but I greatly thank this person. I'm most pleased and grateful.

Alright, it's time to show you guys my old short animated films. I know those who already watched my old animated film, "Pag-Alis" in my deviantART before. But I would like to share this with new online readers and others here, who hasn't watched this yet. I made it in 1999 for my animation project when I was an art student. My art professor Bob instructed me to choose one painting from any famous painter for adding my short film. I chose Van Gogh's famous dreamy painting, The Starry Night. It reminds me of my favorite director Akira Kurosawa's film, Dreams. I made 301 crappy drawings quickly. This song Pag-Alis is entitled by my favorite Filipino band, Barbie's Cradle. This film is about family problems.

Time: 2:19
Editting: (revised) Windows Movie Maker Project
Medium: pencil, crayons, coloured pencils on old papers
Horse Fonts © John Martz

About my short animated music film, "Babu's Dream", people were very eager to see it if it's done. Well sorry, it seems unfinished. I wanted to add more scenes but I can't... Well, I'm lazy, bwahahaha! Okay, I let you guys watch this now, it runs at one minute something (I know, it's too short). In 2006, I started to work on it because I really missed my old animation skill and my challenge was to make a film with my own style. It was so fun to experiment it. About the music, I asked my friend Blackmago to make a song for my film, he did it. After more months, I lost his music file because my brother formatted my CPU. (Sorry Blackmago, if I could ever make another film, you could make a song. *hugs*) I chose my favorite song, "Early Bird" by Yoko Kanno.

Time: 1:29
Editting: Windows Movie Maker Project
Medium: cutout stars (copper papers with hand-painted white acrylic), few dried leaves from my garden, pencil drawings and digital (Adobe Photoshop)

I seriously wished I could learn how to use Macromedia Flash or Adobe Premiere. I was strongly inspired by my favorite animator Hayao Miyazaki. For me personally, I'm not good in animating skills. But I enjoyed to create this experimental film. If I have an idea, I could make another short film again. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about my films. Thanks, guys! See you next time.

Next post: Mall's Art Diary: Calmness, personal drawing


Tuesday said...

Hi Mall.

Nice page you got there. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to load the shortfilm. Could it be my connection? Hmmp, anyway, I've read first few articles. I'll read some more when I have the time. Keep 'em coming!

UP Baguio rocks!

mika said...

Sigh... why are you incredibly talented, mall??? :3 I enjoyed watching your films! Pag-alis made me cry, I love it! It's very very impressive and emotional. :3 Ohhh I love your Babu!!! KAWAIII!!!!! A lot of stars!!! It's sooo inspiring!!!! wahhhh, I want to float into the sky with sparkling stars! :3 You worked very hard, excellent job! You should do more films!

Maciek said...

hurray :) please make a new movie! but this time some colorful one :D like your past works :)


jake said...

Oh damn, oh damn... amazing traditional films! I love them! thanks for sharing! You should be proud of yourself that you're a notable artist. I believe you! I agree with mika and maciek, do a new movie, pleasahhh!!! I never thought you're also an animator... so stunning! :D

Alecska said...

This is just wonderful !
I was thinking of making a short animated movie, and now I've found an inspiration !!
One question : how long did it take you to make it ?

Majeak Ann said...

SO emotional! I almost cry!! This is so beautiful, ah May Ann, love your sensibility. The music you chose is magical. Wish I can wake up everyday and able to watch this on top of my ceiling, before waking up. Hehe, I should make it my wake up alarm maybe?
HUGE HUG!! Thanks for the sweet message, love you sweetie!

Majeak Ann said...

Can I share it at myspace? I want the world to see YOU. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mall! Oh my gosh, I cried when I watched them! Because they are very emotional, powerful and inspiring! very, very marvelous.... you got a great taste about music, dear! I love your own brilliant imagination. You rock.

You're one of my favorite artists because you're a rare woman. I'm very eager to want to see your future film! keep it up!

love love love!

Mall said...

tuesday: hello! thanks for visiting my blog. Ahh... baka kelangan mabilis ung speed ng internet para pede ka manood. Dapat successful ung Sayote Republic. let's spread the Baguio UPians. :) Salamat!

mika: Arigato! *bows*

maciek: ;D thanks my friend! Coloured one? XD ohh, hmmm it sounds difficult! I hope I could make another film if I have time. cheers! *drinks mango juice*

jake: thanks jake!

alecska: thank you! For Pag-alis film, I don't remember... maybe I created 5-15 crappy drawings per day... until the animation deadline was over. For Babu's Dream, I think it was 4 months. You should try to make a film. You can do it. ;) Have fun!

majeak: awww, glad you loved them! gracias! about alarm... hee hee hee! you're so sweet! *hugs* sweetie, you can use my youtube at your myspace account, I'm super pleased! *hugs tightly*

P.S. honey, I love your adorable site at myspace! Cute song "I'll read you a story"! :D Love you! mwah!

joyce: *blushes* ohh, hehehe, I'm so grateful, thank you. *blushes again*

uki said...

Majeak Ann is totally right, your sensibility is incredible! You're very remarkable, girl.

Patricia and Susana said...

hehe... we really liked to read your lovely interview to the Sayote Republic blog! You started to draw at such an early age, 3 years, wow :O the walls at your place would certainly be gorgeous with your pretty drawings :) and such specials moments you must have spent at your university ♥ ♥ no wonder you speak about those days with such joy and smilling... thanks for sharing! Oh, and congrats in being feature in Wikipedia *bows* that's fantastic!!!! You definitely deserve it as you inspire everyone with your gorgeous artwork and your words of support. *smiles*

The two animated films are just fantastic!!The song "Pag-Alis" has such a beautiful melody... it is somehow nostalgic, but we loved the singer voice. As for the film, it is so interesting how you inserted Van Gogh's painting in the animation. I think that we will never look at that painting in the same way. We will be waiting to see the girl smilling... The drawings are just perfect as they suit the theme of the video, which was the family problems. When she cries we somehow cry with her too. We will definitely be looking forward to see more animated films from you *nods* Oh, and "Babu's Dream"... I think that we could watch this for hours... when the film ends we always feel like wanting to give a hug to Babu, hehe But seriously, some parts of this film remind us a movie that we saw sometime ago, "Mirror Mask". Anyway, even if you don't finish "Babu's Dream" in our imagination he will always be sleeping next to the shining stars :)

much love and *hugs*

Banggi said...

Hey! I love Yoko Kanno. I'm surprised that you do too! Yeah, "Green bird" is a particular fave of mine. It's so heavenly to hear, hehe. Nice choice!

Banggi said...

(Later in the evening...)

Wow MayAnn, that was fantastic! I didn't get to watch your experimental film until now and I am just blown away! I'm not kidding. You've somehow captured the charm in Miyazaki's film. And I mistook your 'Early Bird' song for 'Green Bird', which is also a Yoko Kanno except it's sung by a choir of angels.

This more or less 1-min. film is as charming as it is. Keeping it this brief contributes to its charm and I really like it. :) Maybe you could do another film about Babu meeting someone special *wink wink*. I think I saw that in one of your DA submissions. That would be a nice subject to touch, accompanied by another Yoko Kanno lullabye. Whatcha think?

maruz said...

You're truly a magnificent artist! I really enjoy staring all of your works especially past animated films! "Babu's Dream" looked like Hayao's style (I agree with patricia and susana about Mirror Mask, just like a little bit Dave McKean's style), indeed! Soooooooo awe-inspiring, unique and unusual!!! Was it so hard to make traditional films?

Sobrang galing galing!
Sobrang luuupiit!!
Sobrang gandddaaa! ASTIG KA! Idol kita!

Ingats ka lagi! **big hugs**

kerstin said...


jsmonzani said...

I love Babu's movie ;)

kat said...

Now I remember where I first saw your work! It was a link to Blackmago :) Ayos. Taga-UP Baguio ka pala. ^__^

Mall said...

uki: thanks! *bows* :)

pat&susana: yes, I really miss the university especially friends and professors... sigh... :) I'm so blessed to have a talent when I was born. :D thanks for the wonderful comments about my films, I really appreciate it! Really? Mirror Mask? Aww, thanks! That's my fave movie. ;) How's your translation projects dear? Sorry, I haven't replied to you both yet. Please wait patiently for my letter. *hugs hugs hugs*

banggi: yeah right, yoko kanno is one of my favorite extraordinary female singers. I love her songs! Vangie, thanks for the nice comments about my films! You mentioned about Babu meeting someone special... Maybe it's Noya (Babu's dreamy girl). *grins* hmmm, it's so interesting... yes, it's good to add another Yoko's song... well, let's see, sis. *winks* Uy, asan ka na ba? Andito ka na ba sa pinas ah? Pasalubong ko ngay? Bigyan mo ako ung Cambodian foods! :D

maruz: salamat 'tol! Hard to make traditional films? Hmmm, medyong mahirap. Pag sawa na, tamad na ako, hahaha! Pero it's really so fun.

kerstin: *hugs tightly* oopps, I also hug your magical baby gently, sis! *hugs again*

jean: ;) merci!

kat: :D hehehe! salamat! san ka nag-aral? Nasa manila ka na ba?

Majeak Ann said...

Thank you thank you Miss Pretty heart!
I haven't posted yet, but I will, It will be an honor for me.
I am glad you visited "myspace"! You should make one account! Colleen, the creator of those beautiful sounds...the girl dancing (whimsical dance at my blog) was inspired by that song :)
many many hugs!!! besito*

cyberbaguioboy said...

Congrats! and thanks for the link back!