Friday, July 13, 2007


I had a dream past few months.
I dreamt of many gorgeous water lilies and glowing fireflies.
They really made me felt very peaceful.
I spent time with them longer.

Then... I woke up late and sighed deeply desperately.
I'm not completely calm yet.

Choose one for the next post: Mall's Art Diary: Maturity (personal pencil drawing on paper) or Cat Guardian II (pencil on wood)? I'll take care of my dearest weak sick mama at her apartment tomorrow. I'll reply to all of you through email when I'll be back.
Good night, guys.


mika said...

suupppeerrrr stunning, Mall! *0* I love the tones, details, everything! hahaha, it's so hard to choose one either maturity or cat guardian II for the next post! Hmmm..... I want both! XD But... maybe... cat guardian! XD it's up to you, master! :P

Hope your mom will get better soon! :)

uki said...

so dreamy, magical and calm! I really love it!!!! You're incredibly talented, May! :) Next post? ahhh, I can choose both! I can't wait to see Cat Guardian II! take care of yourself and your mom!

Anonymous said...

Hi May Ann,
It is Jennifer Zivoin. Is your mom sick? Is she ok? How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Oh, It is Jennifer again,
As for your next drawing, I vote for "Maturity". I really love your black and white pencil works.

jake said...

Calmness is extremely fabulous, lovely Freckle. You have a great persistence because you never stop making more drawings! Of course, I want, I want maturity! Can't wait to see it! :D

Anonymous said...

I notice that you're using heavier emphasis on perspective, dark and light contrast, silhouette, and negative space balance. Despite all the detail given to the bg elements, your character stands out quite easily to the eye (Lighter use of shading on the skin mixed with the shadow placed under the butt is good balance). The way the dark/light tones are used on the flower petals helps bring out the shapes. The texturing on the lilies (I'm just noticing this now) are really quite nice; 3-D but also caricaturized in a Mall sort of way. Very nicely done.

Your development collages are always fun to look at as well. Informative.

My vote would be: maturity. said...

I think your draws are wonderful ! i like very much your artwork May.

You are in my links ;)

ileene said...

hello mall, I found your site through my twin's blog (k's la la land) and i just wanted to say i really love your drawings! I love to see the works in progress too, it always fascinates me to see pencil drawings bring a page to life.

Patricia and Susana said...

Hopefully you will find calmness again. It might seem difficult or out of reach at the moment, but you will sit again next to the lilies and the fireflies *hugs*

Your art diary is full of such beauty and wonderful drawings. Calmness is another great example of that. Your pencil drawing skills are truly remarkable. All the little details and shadding in this piece are absolutely fantastic.

Mmm, it is a tough choice... we are actually going to cast two different votes :D Pat loves your drawings in wood (and she is crazy for cats, hee hee) and my vote is for Mall's Art Diary: Maturity. :)

Hope your mum is doing better and that you had a good Saturday.


jsmonzani said...

Nice new piece my friend... just a hug for you :hug:

Anonymous said...

Ohhh you have a blog!!! Wonderful! I link immediately!! :*

Majeak Ann said...

Ok! Babu's Dream is now up at myspace :)
Hope yo are having brilliant days!
xox, hugs.

ps. I am sure people are going to love it too.

george said...

I came across Noma Concours site and found your winning illustrations. I tried to browse your name and found your amazing site! Glad that you got a blog! Your style is so rare and distinct. Will you join 2008 Noma concours again? Just curious. Now, I'm your new fan, miss may licudine. (:

p.s. i love your adorable charas babu and abu.

Ruki said...

woah! it's very very tiny! How large is that? Your values are great! i love the little shiny flowing things :)

Mall said...

thanks for the great comments and linking my video and blog! I really appreciate it! *kisses and hugs*!!!!!

jennifer: my mama is fine, dear. Every Saturday I stay at her apartment so she won't feel so sad. How are you dear? hey, congratz on your 6th Pirate book! I'm very proud of you! :)*hugs*

george: thanks! hmmm... if I could ever have an idea, I could join Noma Concours again. :) I really miss joining art contests.

raquel: hello honey! It's 6.3" X 6.3" :D *hugs*