Friday, July 20, 2007

Maturity + Featured Artist: Laurent Orseau

In April 2007, I was so inspired by the incredible photo Big Tree of my good French friend from Germany, Laurent Orseau after I commented on it. Then Laurent emailed me, "I also think about your b&w diary drawings... so... hum... would you like to draw this tree with your character (so you) in the image?" I was very thrilled and said, "Oh sure! Of course!". I printed his picture and imagined something before starting. Then I was just copying his image while drawing it on my sketchpad directly. No grid drawing. No tracing. You know what, I kept practicing how to copy and draw those cartoon characters during my childhood years. I think this is one of my favorite personal drawings. It was a little bit difficult to add more details and tones. But it was all good. I forgot to tell you about the size of my drawing. It's 6.3 " X 6.3" (thanks for asking me this, my super lovely sweet friend Raquel).

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, I love to see those beautiful old trees. I am in awe with them. Sometimes I envy them because they grow bigger, stronger and firmer. They are completely mature. For me personally, I am either mature or immature. All I can say is to become complete and to get out of my stupid foolish things (e.g. drinking alcoholics, hurting myself, etc.) through my long depression. Sigh. Oh, did you see my sexy three scars on my tummy? That's what I got operated last year. (*Mall smiles quietly*). Hmmm, I wanted to live this huge magical tree forever. It reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro.

Hurray, my mission accomplished. Whew. I greatly thank Laurent for everything. I salute to you! I would like to feature him and his marvelous impressive photos here. Please visit his Hinah
, Flickr, deviantART and VIRB. I really love all of his photos especially many classic portraits of his super beautiful wonderful wife éloïse. He is one of my favorite incredible photographers. See his self-portrait below (he held his own Xpan camera). Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Last year, Laurent asked me to do a commissioned painting for his nephew Thierry. He sent me his two wonderful photos of Thierry and my original wooden painting through email. I loved them very much! Thierry really loves snails and piano. Believe it or not, he explains to the kids of his class how snails have sex. Oh my gosh, he is a young handsome intellectual!

Oh my... I'm very talkative here, just like noisy Donald Duck again. (*quack! quack! quack!*) Hope you guys enjoy reading this long post. Sorry that I wasn't active here for awhile. Wow, I am being flooded with good emails and comments. I'll reply to all of you and visit your galleries/blogs when I have time. So wait for my response patiently. Know that I'm very slow at responding, guys. My mama is fine now, thanks for asking. Thanks for the last wonderful comments/hugs/kisses and linking my blog and my short video on your sites. I'm so grateful.

Ciao, here's my very big hug and kiss for you guys.


Maciek said...

nice sheep :D I've got simmilar one here :F meet my monkey also

jake said...

DAMN, oh damn... you're incredibly damn talented. I can't stop staring at your incredible drawing!!!! It's all your fault! Please stop being so awesome or I could die!!! (just kidding. But you're soooo incredible, girl!) You got a fabulous collaboration with Laurent. I really like his amazing photography! Very impressive and classic! thanks for sharing, I'll visit his sites! :) I wish I could buy Mall's masterpiece.

uki said...

sniff, sniff, sniff...
you're so magnificent! i love yah, miss! hahaha, sorry but I can't help it! ;-) i really love your drawing!
Laurent's pics are so awe-inspiring, indeed! keep it up!

kerstin said...

what a beautiful tree and what a beautiful enchanted drawing of it! you're so talented. *hug*
I wish i could live there with you in that magical tree, it looks very comforting.


uki said...

do you mind my asking: do you have a boyfriend, miss? or are you married? :) sorry, i'm so curious.

rosiberta helada said...

hablas ingles pero no importa;
las fotos son demasiado bonitas (y los dibujos tambien) como para no postearte.
Ojalá entiendas este mensaje, me has sorprendido.
Saludos a ti.

Banggi said...

That. Is. Sooooooo. Amazing!


The tree bark's details... just awesome! You sure had put a lot of patience and love there. It looks really good. And that's just with a Mongol pencil, right? Whew!

You never cease to impress me, sis!

Anonymous said...

its good that ur back...

take care

Mall said...

maciek: Aww, thanks for introducing me to your super adorable cute creatures! *giggles* are they boys? girls? :)

jake: thanks! glad you liked his photos! Take your time to visit his sites, there are many many photos!

uki: hehehehe, thank you. Oh man, you seem brave to ask me your question... Well no, I don't have a bf. But I better keep my singleness first and... it's so funny that I enjoy being alone. thanks for asking... Why do you ask me? ^__^

kerstin: honey! congrats on your wonderful etsy shop! I'm very happy that your incredible unique silver ring is sold! Please add your products in your shop! I believe you! Thanks for the lovely hug! Let's go to visit the huge magical tree so we can run around it. XOXOXOX!

rosiberta: Ohhh... you speak Spanish! Hee hee! I understood your nice comment, I tried to translate this through Google. gracias mucho y visitar mi blog en caulquier momento! ;-)

vj: heyyyyyy sis... ^___^ asan ka na ba? nasa pinas ka na ba? asan ung pasalubong ko ngay? miss na kita! sana papasyal tayo! thanks for your comments about my pencil work, glad you liked it! Yep, ginamit ko ung mongol ko. hehehe! *hugs hugs hugs*

koi: thank you very much for the lovely text message. I miss you very much. *mall feels very gloomy...*

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear!! :*

uki said...

:D ahhh, you're single. sorry for my stupid questions. I'm honest, I was really shy to ask you last time. thank you very much for your true answer. I must admit, I have a crush on you. hehehe... okay, take care and keep it up, miss!

Anonymous said...

What I really appreciate about your pic is the texturing you have to the entire tree: Alot of light and dark in the right areas, esp. how the upper portion has shading that almost frames the entire thing. The silhouette value of the branches in the bg really add to the overall upshot perspective feel, as well as the feeling of being... surrounded by the tree. Cool stuff. And as always, the cool little floating white orbs that add that little bit of graphic design sensibility. I'm really curious to see if you'll do mroe perspective-oriented work like this in the near future.

And yup, that naked Mall hiddin' out in the pic. Is she eventually going to get some clothes on? Or is she still looking for something to wear? Is gotta be cold out in them forests... Then again, you keep telling me about how crazy hot the weather is there (like a desert and such... yeah, same here actually).