Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cat Guardian II

Yey, my past works "Cat Guardian" and "Confusion" got featured for the Reader Art on Juxtapoz. Thank you very much, Ert O'Hara. Anyway, I did my pencil work on wood (7.6" x 14.2"), Cat Guardian II in May 2007. I changed her old looks into new one. I copied my real eye shape into this girl character's eyes so I loved it. Please click this big close-up photo collage to full view.

Sorry, I haven't made my story about this yet. But it's so fun to make different styles of Cat Guardian. I was very inspired by heroines. Just like my favorite animator / director Hayao Miyazaki, who made his female characters as leads (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind). Dang, I wish I seriously could work with Hayao! If I ever meet him in person, I could pee in my pants. BWAHAHAHAHA! This is my wish! Nyahahahaha! Okay, I better stop laughing now.

Hurry up, my fellow cat lovers, this is for sale! (plus FedEx shipping fees, it depends on weight and location). Email me if you're interested. Hope you like it! Ready? On your mark, get set..... BUY! Next time, I might make another work for Cat Guardian III.

Now I'm working on my unfinished wooden painting (work in progress), Babu's Ride. I portrayed my trusted siberian tiger plushie, Shardul. See you in August. Puuurrrmeeoowwwwrrrrrr! Roar!


Khylov said...

Ok... so I'm the first person to comment.... ok, ok.... Hmm....
(*Khylov bows to Mall*)

As always, your choice in graphic design shapes within the characters is appealing and well thought-out. The way her hair is shaped almost in a wing-like fashion (giving me the impression that she's sheltering the characters below), and the sharp but simple shapes of the cats lining the bottom half... good stuff. There's a hint of impressionism in the paint strokes near the bottom; gives a very textured feel to the whole thing. And of course (like last time), the shadows/dark contrasts almost framing the entire picture. Very interesting.

(*Khylov bows again to Mall*)

So, so.... how much $$$ are you asking for this piece? o_o

Khylov said...

P.S.; Don't pee in front of Hayao.

uki said...

:D i like you very very much, miss!

Aneesah said...

Amazing, as always! ^_^ I heart cats. And the tiger looks so detailed, lookitallthefurhighlights... =o

How do you draw on wood, anyway? Do you paint it first? With what kind of paint?

Lore said...

Hello!!! :)

I hope everything is ok.. love your paintings over wood, I'm working now in wood too, learning how to use vynils and acrilics. If you want to add more texture to your board you can use that paste you use to fill wholes in the walls over the board, besides that's white and it won't be necesary to use a white base after that :)

a big hug


mika said...

freckle-chan!!!! ^O^ kon-ni-chi-wa!!!! I really love your super gorgeous character Cat Guardian especially glowing kittens! I'm so jealous of your eyes! *O* You should start to make your story and submit it to Hayao! 8D Dooooo iiiiittttt!

I can't wait to see your wooden painting! Very detailed and elaborated! *o* I love Shardul! :3 Your smile is so gorgeous and lovely, mall-chan! :3 please always smile!

uki said...

sorry miss mall, there's one missing: Your works are always fabulous and interesting. look forward to seeing your shardul painting. ;)

Patricia and Susana said...

Hi dear Mall!! :)
So sorry for the late reply *sigh* these past days have been quite hectic with some translations projects to deliver in a very short time... however, we just wanted to stop by your blog to comment on your latest post, and say how happy(and proud!!) we were to know that your works got featured for the Reader Art on Juxtapoz :D You deserve it sooo much!! Your artwork makes us dream of magical lands and be thankful that there are people like you that always make us look around and see the beauty that there is in the world ♥

Cat Guardian II is soooooo lovely!! I'm not sure if we ever told you that, but I(Pat) am a cat lover *giggles* and when I saw this new version of Cat Guardian I just fell in love with it :) I just LOVE your wooden paintings too. The details are just fantastic, and we can definitely "see" your eyes there! And her hair is so cute... It almost seem as it is moving :O

Oh... we're sure that Hayao Miyazaki would be very happy to work with you oneday *winks* We'll definitely keep our fingers crossed for you, darling! *hugs* If there is someone that truly deserves to have her dreams come true... YOU are the one! *smiles*

Can't wait to see your next work for Cat Guardian III (will start saving money to commission you for a wooden painting...! Your artwork inspires us so much!!)... and Shardul ♥ We are both sure that he'll love your homage to him *smiles widely* and definitely echoe a previous comment where someone said that you have a beautiful smile. Like a bright shining star!!

lots of love XXX

Anonymous said...

May, your wooden paintings are absolutely excellent and fantastic! They look Why don't you make more wooden artworks for selling? I believe people will buy yours! do it, honey! I really love Cat Guardian II and Shardul! :)

P.S. I saw your old webcam pic of Shardul and you, it's very sweet. Your smile is so gorgeous, angelic and lovely. Everyone wanted you to be happy. Please be happy... How are you? Are you still depressed? I really wanted to know how you're doing. If you can't tell me here, please email me privately. If you need help, inform me, okay? don't drink beers always or they could kill your poor sensitive belly, honey. I don't want you to go to the hospital again and again if you get sick... :(

hugs and kisses, muah! :*

Anonymous said...

oops, may, sorry for my incomplete sentence at the first part: "They look like high-quality products!" :D


mika said...

where are you? I have no idea why I'm worried about you today, freckie-chan.

Anonymous said...

HI May Ann

I love your new artwork! The Cart Guardian piece is so misty looking. Very mysterious and beautiful. I also love your new piece with the tree. I hope you are well!

Jennifer Zivoin

Mall said...

khylov: Da, da, brother, you're a first person to comment here. thanks for the wonderful comments, im so grateful! Nah, I won't pee infront of Hayao. But maybe I could stare at Hayao for long hours, hahaha. Ahh... i think it's maybe US$150 - 200. is it expensive? or cheap? *bows to Khylov again*

uki: ah, thanks. ^__^ where are you from? is your name real "Uki"? You seem a... Japanese male, right?

aneesah: I use acrylics, ink and coloured pencils dear. First, I paint white paint for primaring... second, use with acrylics, inks and coloured pencils for the textures, tones, elements, etc. ;) pssst, i visited your blog, your teeth look better! You look so beautiful! :) Congrats! *muah*

patricia and susana: I'll email you both soon, darling twins. thanks for the wonderful comments, dearest! I'll miss you both! *hugs hugs* aye, when I have time, I'll make cat guardian III. *mwah*

joyce: thanks alot! don't worry about me, I'm used to it about my depression... but I need God to change my mind, aye? Much love to you!

mika: awww, don't worry about me. *hugs*

jennifer: MWAH! thanks sis, glad you loved my art. I need to be completely well, honey. How's your updated illustrations for the 6th Pirate Book and your dad's book? Hope everything will be okay there. see you soon. *hugs hugs hugs*

Mall said...

lore:Honey! sorry, I forgot to reply to you coz im really forgetful. My brain memory are so old so depression kills my brain cells, hehehe. *hugs* It's so good that you are working on your wooden painting. I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the tip about texture, darling. Honestly, I already did before. *winks* hugs

kitty said...

hello, Mal! I'm Kitty, I discovered your awesome website through Suzanne Woolcott, I am truly amazed by your artworks, Eversince I visited your website and Suzanne's site I was really inspired by all of your artworks. as an art lover I too loved to draw a lot of things beyond my imagination, It actually stopped when I was growing up but since today by viewing all your art I suddenly stopped and thought some things for awhile, I guess I can still continue what I always loved to do, and that's by drawing. I always loved drawing eversince I was a kid, and I thank you for bringing that magical spark inside me, I thank you for that inspiring talent that you have... and while I was reading your latest post, I see you got invited by great artists! that's great news indded! I surely hope you can get there safe anbd sound, good luck to you! take care and God bless


Mall said...

kitty: hello kitty! Oh yes, Suzanne is my friend where we met in deviantART before. Me too, I really love her beautiful lovely impressive illustrations especially her girl characters. When I see her drawings, it makes me surprised that I feel something towards her own art. Mysterious and amazing. :) Hey, are you a Filipino? Do you speak Tagalog? :)

Thanks for visiting my site, glad you loved it. Aww, thanks for telling me how my art (and Suzanne's art, of course) inspired you alot. If you have feelings about your own art, you should make pictures. When you dream of something, paint something. And sorry, now I enabled comments for my last post, as my friend Maciek asked me. hee hee! Regarding the news, well, I'm quite nervous. I feel like I really don't know how to start doing! Hehehe! Wish me luck, my fellow Pinay. Ciao!

P.S. I love your scrapping books/images! they look amazing and creative! :)

imwithsully said...

Love the Cat Guardian on wood. You have an amazing style!

Birdie said...

Your work is so inspiring (I came around from DA, to Flickr, now here-!) I can see your love of Miyazaki shine through in the cat Guardian. I just love it and am so inspired seeing what you do!