Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Please click to full view this photo collage below. Hmmm, it reminds me of my childhood memories where I loved to seek and find beautiful shells in the dark corals for my collection. Yes, I was a very dark tanned young girl before, just like a pure black charcoal... hehehe, just kidding.

Like I asked God, "Papa, when will you put your mysterious beautiful shells ( blessings ) in the corals for me? Don't worry, Papa... I can find them persistently in unexpected way when I seek you FIRST faithfully. It's up to You what blessings You want for me. It's your Will. I'm looking for hope."

Thank you for the big encouragement, love, hug and support. It's time to disable comments here forever, hope you guys understand me. But I greatly thank to all of you who visits my blog here. Don't worry about me, I'll ask God to polish my mind completely (hehe, I could imagine that God could use Kiwi shoe polish to cleanse me... sweet....) About my future job in Florida.... ah well....Yeeaaah!!! Alright, I'll go for it. Go go go. I hope I can do it through Him who strengthens me. Uha-uha ha ha uha ha.... (*Rambo and Congo dance together.*)

Oh man, I am very sick and weak today. Oh man, I am flooded with emails again. God bless you all. Ciao, guys.

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