Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Sketchcast

I love this Sketchcast. It's so fun and enjoyable to draw and post it on your blog! Look at my simple drawing, I drew my character Babu with my mouse (not tablet pen) on Sketchcast earlier! Heee heee!

Take a look at the pics of my little work in progresses. I finished my five wooden paintings for the next art show. Weee! I'll post my scanned paintings here on November (yeah it takes too long. But wait for them patiently!).

And my old dirty messy palette. A lot of acrylics and watercolors. Hee hee! Next time, I'll show you guys my brushes, paints and other stuffs. See you on October! God bless you all!

UPDATED: Good news, my friend Blackmago made an illustration of my characters Babu and his kitten Abu for me! Take a look! Isn't it adorable, it is? I love it! Please visit his wonderful gallery!


Eric Orchard said...

Fantastic, It's like watching you think. Weird... The painting looks great too. Why is Filipino spelled differently than Philippines?

Gisele said...

oy! great suggestion :D thats a really cool tool :D

Pat & Susana said...

Babu!! :D so nice to see how you draw this little fella, step by step. Once again we have to congratulate you on your skills using the mouse. This looks soo great. ♥

Aww, your paintings for the art show. These two look fantastic. All the details are just precious. We are sure that all the visitors of the event will love your work!! And want to buy everything... and then order more!! hehe... :)


pupu said...

Ahhh.. this is cool. I would love to see how you work on it. *excited* *teehee* Thanx for sharing.

Gis said...

ah hun wanted to let you know my new domain is up now and will be working in the next few hours :D is http://www.giselejaquenod.com.ar/blog in case you can update your link :D thankkkksss

jsmonzani said...

>_< It's great to see you draw ^_^

Núria Aymà said...

ooohhh, mayann... I have to say that I really love your wooden paitings!!!! really!!! how you made this little "relieve"? with gouache, acrylics...? with something else?
after this, you colour them with acrylics paintings? do you fic the once you finished them? is expensive this woods? and last, how you hang them on the walls?
thank you sweet mayann, but you wood paintings are the best!!!

pupu said...

Yah. Its cute!! Love the colors.

kat said...

Hello. Browsing from SayoteRep and Pambie's blog (blockmate ko cya). First time I've heard of Sketchcast (must try!). Used to draw everything with a mouse. Sakit sa kamay nung una ahaha.

I love your work ^_^

Mall said...

eric: Thank you very much, eric! Regarding your question about Filipino, it's because the government says so. Hee hee! :D

gisele: Thank you honey! Yep, I already updated my blogroll! Mwah!!! :D

pat&susana: Hee hee! glad you enjoyed my simple Babu drawing. Let's fingers crossed that my paintings for the art show will be sold! *HUGS* ♥♥♥

pupu: thank you dear! Glad you loved it!:)

jsmonzani: ^____^ merci!!!!

nuria: Hello nuria!! How are you??? Glad you loved my wooden paintings! First, I paint with white acrylic for the primaring layer. 2nd, I sketch it with my pencil. 3rd, I use coloured acrylics and pencils (and sometimes dried leaves/flowers or others). Yes, I will scan my finished wooden paintings and post them on november. They are a little bit expensive, hee hee! And regarding your last question about hanging the painting, please click this picture of my wooden painting (back). Thank you very much for your sweet questions, dearest nuria! MWAH! ♥♥♥

kat: Hello kat! oh yes, I remember you! I saw your name in pambie's blog too so inisip ko classmates kayo, hee hee! Yes you will try drawing on Sketchcast,it's so fun! Me too, it was so difficult to use my mouse when I drew it for the first time! *giggle* Glad you loved my work, thank you very much! ^____^

Majeak Ann said...

Oh this was fun to watch!! you have great hand and were very precise lines when drawing Babu :)
The paintings are fabulous and the gift your friend did to you, what a lovely surprise!! how incredible.....

Have a great week May Ann, XO.

pupu said...

Oh btw mall, i read your reply comments to Nuria. You said you paint white acrylics for the primary colors. But as i can see from the picture, you already know the exact shape of the babu.. hahah of course .. its your babu characters. *slap my forehead* I'm just wondering how you did that.. i guess its because practice makes it perfect.

Mall said...

majeak: thank you very much for adding me in myspace! I will try to register a facebook again. *winks* Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked my friend's painting for me! :D

Have a wonderful day, dearest! XOXOXO

pupu: Thank you dear for reading my reply to Nuria. :D Try to experiment your wooden painting! *winks*