Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mall Look-Alikes

I enjoyed doing MyHeritage. It's so fun, try to do it yourself. Take a look at this photo collage (celebrities look-alikes). Ahhhh yeah, I look like a serial killer or addict. Scary and creepy. Eeee....

UPDATED: I erased my pic of MyHeritage. thanks! :)

Next post: Mall's Art Diary: Patience, pencil drawing


Eric Orchard said...

I love your drawings. Have I asked you if you have any children's books out?

Pat and Susana said...

We guess that as soon as Abu and Babu saw our results they would run away scared, haahha. :P
Check out mine here and Pat's. Anyway, we loveed your results!! 67% similar to Grace Kelly and 74% to Yoon-Jin Kim. How cool is that? They are both gorgeous women. And hey, you look very well in that picture, in fact, you remind us of an asian actress ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

Mall said...

eric: glad you loved my drawings. Yes, I have my first winning children's book, "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots". :D

pat&susana: Hahahaha! Nah, I, Babu and Abu enjoyed your results, honestly, they giggled together. Hee hee! *giggle* I enjoyed looking at your results. You look like Mare Winningham, dear! Hee hee! Oh my gosh, I think Julie Andrews looks like Pat. :D I agree with you, I told both yah about thailand actress who looked like me. hee hee! much much love to you both! <3 <3 <3

Pat & Susana said...

hehe... I must confess that the both of us also laughed a lot while doing this test, because we were never satisfied with the pictures that we used and then the results :| but I was somehow happy with looking similar to Mare Winningham because she is great! :) and Pat is saying *Hugs* to you!! She loved Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music". Julie was a teacher like Pat *winks* :D
Yes, we remember you showing us the picture of that thailand actress (psst, you are cuter than her ;D). much much love to you too sweetie! <3 <3 <3

kat said...

Because of this post, naalala na kita from UPB days. Though di tayo magka-kilala ehehe. I see you hanging around with Earl, Gelo, Heidi etc... basta dun sa me FA :D

Majeak Ann said...

ahhh love the drawing...I want to try that heritage thing, it looks like fun!
many hugs and...chocolates? do you like them? how about a hot cocoa?
haha, kiss*


Mall said...

kat: hehehe, dapat kilala kita. :)

majeak: glad you loved my drawing, honey. MWAH! I want chocolate, please! *giggles*