Saturday, October 6, 2007


I made another personal pencil drawing for my art diary. The size is 6.3" x 6.3". The symbol of those old pine trees describes many past true blessings (my art awards, commissions, gifts, family, friends, good grades, etc.) which I have received.

However, I am waiting patiently for the new little plant, which means my future lovelife. I wonder if this little plant could live or die? blessing or curse? approval or disapproval? good luck or bad luck? I really don't know. I am single for 10 months and I really hope I will not be hopeless for my future lovelife. I wait patiently for a new blessing or curse in unexpected way... Patience. Persistence. Perseverance.

I dedicate this illustration to my beloved long ex-boyfriend Earljohn.
Thank you very much for everything. Know that you were biggest part of my life. Urayin ka, Earl.


pupu said...

Oohh.. I love your style of your drawing. I guess its due to lots of practice and this is what you get. Really nice. Oh btw, i join art class. I took modern chinese painting. I just started last tuesday and I do really enjoy it! :)))Its fun.

Eric Orchard said...

Beuatiful drawing, so ful of loneliness and hope. Your pictures are so full of heart. The emotional feel reminds of the Moomin Trolls.

Ruki said...

: )
I think you don´t have to worry about your love life, you will find someone special soon : )

Pat & Susana said...

This is a very touching piece. ♥ you'll see that the little pine tree will grow up to be as beautiful and strong as the other ones that are surrounding it. Sometimes when we are about to lose our Patience, our trust in destiny and blessings, fate always finds a way to show how wrong we are. You'll see that when you least expect your lovelife will be exactly what you wish... full of good luck and many magical moments, because you deserve all the best in the world.

much love to you and big *hugs*

Mall said...

thank you very much, my dear people! *HUGS* I really appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

o_O Just wawou, very poignancy!