Monday, October 22, 2007

My Old Work in Progresses (Digital Art)

First, I make sketches on paper. Second, I scan them. Third, I use Adobe Photoshop 7 for coloring and adding more details. I'm so happy that my digital style looks so traditional. Please click these screen shots to full view.

I didn't finished this digital artwork (girl character) because of my broken tablet pen. Hu hu hu... Well, I'll try to use my poor mouse. Argh, I wish I could buy Wacom Intuos... oh, wait, I wanna iMac!

Anyway, my dearest twin friends Susana and Patricia asked me to draw my characters Babu and Abu on my foot! Susana also drew something on her leg for me! Take a look, it's so silly and fun! Hahaha! Next time, I'll draw something on my arm!


Maciek said...

so interesting :)

Eric Orchard said...

This is really cool! I'm glad to know how you do your digitl stuff, I've been really curious.

Pat & Susana said...

aww, agree with maciek it's so interesting to see this! :D And also the different layers in all those compositions :o we both hope you can get the iMac soon because we would love to see that last digital artwork finished. Her expression is adorable! ♥

Thank you for sharing these! ^___^

a r n o said...

...astig ka pa rin...walang kupas! i wish i have your discipline haha!=p

thanks for including me in your blogroll!

pupu said...

ahh.. you use your own made brushes is it? No wonder its looks like traditional one. Because at first i tot its really using color pencil, acrylics or anything related as it is really look like one! I love to photoshop-ing too but i don't really make my own brushes. haha. lazy i guess. Hmm.. I love your style, mall! *hugs* hahaha its funny you draw ur Babu on your foot? ticklish?

Mall said...

maciek: *glomp*

eric: *winks* no problem! You should try to do digital artworks, it's just fun!

pat&susana: ^___^ obrigada! Yeah, I need to buy iMac and Wacom!!! If I have time, I could use my mouse for finishing my last digital work. :D

arno: Frantz!!! salamat ah! I'll keep visiting your blog, keep it up!

pupu: honestly, mostly I use Photoshop default brushes. But sometimes I use my own brushes. Awww, hee hee, try to make your own brushes if you have time. Hahahah. yeah, it's ticklish! Next time, I'll try to paint something on my tummy, hahaha! *hugs*

Pat & Susana said...

Oh, that would be great!! Looking forward to see that last digital work finished. :D

aww... ♥ ♥ ahhaha... yeah, it's so fun to draw in our own body. Next time I think that I might add some colour ;D *hugs*

Jennifer Zivoin said...

HI May Ann

What type of digital brushes do you use? you should make a tutorial to tell use in greater detail how you make your artwork. It would be so interesting!


imwithsully said...

Very nice photoshop work!

Anonymous said...

Ohh ciao! ^^ your illustrations are always interesting and wonderful!! Kiss

Mall said...

jennifer: I use Photoshop default brushes and my own brushes. Hmmm tutorial? Maybe in time, I'll try to do it! *winks*

sully: thank you dear! *hugs*

plopi: MWAH! thank you so much! said...

Oh, your work is excellent Mall ! I like to see it on big size. :)


Alivewithpassion said...

Love your blog,beautiful work!!!