Thursday, November 1, 2007

Small Stuff!

Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery
November 24 - December 29, 2007

Small Stuff opens at 7pm on Saturday, November 24th.

Lauderhill, Florida, United States

Small Stuff is going to work a little differently than our usual shows: All artwork will be sold "cash and carry" - first come, first served! Everything available will be on display opening night, nothing held back! The sooner you come, the more you’ll see! Through December 29th. Original artwork makes an amazing and unique gift, whether you're just starting or adding to an art collection!

Featuring artwork from local, national and international artists!
Adam Koford / Anna Polonsky / Barrett Stanley / Bee / Benjamin Constantine / Brad Simon / Chris Crites / Danamarie Hosler / Danielle {knee} Estefan / Danielle Lamberti / Danny Brito / Duane Hosein / Eric Bryan / Helena Garcia / Jamila Houde / John Koleszar / Johnny Winslow / Justin Rose / Keith Ciaramello / Lisa Marie Godfrey / Liz Lorini / Luis David Llense / Manuel Aguilera / Marcos Rivera / Marjorie Liucci / Matte Stephens / Mauricio Salmon / May Ann Licudine / Melissa Stringer / N! Satterfield / pooka.machine / Ryan Myers / Sarah J. Pierce / Sarah Machicado / Scott Campbell / Skot Olsen / Surge / Terribly Odd / AND MORE!

Sneak peek at my five newest wooden paintings which I will be exhibiting at the Small Stuff show!

Okay, I'll go to USA with my dad and my relatives for taking vacations this November month. By the way, don't forget to email me if you have any information, I really hope I could be online sometimes! I'll be back in December! I miss you all! Ciao!


Pat & Susana said...

All the paintings look gorgeous! :O
We are sure that the guys at Small Stuff were blowned away when they saw them! We especially like #2 and #3. All the luck for the art show!! Sincerely wish and hope you get many great news. Especially the following words: "ALL your paintings are sold!" :D

Hope you have a fun and relaxed time in the US. Will miss you lots! ♥

pupu said...

Hey Mall!!! Good Luck there aites!!! Hope you gonna have fun there in US. *hugs* Once you come back, tell us about everything. :)))

Banggi said...

This is absolutely awesome!

I honestly think you have greatly improved in your visuals through the years. I mean, not that you were bad at it before, because you were really good! In fact, better than good. I guess I just find your recent works more vibrant, fresh, and visually stunning!

I mean, I'm catching myself dropping my jaws again, in a manner of speaking. :)

Have a great vaca! We will truly miss you!


Mall said...

pat&susana: :D thanks my dearest trusted twins! Glad you loved my paintings! I'll post them soon! Really hope they will be sold soon! Weeee! Much much love to you both and miss you both! MWAAAAH!!! <3 <3 <3

pupu: :) thank you dearest! Sure I will tell you guys about everything! *hugs*

vj: hola my sis! Awww, thank you very much! I'm so happy that my art got improved. I really hope my art will be more exposed to everyone so I need to have more clients, commissions and art exhibitions. :) I'll miss you too! *hugs*

Eric Orchard said...

Good luck! I hope you have fun. Are you still thinking of the comic strip? I have an idea for one too...

Majeak Ann said...

you look so happy in all this pictures and it MAKES ME EVEN MORE HAPPIER!!! so many beautiful colors May Ann, these paintings on wood are fantastic, and the digital process of your work....etc.
I am finally back again.
Great to be back, sending LOVE and many manyyy hugs!!!

Mall said...

eric: thank you! Yes, I got a few ideas to make comic strips but I haven't started them yet. Ohhhh, you have an idea? Can you make it? I'm so curious to see it, eric! :)

marjorie: :) awwwww! glad it made you more happier, darling! Weee, you're back! I'm missing you alot!!! I love you so much dear! :D