Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots

I would like to share my wonderful story with you guys about my first children's book, "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots".

- Nikki Dy-Liacco won 2005 Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY) - Salanga Writer's Prize, who wrote her entry, "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots". I joined 2005 PBBY - Alcala Illustrator's Prize competition. I submitted my three illustrations for "The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots".

February 2005 - I checked my email about the winning results and it made me shocked. I won the Grand Prize, 2005 PBBY - Alcala Illustrator's Prize! I kept crying. Check this site out. You know, I think God gave me this blessing for my February birthday, oh my gosh... Yiipeeee!

March - April 2005 - I was working on illustrations. My medium was mixed media (acrylics, coloured pencils, old papers on wood). Hehehe, I loved to sit on the floor while working...

July 2005 - Nikki and I were at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila where the awarding ceremony held. It was so enjoyable and fun! Weee, we got gold medals! My gosh, we looked so gorgeous... hehehehe! *Nikki and Mall blushed...*

August 2005 - The 5,000 copies launched in nationwide. Nikki and I started to send copies to the families, friends and others here in Philippines and other countries (Portugal, USA, France, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Korea, Peru, Slovenia...) Because our character Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots always loves to meet new friends! *Nikki and Mall jumped excitedly...*

October 2005 - Nikki and I really enjoyed booksigning in National Bookstore, Glorietta, Manila! We really loved adorable sweet kids!

2006 - The 5,000 copies were SOLD OUT! Weeeee! *Nikki and Mall fainted...*

August 2006
- Nikki and I won the National Book Award for Children's Literature! Unbelievable! They reprinted another 5,000 copies for the 2nd printing. EEEeeeeee!!!! *Nikki and Mall screamed.....*

November 2007 - Nikki got a TV interview on ANC channel... MY GOSH! (Nikki, you must become a famous TV host... hehehe!) Hooray for Yellow Paperclip!

I never forget these happy moments. I'm so blessed to have met Nikki. She's very friendly, intelligent, witty, sweet, talkative and talented! She's one of my favorite writers. She's a good person. Please visit Nikki's blog.

Nikki and I are so blessed because The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots is our FIRST CHILDREN'S BOOK. Hopefully, we could have another future children's book again.


Blanca Bk Gimeno said...

Hello May!! I love your artwork a lot!! :D Also, big congratulations for your big success!! I will put your blog in my favourites links.
Please, how i could can get your book "The yellow paperclip..."?
Im from Spain and i wont get it ....


Blanca Bk

Mall said...

Hi Blanca! Glad you loved my artwork, I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! I'll also add yours in my blogroll. ;) your illustrations are great!

Regarding the copy of my book, "The Yellow...", I'll ask Nikki if they could have online book shopping. I'll let you know. ;)

It's nicer to meet you, blanca bk!

Eric Orchard said...

This is such a wonderful story! I'm really happy you are getting recognition for what you do. Your art work is amazing and inspiring.

Majeak Ann said...

I am SO SO VERY HAPPY for you May Ann. You know, book signing here is not like other countries. I have notice they pay attention to illustrators as they do with children's book writers. We don't do official and big time book signing here, and it's a bit sad. But one day..who knows.
Sending love and hugs and many good vibes for you. Keep growing girl!

Pat & Susana said...

It was wonderful to read this beautiful adventure that you and Nikki shared (and are still sharing) with this whimsical book. You two look so pretty in the award ceremony and in the book signing. :) You can be like Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Who knows if someday your book isn't going to be a movie? :D You will surely have more books in the future because you are both extremely talented!

Oh, and thank you also for sharing the sketches and character studies for your book. We always wondered about the creative process behind an illustration book. It's always fantastic to see you working in your art. ♥

<3 <3 <3

pupu said...

Oohh wow!! That was a great successful Mall! I can see you are so happy with the big success.Its so nice of you to share your happy moments with us and all your fantastic work. :)Enjoy your day Mall. *hugs*

Birdie said...

Congratulations Mall-san! You look so happy and radiant; you are doing God's work, using your gift!

kat said...

Congrats Mall! Salamat sa pag-share nito.

Y'know what's weird? I was looking at the pictures of Nikki's interview on ANC, and I think the woman to her left (the last picture in the quadrant), is my tito's sister-in-law. Would you, by any chance, remember her name? :D

Blanca Bk Gimeno said...

Thank you Mall!! :D
Nicer to meet you and meet your artwork. I will wait your info too!! :D

Mall said...

eric: thank you very much! I really appreciate it! :)

majeak: thank you dearest! Aww, don't worry, I'm sure you will have book signing soon... I agree with you, who knows. *winks* Much much love to you honey!

P.S. I wish I could buy your Kokeshi doll! <3 <3 <3

pat&susana: Awww, we wish we could become like Gaiman and McKean! heee hee! Yeah, luckily, I found my old pics of my sketches and work in progresses, glad you both liked them.

Thank you very much for that last MSN conversation, it really made me smile. I'll be missing you both so much. You both are always in my prayers and thoughts. Please send my big hugs and kisses to your wonderful parents and bro from me.

<3 <3 <3 MWAH!

pupu: thank you very much dearest! Yeah, I love to share my happy moments with you guys. :) Hey, I'm very happy that you keep painting on your watercoloured works! Weeee! Please keep it up honey! <3

birdie: :) thank you very much! Yes, I'm so blessed that God gave me blessings! Christina, I already put your blog on my blogroll! :)

kat: salamat! Really, did you know her? I think it's Nina Lim-Yuson or Sana Sta. Ana? Let me know! :)

blanca: No problem! *winks*

TO MY NICE PEOPLE: see you in December! I'm going to the USA now! Miss you guys! Don't forget to email me when you have any questions/information, aye? KUDOS!

CloudWoman said...

Dearest May Ann,

I am truly blessed to have my first story illustrated by an amazing artist and wonderful person like you. When I first saw your winning artwork (Adarna emailed them to me), I felt my heart do a happy somersault; I thought: the artwork is perfect! And then when I met you for the first time in Adarna House, you were so sweet and smiley and I just knew that you were really the perfect partner for this dream come true. AND WE DID IT! :-) Everyone looooooooves your artwork, and I tell everyone that your artwork is wonderful, but you are also a wonderful artist and person - with no "artist complex" and very open to feedback and suggestions. You were such a joy to work with, May Ann! (Remember we worked on layout revisions by chatting and doodling on YM? :) Hee-hee. Did you keep those? I wish I did!)

A children's story book is made up of equal parts story and illustrations. My Yellow Paperclip is sooooo happy that your artwork brought it to life! THANK YOU SO MUCH for documenting our story in this great timeline (I'm about to link this post in my blog...) and yes, yes, yes, let's do another book together!

PS. I'm so excited for you and your exhibit in Florida! Do take lots of videos and photos and share them with us, okay? Chat with you soon, dear friend!

lorinne said...

hello there po ms. mall! :D this is a really inspiring post. hehe. it felt like i need to work hard on my illustrations. :D anyways, i emailed you something about an interview for my thesis. i hope you can check it out if you have a free time. thanks a lot. :D

jsmonzani said...

That's so great, Mall! I'm so proud of you *hugs you tigh*

And I'm so happy to own a copy of it ;)

PS: You look damn elegant with your jeans in those booksigning ;) ;) *giggles*

Pat & Susana said...

We were just thinking about you... Hope you are having a great time in the USA with your family.♥ miss you too so much!!! Looking forward to hear about all the adventures and places that you visited. :)

As for you and Nikki being just like Gaiman and McKean... it will be a matter of time that someone internationally spots your talent. But you already are like them because you both put your souls into your work, enjoy doing it and sharing your magic with everyone.

big *HUGS* and much, much love to you!

Banggi said...

I really am so proud of you! All this stuff you've shown here, the process of art making, as well as the finished product and the after-events... absolutely amazing! Thanks heaps for sharing all these with us!

Keep up the marvelous work!! :D

Hugs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

Love your work.

If you have the time I would welcome you as a contributor over on the Art & Craft Co-operative.

Cheers, and well done on all your prizes too!

Majeak Ann said...

Thanks so much for sharing May Ann, this is so very exciting!! It's so nice to get bond with the writer...congratulations for all the great things that are happening to you. You totally deserves it.

Sara said...

You are so fabulous! This book is so inspiring. I was so excited when I first opened the copy you sent me... the illustrations are just beautiful! It's so neat to see pictures of you working on it!

pupu said...

Oh oh.. i have one question, mall. I am applying Bachelor of Fine Arts and they need portfolios. Do you have any tips what to send to them? what kind of portfolios do they usually want to see?

Ruki said...

aaah!! you look really cute in these pics :)

BluBoy Comics by Ryan Spencer said...

Wow!!! SO very incredible. But I am not surprised what so ever!

Congratulations MayAnn! ^_^

Mall said...

My lovely guys, thanks for the comments! MWWWWAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

potatomamma said...

You so deserve being published in the children book illustration market! Your work is charming, fascinating, marvellous!!! Big congratulations (albeit 2 years later ;-))