Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The new works of my characters Babu and his kitten Abu

Here are my five paintings for the "Small Stuff", Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery in South Florida, USA. If you're interested with my works (look below), please contact Amanda amanda at tatescomics.com with any questions or purchasing.

"Babu and his kitten Abu: Spring"
6x10" Acrylics + Colored Pencil + Dried Flowers on Wood, $200

"Babu and his kitten Abu: Summer"
6x10" Acrylics + Colored Pencil on Wood, $200

"Babu and his kitten Abu: Autumn"
6x10" Acrylics + Colored Pencil + Dried Leaves on Wood, $200

"Babu and his kitten Abu: Winter"
6x10" Acrylics + Colored Pencil + Dried Leaves on Wood, $200

"Babu and his kitten Abu: Mushroom Land"
8x10" Acrylics + Colored Pencil on Native Wood

This has SOLD to the super talented famous realistic painter Sas Christian (eeeee, I'm too thrilled! I never expected that Sas loved my work! I'm very distracted by her fabulous paintings especially gals' big eyes. Thank you so much, master Sas Christian!). Look at this work in progress below.

I also made another latest painting, Hide and Seek. Nah, this is not for the Bear and Bird gallery show. This is dedicated for my closest sweet lovely kind Portuguese twin friends, Susana and Patricia.

"Hide and Seek"
Acrylics + Coloured pencils + Dried leaves (from Portugal) on Philippine native wood, $450 (both paintings) + shipping additional

Please contact me if you wanna buy this. Hope you guys like my paintings! I'll make a few commissions and wooden paintings for the next 2008 US show. I'll also spend time with my family, relatives and friends for Christmas and New Year soon.

See you guys next year!
Happy Holidays!


cata said...

I see fine details, bright colors, cute characters and magical scenes!
WoW!!!! absolutely amazing!
I love your art!
Regards from Italy.

Pat & Susana said...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!! There are hardly words we can use to express how much you mean to us. Your friendship and support are priceless. Thank you for being the best part of this year for us. *hugs*

:O Sas Christian has some incredible works too!! That's so cool that she bought your painting. XD All of them are really nice, but that one is very whimsical. :3

You are going to have a new art show in the States?? *woot* Where? When? That's fantastic!!! Excelent news!! We will be looking forward to hear more details about that. :D

Paolo Domeniconi said...

Hi May Ann! thanks for add me to your blogroll. I've added you to mine :-)
i'm in love for your works!!!

Blanca Bk Gimeno said...

Ohhh!! They are magics May!! :D
I love them all!!!!!!!

Just Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2008. I wish you all the best!!!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures have a magic atmosphere!!

pupu said...

Awww.. Mall! This is shoo nice! Really nice details there! I love all of your paintings. Its magical! :))) Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you too Mall! *huggles*


Jennifer Zivoin said...

HI May Ann! Your pieces for Small Stuff are beautiful! Congrats!

Diego Moreno said...

Wow! Very, very nice jobs!
Happy Holidays. ^^

Lele said...

Hi May Ann! Your works are amazing! I love them.
Surely you'll sell every piece!
You show us to be a great illustrator!
Happy holidays
Lele Fanterosa

Mall said...

Hello guys! Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! Much much love to all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Mall said...

For Lele Fanterosa: Are you an illustrator? I saw your amazing illustrations today, I'm in awe with your style! :) It's very nice to meet you, Lele!

Andrea "Lele" Rivola said...

Hi May Ann, yes I am an illustrator!
Many thanks for your comment! I'm very happy you like my style.
Unfortunately I have not a personal web-site yet but you can see some my works on http://www.amateurillustrator.com/


Mall said...

:D Oh cool! Nice to meet you, Lele! thanks for sharing the link with me! Okay, I'll definitely see your works on amateurillustator.com

Happy New Year, Lele! ;)

Alexandre HONORE said...

hi, ilove this work ! the cat is awesome. I've came to discover your blog, i'm under the spell of your work !!

Mall said...

Hello Alexandre! Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you loved my work, I really appreciate it! Hey, I visited your blog too... dang, your illustrations are way too amazing, classic and detailed! It's nice to meet you, Alex! :)

Funny Analana said...

I love it :)
I'm from Portugal and I would like to buy a painting from you.
My email is la_resistance@sapo.pt

Best wishes XX

Mari said...

I love your work!
I hope you don't mind I posted your blog, and one of your creations in my blog.
Let me know!

My best regards,