Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Manigong Bagong Taon!


cata said...

OH!!! beautiful hand!!!
I love your characters and your delicate line work.
Open hand-open heart!!!
Happy 2008, Mall!
Un abbraccio forte forte.
Cata, from Italy.

Pat and Susana said...

Feliz Ano Novo, sweetie!!♥ ♥ ♥

Catso said...

Hello my friend :D

I wish you a happy new year :)
kiss !


Blanca Bk Gimeno said...

Hello Mall!!
I wish you a happy new year full of happyness and lots of jobs!! :D

All the best,

Blanca Bk

pupu said...

Happy New Year to you again Mall. :)

Eric Orchard said...

Hapy new year, May Ann. I can't wait to see what you're going to do this year!

AK said...

Love your website, and have nominated you here:



Mall said...

cata: thank you dearest! I really enjoyed drawing my characters on my left hand, tee hee! Next time, I'll draw something on my foot! hehehe! Happy New Year! Your happy picture makes me smile! :D

pat&susana: thank you very much for sending me your sweet text messages, you both made my day. :D Yeah, hope my tummy will get better soon. I'll visit a doctor next week. I'll definitely chat with you both on MSN soon! Much much love to you both! Miss you both! *hugs and kisses*

catso: thanks for the email, I can't wait to send you my package, Cathy! hope you like them, dear! MWAH MWAH MWAH! *hugs and kisses*

blanca: thank you! hope you will have more blessings this 2008 year too! *kisses*

pupu: :D you too, dear! *hugs* Keep drawing and painting!

eric: likewise! I can't wait to see your wonderful paintings this new year! :D

AK: oh my gosh! thank you very much for nominating me on weblog awards! Glad you loved my website, I really appreciate it! It's very nice to meet you, AK! :D

Matias Hyde said...

What beautiful illustrations...really lovely.
Congratulations, and Happy 2008!
Cheers from an argentinian living in Madrid.

OziMum said...

Mall - OMG you are soo talented! Absolutely love your artwork! Is there any place I can buy it, in Australia?

Love Love Love your work!


AK said...

No Problem,

You are very talented!

Mall said...

matias hyde: hey thanks! wow, I'm in awe with your amazing drawings! I'll keep visiting your blog, Matias! It's very nice to meet you! ;)

Ozimum: hello ozimum! thank you very much! glad you loved my work, I'm so pleased! Oh sorry, I don't have an outlet in Australia, tee hee! If you could buy my work, I could send it to you thru FedEx shipping. :) If you have any question, please feel free to ask me. Thank you!

P.S. if I have a baby, I might ask you about baby names, tee hee!

AK: aww thanks again, dear! ;)

John said...


I discovered your blog as I have so many others... randomly jumping from blog to blog to blog... you get the idea!

I just wanted to write and tell you that your blog is a breath of fresh air on the Internet! In the midst of so many people who use the Internet for all the wrong reasons, your blog brought a smile to my face! I showed my family your page, and we all think what you do is wonderful. Your creativity and wonderful imagination brings smiles to our faces, and we wanted to say "Thank You!" for that!

Keep up the good work!

From John and family in Canada

AK said...


Hi Again!!

Just wanted to let you know that I was chosen as a random panelist for the bloggies (I get assigned 10 categories). And put forward your blog once more for best art or craft blog and best-designed blog (you're lucky I got assigned to the two you're in! I was allowed to choose 5 out of 20-30 entries)

Good luck! I really hope you win.


Mall said...

john: Hello john! thank you very much, I feel so touched deeply what you expressed your true thoughts and feelings about my blog, imagination and my art. I really appreciate it. I really love to make people happy especially you and your family. :)

AK: Hola Annie! *hugs* Oh my gosh, thank you very much for telling and supporting me! Awww.. hopefully I win, tee hee! :D Can't wait to see the results soon!

Cathy Delanssay said...

Hello my friend ;)
i will send you a mail when i will receive your package ;)

thank you very much !
kiss kiss !

cathy :D

DADA said...

Very nice.
Very good idea!
Your Blog is very nice!