Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bear and Bird Commission + My Bday

My lovely friend Amanda (owner of Bear + Bird Boutique and Gallery) commissioned me to make a painting: bear, bird and girl. I made two rough sketches, Amanda asked me to combine them (she liked the trees, mushrooms and bear of the second sketch and the girl and birds from the first one.)

The medium is acrylics + coloured pencils on wood, 7" x 10". I really enjoyed doing this. I'm very happy that Amanda already liked it, hooray! Take a look at these details and full scanned image.

Thanks for everything, Amanda! By the way, do you know this little chubby girl, who blew those candles on a pink cake? That's me (old photo). Today is my birthday. I'm now 27 years old. I'm grown up! Happy Birthday to me! *winks*

Anyway, I'm going to my mama's apartment tonight after celebrating my dinner birthday party. I'll take care of her 'coz she got flu. I should get better soon, I got anemia and upset stomachache!!!

Good night and sweet dreams!


Pat and Susana said...

The combination of those two sketches made such a beautiful composition! We love your acrylics paintings, they are truly magical. Fantastic work on the colour, textures and details. That sky is pure joy!!

That picture of you blowing the candles is SO cute!! XD How old were you? Anyway, hope you are having a great day... as gorgeous and magical as you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope your mum get's well soon from her cold and also hope you recover soon from your anemia and upset stomach. Big, big hug to you b-day girl!! :D

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Mall! 27 years old is a wonderful age. :-) Actually, every age is great! I am excited to receive my new painting this week, it is so beautiful. xoxo

Laurent Orseau said...

joyeux anniversaire may ann ;o)

Tom Scholes said...

Happy Birthday, hope your mum gets better. Love the painting :)

Sarah said...

I love your work. It makes me happy! Beautiful job on the commissioned piece. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!!! I wish I could commission something like that one day!! ^__^

Aneesah said...

Happy birthday!!! :D Yay for Februarians! :) Are you an Aquarius, too? I forget the zodiac dates. ^^;

Awesome, beautiful, gorgeous painting~~~ ^___^ It makes me all happy and fuzzy just looking at it! (Which I totally need. It's exam week right now. :( )

Az said...

Very pretty and sweet !

And happy birthday to you !!

I wish you and your mother a quick recovery.

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi! Happy Birthday to you!!! God bless you... Well, your work is amazing, the bear is so cute! Have a nice day!

Avilio Jimenez said...

Happy Birthday... too late but happy birthday...

Gis said...

happy birthdaaaaaaaaay deaaaar could you send me your postal address by email pretty please??????? :D

Meagan said...

As a 26 year old I object to the idea that 27 is "all grown up" :). Happy birthday.

Eric Orchard said...

Happy Birthday, Mall!You're almost as old as me now! I love the new painting, really wonderful. The photo looks like you're about to ride a bed into slumberland and are expecting turbulance.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was on the 17th.


ryan said...

belated happy happy birthday may ann! You sure you're 27??? you look younger, just like a teenager!!! :) amanda is so lucky to have your gorgeous painting! your style got very elaborated! I'm jealous! hehehe! i wish i could commission you!!!! Keep it up, girl! get better soon!

Mall said...

pat&susana: thank you very much for the lovely comments, I really appreciate it!!!! Regarding the old pic, I think I was 3 or 4 years old. :) thanks for the Gmail letter again, glad you loved my dragonfly tattoo design. Can't wait to see your real tattoo!!! Patricia should have one too! *giggles* yes, I should get better soon! Miss you both!!!

amanda: indeed, every age is great!!! I'm so happy that you got my painting already! weeeeeee!!!!! *mwah mwah!*

laurent: merrrrcciiii, my dear friend!!!! *glomps* please send my hugs and kisses to your beloved wife Eloise, Francis and Thierry and your family from me! :D

tom: thanks dude! Honestly, I found your artwork in Gorilla Art fare past few weeks ago. Your concepts are way too interesting! :D It's nice to meet you, Tom!

sarah: thank you, thank you! I didn't know that my painting made you happy! :D

kurachan: thank you dear! glad you loved it! *kisses*

aneesah: Pisces. ;) hey, when is your birthday??? Glad my painting made you happy! how's your exam? :D was it good?

az: merci!!! my mama is fine. however, my health is not good. I'll get better soon! *hugs*

laura: thank you so much, sweetie! Glad you loved it! <3

avilio: ;) don't worry, thanks for greeting me!!! your blog seems interesting!

gis: I already emailed you, sweetie! *smooch*

meagan: indeed! :) thank you so much, meagan!

eric: hehehe, I wish I could float away into the Slumberland... can't wait to see and meet those wonderful characters of Winsor McCay. :)

adam: oh, belated happy birthday too! :D thanks!

ryan: thank you so much! yes, I'm 27. hehehe!

pupu said...

OHH!!! yay!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALL!! *HUGGSH*.. oh i love your painting mall. As always so gorgeous to look at. Magical. ;) Dreamland.

Sara said...

What beautiful paintings! Happy Birthday Mall! <3

TrüSka said...

(That's Happy Birthday in Portuguese!)
And what a great way to celebrate it with more of your beautifull illustrations - so so cute Mall!
Big Big Kiss to you MUAACCCKKKKKKK

cata said...

Happy Birthday Mall!
Absolutely beautiful work.
Baci e abbracci!

Cathy said...

Hi Mall :)
I wish you are well :D

This picture is delicious :)
kiss kiss kiss !
Cathy from France :)