Monday, March 3, 2008

Upcoming Power in Numbers 3 + Sneak Peek again

I did these 4 wooden paintings for the upcoming 3rd annual charity show, Power in Numbers 3 at the Nucleus Gallery.

"Please join us in a celebration of art and the creative spirit as we gather talent for our 3rd annual benefit art show "Power in Numbers 3”! Our biggest event of the year, Power in Numbers features artists creating 5" x 7" postcard size artwork in any desired medium and themes of their choice. All works will be priced at $100 and 20% of all artwork sales will go towards a benefit of choice. This year’s benefit of choice is the Make-A-Wish foundation."

Aaron Kraten / Adrian Johnson / Alan Beadle / Albert Chow / Alex Fuentes / Alex Kirwan / Allan Deas / Amy Ortiz / Andrea Innocent / Andrea Offerman / Andrew Bell / Anna Chambers / Anna Woltz / Autumn Turkel / Blinky / Brian Holderman / Brian Yam / Brianne Drouhard / Candybird / CARO / Catherine Kim / Chet Zar / Chris Rafferty / Chris Ryniak / Christian Rex Van Minnen / Clio Chiang / Craig Mackay / Cristina Paulos / Dan Krall / Dan Santat / Daniel Lim / Danni Shinya Luo / Daphne Yap / Debbie Huey / DELI / Denise Chavez / Edel Rodriguez / Edwin Ushiro / Emma Goo / Eric Mitzel / Greg Storey / Heather Chavez / Heiko Windisch / idrewhim / lsrael Sanchez / Jason Limon / Jay Horinouchi / Jeff Turley / Josh Taylor / Joshua Witten / Julie Nishioka / Justin Ridge / Karyn Raz / Kristian Olson / Lesley Reppeteaux / Luke Feldman / Margueritte Sauvage / Mari Inukai / Mari-chan / Maria Go / Martin Hsu / Mary J. Hoffman / Matt Spangler / May Ann Licudine / Mette Glyholt / Michael Slack / Nate Wragg / Neil Babra / Neil Doshi / Nicolette Davenport / Owlo / Patrick Hammerlein / Peter Vattanatham & Fiel Valdez / Pietari Posti / Scott Morse / Shadi Muklashy / Stefanie Choi / Susie Ghahremani / T&A / Tanya Philpott / Valerie Fletcher / Veronica Hebard / Wilson Hsu

Wish me luck, hope they will like my small pieces! (Sorry guys, I can't attend the US annual show because I'm still here in Philippines. I know, it's so shameful. Forgive me! Maybe in time...) I'll post my full scanned paintings on April.

You know what, I walked in my garden and saw my silly weird sleepy puppy (half rottweiler and half german shepherd). I laughed out loud when I took my cellphone pic of him! Take a look! Nyak nyak nyak hahahahahahaha! Isn't it sweet and cool, it is???

Anyway, I'll make rough sketches / final illustration for my new commission about the music cover soon. Goodnight and sweet dreams!


Tom Scholes said...

Ooooooooh, such a tease.
Did I mention I love your paintings?

Pat and Susana said...

LOL XD we kept laughing when we saw the pic of your dog. He sleeps like a person! hahaha...

What a wonderful idea of the organizers of the art show to donate 20% of the sales to charity. I think that we heard about the Make-A-Wish foundattion in one of Oprah's shows.
As for your paintings, they will surely love it!!! Good luck honey... we will be keeping fingers crossed for you. ♥ ♥ The composition and colours are fantastic and these are without a doubt some of the best works that we've seen from you. The second painting reminds us of those Japanese style paintings. It will be a great success :)

Oh, and good luck also for your new commission!! ♥

Meagan said...

Good luck. I love the colors and textures... The fish scales are quite convincing.

pupu said...

hahahhahaaa.. your dog is so cute when he did that! haha.

Oh i would love to see the whole set of your paintings.. can can? hehehe. I'm excited to see 'em. :D

and yeah.. i have a surprise for you.. come crawl on to my website. ;) hehe

Mall said...

tom: yep yep, you did. :D i'm quite pleased, thank you!

pat&susana: hahahahaha, exactly, my dog sleeps like a drunken person! :P awww thank you very much for the lovely comments! Hope they will like them! Now I'm sketching an alien octopus for my commission. :P Miss you both!

meagan: Glad you loved them, thank you dear! :)

pupu: yeah, my dog is super silly, hehehehe. hehehe, you will see them on April. ;) weeeee... awww, you gave me another award! tee hee hee!!! thank you so much darling! you're such a sweetheart!

pupu said...

Mall! :) heheheh.. ow ow ( you have great ideas!) i am thinking to open an Etsy shop too. I want to start with prints but i don't know what kind of papers are suitable to do the prints. Maybe you could help me?

Your most welcome!! In april? Okeh i can wait.. actually i can't wait for my bday to come in April too. haha yay!!! April 3rd. wehewww~

Mall said...

pupu: Sweetie, check this out:

So you see their products about greeting cards, prints, badges, shirts, etc. Her ink style reminds of yours! :) But I love the way you make ink drawings about fairies, etc.!

For the prints, I heard from others that they use giclee papers. They are very very great but maybe expensive. Maybe you use the best printer (Epson) for printing giclee prints. You can also make small gift tags, bookmarks (you need to laminate them!), etc.! Try to explore different papers (for instance: high quality archival artist paper, Epson Heavyweight Matte paper, handmade papers, etc.)

About buttons, pocket mirrors and badges, you need to buy a button machine so you can use this at all times.

About shirts, bags and others with your drawings / logos, i think you use silk screen. Try to browse “silk screen tutorials / tips” on Google.

If you need more ideas about making wonderful products, you should explore something good in Etsy website, and others sites and blogs. :)

You can do it! Good luck, my darling creature!

P.S. Honestly, I wish I could register Etsy too but I’m so busy! Plus I don't have money to buy suppliers, materials and machines! Maybe in time, I hope!

P.S.S. Your bday is near! :D

Steffie said...

that is one scary looking big fish!

but very cool, too!


Hannah said...

i lovelovelove your illustrations! i think they're so beautiful! :)

Keech said...

OMGSH I love your creations! It's so fairytale-ish. I've always wanted to do paintings like these... What brand of colored pencils do you use?

Mall said...

steffie: *smooch* thanks sweetie! I loved to draw scary creatures! :D

hannah: :D awww, glad you loved them, i'm quite pleased!

keech: *blushes* thank you so much! Regarding the coloured pencils: I use Derwent, Faber&Castell, Colleen and others. But I need to explore new different brands of coloured pencils. :)