Friday, March 14, 2008

Kaonashi with Babu and Abu

Hehehehehe.. well, it was just fun to make a fan art when I was sick in January 2008. Kaonashi (No Face from Spirited Away) is one of my favorite cartoon characters by Hayao Miyazaki. No Face is quite adorable, sweet and mysterious, isn't he? I'm sure he will devour me promptly, haha! He's a truly evil creature.

Anyway, I wanna make a full pencil comic about something right now... But I'll save it for later because I should finish my new commission about sci-fi theme first. It's for the
Future Human, music album cover from Serbia. Here's my rough sketch (character design/study).. ah yes, sting ray starship... oh man, it looks like my sketch has a kind of tomboyish feeling to it, haha. I know, this is my new challenge.

Honestly, I wanted to learn how to draw airplanes, starships, etc., just like Miyazaki's mechanical drawings. When I have time, I would love to practice and learn. Oh, I made another free quick sketch of a dragonfly tattoo for my trusted wonderful friend Susana. She wanted the dragonfly tattoo of Heath Ledger. He was her biggest crush and idol. Aww. I can't wait to see her real tattoo for her birthday soon. Her twin sister Patricia should have one too. hehehe! Good luck, my lovely twin friends, don't be afraid of those deadly needles, nyahahaha!

You know what, I would like to share my short story with you guys about my past job (textile designer) in 2003. I made 15-70 designs per day for the pillow cases, napkins, curtains, placemats, table covers, etc. Then I also traced, colored with colored pencils and perforated papers. I drew insects, flowers, animals, patterns, elements, more.. then I chose and fixed the best suitable color palettes of many threads for embroidering designs. Of course, my boss requested me to change and fix them many times. It was so hard and frustrating but I really enjoyed learning many good things. It was so good to develop my art skills. Sorry guys, they kept hundreds of my artworks/sketches in their company, hu hu hu, seriously. I worked as a designer for 6 months, then I resigned it because of the low earnings. They already missed me... awww. I took these few crappy photos of my old works, take a look. Dang, I miss my old works, hu hu. The materials were coupon bonds, colored pencils, tracing papers, pens, colored pens, rulers, perforating machine, reference books, typography books, etc.

Hehehehe, I seem talkative here. Okay, wish me luck, I'm going to paint the final illustration for the Future Human soon. Goodnight and sweet dreams! *Mall falls asleep and floats away with Nemo into Slumberland....*


Meagan B. Call said...

No face was possibly my favorite character ever. :) Love the ray ships.

Pat and Susana said...

This fan art of Kaonashi is so fantastic! Their different expressions and Abu's smilling face while being held by one of them is soooo cute!! :)

Your clients will surely love their music cover. In fact, they will not only be known for their catchy songs that make us dance (hehe) , but also because they will have the most awesome music cover that they've seen :D

aww, thanks so much again for the sketch for the tattoo. It means a lot to me because it was made by someone that I (we) truly admire and feel inspired by ♥ and also because it is my tribute to someone that died too soon :(

You did well in resigning from that job. It is sad that companies take advantage of people paying low wages and at the same time being highly demanding in what they want from their workers. But like you wisely said in your post, it was good for you to develop your skills and techniques. That last drawing of the flower is brilliant!

Oh man, sorry for such a longgg comment :P it's bed time for us both now... we managed to complete half of our project. ;P


Birdie said...

A job like that is great for developing skills; it's frustrating when editors ask you to revise things; but in the end it is really helpful. It would be interesting to see a comic strip of your characters. Good luck on all your projects,

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi Mall!!! Wow... Spirited Away is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen!, the drawing is so cute... No face is cute but eats too much! jejeje, your pencil drawings make me think that there's no limits and we can do everything we want... have a nice day!

Banggi said...

Man! Your studies are impressive! And with my current love and respect for Ocean wildlife, I think your sting ray starship rocks!!!

Keep up the remarkable job, sis!


Ruki said...

Hi mall!! Abu and baby are amazing, congrats!

Steffie said...

Those designs are so lovely!!

I love it when you spill little things about your life that I had NO idea about. Like a storyteller with many surprises.

Love ya!


anouk said...

i agree with stef,
i had no idea about you little job as a designer!
you are so talented! I love your version of the dragonfly too! And Miyazaki is one of my favourite artists too! I love Nausica the best! go girl go!

pupu said...

Hi Mall!! *Hugs*

I love your drawings. Yah, i prefer it without a face. well for me i prefer to have no face. Its up to them (viewers) to interpret what they see. :D and the dragonfly? This is beautiful. Very. ;)

I like your flowers too (your previous work) when i see from afar, its attracting me to see it closely. Looks like a real flower for me. *teehee*

Oh yah, i really want to tell you this.. My portfolio had been assessed by one of the UK universities. I've been accepted! He offered me a place! He ensure me to take BA (Hons) Illustration. and now.. i need to get government scholarship. Lot of work to do to convince them as they said before i couldn't get government scholarship if i don't have Art subject. Hmm.. I'm not giving up. I'm gonna give it a try. ;)

Nicolas Gouny said...

So many little bugs !!

I love your miyazaki stuff, with your little cat on the tree !!

Mall said...

meagan: yey, glad you loved my sting rays, I'm so pleased! Hey I visited your portfolio... I'm quite surprised that you made sci-fi drawings!!! They look so bizarre and unique! I really love your ink drawings. :D

pat&susana: hehehe, me too, i loved to see Abu's smile, hehehe! so cute! :3

Wish me luck, hope my clients will like it. I'll finish it soon! :) I enjoyed listening to their Future human songs, they are so lively, cheerful and energetic! :D

No problem about the dragonfly drawing, you should deserve it because I love you as a true friend and sister. :) Thanks for friendship, encouragement, etc.

Yeah, I'm glad that I resigned it. Because my past earnings were only US$150 per month. So low, aye? But of course, I was so blessed to develop my skills. So fun and enjoyable. :) Nah, I enjoy reading your long comment, my twins! MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!! <3 <3 <3 I miss you both!!!! :D

christina: agree, it was so enjoyable to develop my skills during my past job. yeah, when I have time, I'll be ready to make a full comic. Can't wait! :D

laura: thank you very much dear!!! me too, Spirited Away is one of my favorite anime movies. :D awwww, you will try to make more drawings and sketches when you have time sweetie. Honestly, I really love your watercolor paintings which you emailed me last time. :D you should continue to do more! *hugs*

veejay: ;) hey thanks sis!!! I really enjoyed drawing starships, pero medyong hirap kasi first time ko kasi eh! ako din, mahilig ako ung ocean wildlife! :D

raquel: gracias, sweetie babe! glad you liked it! :D

stef: awwww... *hugs tightly* thank you sweetie! I should post more surprised old artworks here! Next time, next time... ;) thanks for the Flickr letter, I'll reply to you soon, sweetie! :D

anouk: tee hee, thank you my magical creature!!! I forgot to tell you about my past job before! :P I wanna make more Miyazaki fan arts! *glomps*

pupu: thank you very much sweetie, glad you liked my art. Oh my gosh!!! That's awesome about your uni!!! I'm very happy that you got accepted by UK uni!!! Congratulations sweetie! Don't give it up, you'll try to get a government scholarship! :D Go go go!

nicolas: tee hee, yeah I really miss those lil' bugs, hu hu hu. Hehehe, me too, I love Miyazaki!!!! :D